2-Shirt Method For Breastfeeding

The method is simple, you wear two shirts over each other. When you want to breastfeed your baby, you’ll reach under your outer shirt and pull your inner shirt down to just below your breast (keeping the other breast and your stomach covered up) while you position your baby to latch and feed. Then, pull your inner shirt back up over your breast when your baby is done feeding, and repeat the steps to switch breasts.

Breastfeeding in public is a challenge for many first-time moms. To many, it can be so embarrassing that they actually stay at home during the months or years of breastfeeding.

However, breastfeeding in public empowers women positively, and the 2-shirt method of breastfeeding in public allows mothers to breastfeed without the worry of exposing themselves.

A natural act

Breastfeeding is a natural act of feeding and sustaining a new life, but breastfeeding in public is frowned upon by many because of the sexual stigma attached to a woman’s breasts.

Yet this is changing fast and for the good of all mothers. More and more mothers are seen breastfeeding in public places, and only if you look closely will you pick up that a mom is actually breastfeeding her little one.

This is largely due to the flexibility of modern-day clothing linked to mothers putting the wellbeing of their little one first.

Mothers are standing up for their right to tend to their little one’s needs, no matter where they are, be it in the privacy of their own home or a public place.

The 2-shirt breastfeeding method

A mom who took her newborn out to the park to get fresh air, is now stopping to breastfeed her.

This is a straightforward way to confidently breastfeed your baby in public without having to invest in a special wardrobe.

In fact, you can wear clothes that you wore before you became pregnant. You can mark down “It’s a money saver” as the first benefit the 2-shirt method of breastfeeding offers.

Your privacy in public is guaranteed because your 2-shirt dress sense will keep you covered enough to breastfeed in public with confidence.

You may want to practice the method a few times at home and do it in front of a mirror so you can become familiar with it, and you can see first-hand how convenient this hack actually is.

To dress for the 2-shirt breastfeeding method, you can wear a maternity bra if you choose, and the method will still work with it.

Your first shirt will be a comfortable-fit stretchable tank top, and the shirt you wear over it will depend on what you have in your wardrobe; something comfortable and loose-fitting. Of course, you can wear lighter materials in summer, so dressing in layers is not a problem.

To breastfeed your little one, reach under your outer shirt, pull your tank top (and maternity bra if you’re wearing one) down to just below the breast your baby will be feeding on, and let your baby latch on and feed.

Avoid pushing your tank top and/or bra over your breast because it may cause blocked milk ducts.

Your outer shirt will cover you sufficiently and will drupe around your baby’s head and covers your mid-section. It’s that easy!


What types of tops do moms wear for the 2-shirt breastfeeding method?

Wear a normal stretchy cotton tank top underneath because they don’t stretch out and a normal top over it that isn’t too tight. You must be able to lift the outer top just over your nipple for your baby to latch on.

Wearing the same color tops will make it look like you are just holding your baby and not breastfeeding.

Is it necessary to wear a nursing bra with the 2-shirt method?

This depends on the size of your breasts and if you need that extra support. Generally, a nursing bra offers some convenience and allows for the comfortable use of breast pads.

Some mothers are comfortable with not wearing one while others swear by them. It’s a personal choice, so go with what makes you feel comfortable.

My little one is two and a half years old, and when I breastfeed in public places, people stare at me. How can I handle the embarrassment I feel?

Simple, avoid eye contact with people around you but if you do notice someone starring, then glance at them and frown.

Your expression should ask them the question, “Don’t you know how good mother’s milk is?” or your expression could say, “Please stop perving.” You will transfer the embarrassment back to them for staring. As long as you breastfeed discretely, then you are within your rights to do so. Remember, your child’s wellbeing comes first.


The 2-shirt method for breastfeeding is easy and fuss-free. To add to this, it is also affordable as there is no need for a special once-off wardrobe, and it’s a discrete way of tending to your little one’s needs.

The cherry on the cake is that it’s comfortable both from a dress sense perspective and from you not having to carry around any other accessories besides what you would normally have with you on an outing.

The 2-shirt method for breastfeeding is an all-around winner.

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