How To Announce Pregnancy To Immediate Family? 20 Fun & Exciting Ideas For Pregnancy Announcement!

Announcing pregnancy to immediate family includes many fun and creative ways like spelling it out with donuts, making your pet wear a custom t-shirt, planning a scavenger hunt for your partner, or getting a customized puzzle with the news. If you’re announcing it around the festivals, you can add a festive touch like dressing up as tired mom and dad on Halloween or sending Christmas cards with a photoshoot. Remember you need to be emotionally ready before announcing the news is a must for the parents, so everyone feels happy.

Finding out you’re expecting a baby can be very exciting and thrilling news if that’s what you’ve been wanting for quite some time now!

As an expecting person, the first thing you would want is to tell your partner the good news. And then you would want to move on to tell your immediate family members like your siblings, parents, your partner’s parents, and close friends.

Celebrating the welcome of a new baby is where you would want all your loved ones to be.

But before you go on celebrating, how would you let your immediate family know the happy news? Your partner is the first person you’ll tell but not without making it interesting, and for that, I have the most incredible pregnancy announcement ideas!

7 different ways to announce your pregnancy to your partner

When you’re in a loving and healthy partnership, your significant other is the first person you want to rush and tell the news, which is this big.

If you’ve wanted a baby for a long time, your partner would be as excited as you’re right now and would like to hear the happy news the same day you find about it.

1. Scavenger hunt

It’s quite an exciting way to let your partner find out about the pregnancy, especially if your partner loves some kind of game mixed with interesting puzzles.

Don’t go for something elaborate but plan a cute and 4-5 involving puzzle-filled scavenger hunt for your partner. You can do it at your home, and your partner would be very curious to find out what this is all about.

2. Tell it with a drink

It’s a straightforward yet efficient way of letting your partner know about the good news. Especially if you get morning sickness which can really give you away, then wanting to tell your partner immediately is a good idea which is also a bit fun.

Whatever drink your partner will drink next, try to give it to them in a clear glass. At the bottom, stick a paper with “I’m pregnant” or “you’re going to be a father” and wait for them to finish their drink to find out the secret message.

3. Say it with a pizza

Who doesn’t love a pizza? Another creative and easy way to surprise your partner with the big news is to call the pizza place and ask them to spell out the good news with pepperoni or a vegetable of your choice.

4. Custom labeled beer

Whatever form of alcohol your partner loves comes under this category.

Just order a crate or a bottle of their liking and get custom labels made to replace the original labels. They might not read it first, which would be more fun to find out when they look at the bottle in the middle of their drink.

5. Game it up

It’s for people who have partners who just can’t get enough of their favorite sport or PC games like Minecraft. Get a custom t-shirt made for your partner and a onesie for your baby who’s due, and watch them get excited over that!

6. Surprise at restaurant

A woman is surprising her husband with a positive pregnancy test to surprise him that she is pregnant.

Plan a surprise pregnancy announcement dinner date for your partner and ask the kitchen staff to prepare a cake with the news.

If you want it to be more private, then just ask for congrats to be written and let them guess what it’s for.

7. Play the music

You can go for a short drive with your partner and perhaps pick up some food and eat it at home. While in the car, play all songs with the word baby in it and watch them become confused as they try to piece it together.

8 different ways to announce pregnancy to immediate family

Telling your immediate family about your positive pregnancy is the most joyous moment for the expecting parents and the family. Your parents can’t wait to become grandparents and your siblings to become aunts and uncles. Some of the creative ways to tell them are below.

1. Facetime in uncertain times

A pregnant couple contacted the mom-to-be's parents to announce their pregnancy over facetime.

Most parents opt not to visit their immediate family for many reasons, be it due to covid-19 or living far away from the family members. Under such circumstances, you can’t tell your family in person.

Facetiming is one such cute and straightforward way of announcing your pregnancy to family members. You can call people at random times and just let them know out of the blue instead of visiting family in person.

2. Baby shoes will do the trick

A pair of baby shoes can make any family member emotional.

Just wrap them up nicely and ask the grandparents or your siblings to open up the present. This will surely be an easy tell and a very cute pregnancy announcement idea for all.

3. Get your children to convey

If you already have an older child, you can dress them up in cute custom t-shirts that convey your good news.

The shirt can say something like “I’m going to be a sister!” or “Baby no.2 on the way”. It could be random when people decide to focus on what’s written on your toddler’s shirt.

4. Custom t-shirt on your pet

Get your furry family member involved in the process of announcing your pregnancy to your immediate family. The cutest family member gets to tell the good news.

5. Everyone gets a cupcake

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? If you love to bake and everyone in the family loves your baked goods, this is the option.

Bake some delicious cupcakes and hide the message at the bottom of the box. So that people get to read it when everyone has picked a piece of your homemade cupcake.

6. Books for the grandparents

This is definitely an indirect way of letting your parents know they’re going to become grandparents! When you’re visiting them, pick a book titled “Stories to tell your grandchildren,” and then watch their reaction as they come to the realization.

7. Fit it in a puzzle

Get a custom-made puzzle made which should deliver the news of the pregnancy to family members. When you have successfully gathered all the members, ask them to play a game and see who wins first, and they will get a prize.

Divide them into teams and watch them solve the puzzle with the message telling them the news.

Or you can just give them the usual puzzles and as a prize for the winner tell them the news, and they’ll be the first ones to know.

8. Simple and sweet sonogram

A young pregnant couple is looking at a recent baby sonogram that they'll use soon to reveal their pregnancy to immediate family members.

The first sonogram picture of your baby is a special memory to the parents to be. Sharing such a picture is a definite tell of the good news.

Usually, the sonograms make everyone cry happy tears leaving everyone emotional with such good news.

5 festive pregnancy announcements

Getting pregnancy confirmation right around the festive season couldn’t be less than a miracle! After all, it’s double the celebration now.

Festivals like Christmas and Halloween are a great way to let your extended family know about the oncoming addition to the whole family.

So, adding a festive touch to break your happy news is something you should definitely use to your advantage.

1. Christmas card photoshoot

Everyone loves Christmas cards, and nothing could be more festive when you want to send your heartwarming wishes to your family.

Combine it with another great use of the pregnancy, and that’s what everyone will be talking about this Christmas.

Get a photoshoot that you can use as this year’s Christmas card picture, and you’ll leave everyone in awe, doubling on the Christmas cheer. It’ll serve as a memory for the rest of your lives.

2. Tree topper

What’s a Christmas without a tree in the house decorated with beautiful ornaments and twinkling lights?

It’s all the center of attention, especially when you’re throwing a Christmas party where the whole family places their gifts beneath the tree and opens them up later after the family dinner.

But this Christmas, do something different by replacing your tree topper with a baby Jesus holding a card that can say arriving followed by your due date, or just place your sonogram picture!

3. Ugly Christmas sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are cute, and no one can say otherwise! You have something more special planned than everyone else for this year’s theme. Include your good news in the form of ugly Christmas sweaters, and let your immediate family take notice.

4. Pumpkin decoration

If you’re pregnant, then you have to host this year’s Halloween party.

Include your Halloween decorations as a part of your fun pregnancy announcement idea for the party at your home. You can decorate your yard with nothing but baby pumpkins everywhere.

You can also get different pumpkins representing your family, with the most miniature pumpkin as the new addition. When inviting your immediate family, this would be the most festive way to let them guess from the sizes of the pumpkin.

5. Tired mom and dad costume

Halloween means getting dressed up! What better way to announce your pregnancy as a couple than to dress up for the really incredible job you’ll be doing for the rest of your lives!

One fantastic way is to dress up as the tired mom and dad, which you’ll be for the next couple of years or so. But worry not things will get better later.

When everyone arrives at the party, you’ll be dressed as the tired mom and dad, and you can even carry a toy baby to really get into the character.

When to announce your pregnancy?

As exciting it might be for you right now to announce your pregnancy, you might want to pause for a bit and think before you decide to tell your immediate family, friends, and your employer. There’re a lot of factors to consider before you let everyone know.


The first trimester is a tender time for pregnancy for you and the baby. Any kind of stress, emotional or physical, can terminate the pregnancy and lead to a miscarriage.

Although a lot of factors aren’t under your control, you can still be cautious. The older you’re when conceiving the baby, the higher is the risk of miscarriage. Conceiving a baby between ages 35 to 45 has a chance of 20 to 35 percent of losing the pregnancy.

It can be more disheartening if you’ve had a history of miscarriages before. It’s understandable if you want to wait for a considerable time before letting anyone in your family know.

First prenatal visit

Getting your first prenatal check-up back positively is a significant milestone for all expecting parents. Many parents wait to get the results and see if everything is alright with the pregnancy.

Tests are performed to officially confirm your pregnancy, estimate your due date, screen for infections, and determine your general health and the baby. When everything is alright, this is what most parents wait for before announcing the pregnancy.


Should I tell my boss I’m pregnant at 8 weeks?

The first trimester or 12 weeks are the most crucial weeks of the pregnancy as it’s a tender time, so there’s a possibility of a miscarriage. You might want to wait to tell your employer till you hit the 12-week mark.

When you’re ready, then you should let your employer know about your pregnancy. One piece of advice would be to time the news around some sort of accomplishment in your workplace.

Do you have to disclose you are pregnant at a job interview?

When applying for a new job, it’s advisable to disclose your pregnancy to appear more dependable and a team player.

Although legally, you don’t have to, sooner or later, your employer might find out. So hiding it would be more disadvantageous for your career.

It’s illegal for your potential employer not to hire you because you’re pregnant.

How careful should I be in early pregnancy?

During the first trimester, you should be careful about several things:

– Avoid heavy lifting and stress situations
– Be careful not to put your body under an extreme temperature
– Do light exercises and maintain a healthy diet
– Don’t consume junk food, alcohol, caffeine, or smoke during the entirety of the pregnancy

When do you start showing?

It depends from person to person, but usually, the baby bump starts showing between weeks 12 and 16. It also depends significantly on your body weight and height. Around the end of the 16 weeks, you will also have to start wearing maternity clothes due to the growing bump.

To summarize

Announcing your pregnancy is a significant first step towards the immense journey of pregnancy. Especially if you’re really close to your immediate family, then this would be a memorable moment and a huge event to celebrate amongst all.

Your immediate family would like to know it in an exciting way so they would also feel special and included in this big news.

So, there’re many interesting ways to let them know about the oncoming baby. It becomes more special if you announce it around a major festival, adding a festive touch to it.

Remember, this is an exciting time for you and your partner, so announcing it when you’re ready to tell everyone is essential and something you should pause and think about.

Take care of yourself and your child-to-be, and your family would be happy whenever and whichever way you’re ready to announce it.

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