Are Newborn Photos Worth It? (Reasons To Invest In Newborn’s Photography)

The newborn face is very short and precise, making it 100% worth capturing for creating a lifetime of memories. The optimum time for a posed newborn photoshoot is when your baby is less than 2 weeks old because they tend to be more settled and sleepy during this time. They still love being curled in the fetal position they were in the womb, making it easier to capture all the tiny details that make your baby unique. 

In the whirlwind days after welcoming your newborn, it can be hard to think of anything beyond diaper blowouts, milk, and sleep. These moments fly by in a sea of euphoria and sleep deprivation for the parents, so having pictures to look back to, a reminder of how tiny your baby once was, is priceless.

There are so many milestones even in the first few weeks of a newborn’s life. These are magic moments, and you’ll cherish photographs of those irreplaceable first few days forever.

For many, this is a bonding activity they only do once, so the timing of those precious moments is worthy because the newborn photoshoot might capture that elusive first attempt at a smile.

They will also record the moments between parents as you look at your baby and see what you’ve created, and they might as well capture the milk-drunk sleep of your wonderfully contented baby.

Reasons why newborn photos are worth capturing

A custom family book is opened showing different pictures of a newborn baby with his family.

When you find out you are expecting a  little someone, family and friends will tell you about their “must-haves” for newborns and all the products that helped them survive those first few months of parenthood and newborn photography may not be on that list, but at 1happykiddo we’ll tell you why it should be.

1. This time is fleeting

Your little one will grow so much in that first year. Even in their first few days, there will be few noticeable changes in their appearance and personality. 

This makes the window of opportunity for newborn photography very short, yet those couple of weeks after birth are the ideal time to capture your baby in its squishiest and curliest phase.

So enjoy this time as much as you can because they are rolling over and peek-a-booing you from under the table before you know it.

2. Photos stand the test of time 

Do you remember that swing you thought your baby would adore? Well, they hated it, and it now sits in the garage like a weird statement piece. If you have kids already, you probably can relate to this one.

Your newborn’s photos are something your baby will never outgrow, and the whole family can enjoy them. It’s a win-win.

3. It’s an investment that will gain is worth over time

Let’s face the elephant in the room. Newborn photography is expensive.

Now that you have other baby expenses to tackle investing hundreds of dollars or even more into that tiny person’s portrait may not seem like a wise way to spend money.

But be assured that besides starting a college fund, this is the only other investment that you’ll make when your baby is born that will grow exponentially in value as they age.

As an adult, I can tell you for a fact that some of the most valuable things I own are the photos of my childhood and I like looking back on when I was a baby.

I am so glad my parents not only took them but preserved them too, and I hope to pass them down to my kids and grandkids one day, and that is a priceless moment from generation to generation.

4. It is a professional’s job

We all love some good DIY projects, but there are certain things you can only engage a professional to handle. 

Chances are you hired a professional photographer for your wedding photography, right? You wanted to make sure that the person capturing your big day knows what they are doing and can do it well.

The same applies to newborn photography. It is a super-specialized area of photography, and you only have one shot at getting it right. 

Most professional newborn photographers have dedicated their time to studying the craft, perfecting their posing, styling, and lighting. You’d not want to hand your brand new baby over to just anyone.

So engaging your family and friends who may know their way around the camera is not the same as hiring someone who has invested their time and finances to know how to do it the right way.

5. You won’t regret it

I’ve saved the best point for the last. I have friends who tell me they never took newborn photos with their older children, and they wish they did. 

It’s hard to hear that because these parents know they can’t go back in time and get a do-over. On the flip side, I have never heard anyone regret their newborn photos, especially when they realize how fast that time flew by.


How should newborns pose for photos?

It takes a few steps to pose a newborn for a photoshoot. First, undress the baby, wrap her uptight in a blanket, and then rock her back and forth while holding her close to your chest to settle her back to sleep.

Be willing to wait a few minutes until she is fully asleep, but it usually doesn’t take long if she is sleepy to begin with.

Is camera flash bad for newborns?

Research has shown that even though the flash itself isn’t harmful to newborns, it can indicate whether or not your child’s eyes are properly aligned when it causes red eyes.

The bright camera flashes in infancy will not do any permanent damage to a baby’s eyes.

Take away 

I bet you’d be hard-pressed to find parents who regret choosing to invest in photos of their children during their newborn stage. 

These newborns will change so quickly that In just a few weeks, it’ll be hard to remember how tiny and cuddly they were, but most parents are glad that they decided to invest in photos that will allow them to remember the short time when their babies were still babies.

Over time, you’ll build up the most beautiful set of pictures for your children from before their memory began. It is an investment, and it takes some planning, but it’s something you’ll treasure forever.

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