Why Doesn’t My Baby Cry When Hungry?

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All you’ve heard about babies is that they cry, and cry, and cry some more. You’ve heard that crying is their way of communication. But what happens when they don’t seem to cry at things usually all babies cry for?

You might’ve noticed that your baby doesn’t cry if she’s hungry but if you offer her a bottle or try to breastfeed her, she happily takes it. So, why doesn’t she cry?

One of the first reasons, I’d like to tell you why your baby doesn’t cry when she’s hungry is because she hasn’t reached till that stage of hunger where she’ll start crying, because at this point you’ve become a tense mum, who’s worrying if her baby is starving, so you might be feeding her right on time at regular intervals. So, your baby doesn’t reach the stage when she starts to cry because of hunger.

Crying is the last resort babies take to tell their caretaker that they’re hungry, and chances are you might be consciously or subconsciously recognizing the early signs of hunger your baby shows and feeding her on cue.

When I talked to my friend, who’s also a pediatrician, about why some babies don’t cry when they’re hungry, she said that it can be a case where the baby doesn’t show much interest when hungry or she might be just not hungry at that moment.

Remember, mama, as long as your little one is putting on weight consistently and has more than 6 wet/dirty diapers a day, she’s fine, and she’s a healthy baby.

Talk to your doctor immediately if you think she’s losing weight or doesn’t seem interested in breastfeeding or bottle feeding. There can be times when the baby doesn’t wake up for a feed in the night and sleeps throughout, but you don’t have to worry.

Consider yourself lucky or consider that particular night a good night because sometimes babies are happy and full and don’t wake up for a feed as long as she’s meeting signs of healthy development.

Signs to recognize your baby’s hunger

A baby boy is sucking on his fingers, signaling to mommy and daddy that he is getting hungry.

Mums think that only when a baby cries is she hungry, but no, that’s not the case. Crying for hunger is actually a sign of distress in your baby and will be the last cue your baby shows when nothing else works.

She’s probably showing any of the signs above to indicate she’s hungry and you’re feeding her at that point, or you might be feeding her at regular intervals even before she starts to feel hunger.

Signs that indicate that you’re baby is getting enough milk

A healthy baby boy is laying on his tummy, with a towel on his head, biting on his funger.
  • Your baby gains weight steadily
  • Your baby appears healthy and alert
  • After the first week, your baby has at least 6 wet diapers per 24 hour period
  • Your baby’s cheeks are rounded while sucking milk
  • Baby is nursing frequently around 8-12 times per 24 hour period
  • The baby seems content and happy after a feed

There are many signs to check to see if you’re baby is growing in a healthy manner, being happy, active, alert, and giving you to discard at least 6 diapers in a day, indicates that she’s getting enough milk and isn’t hungry.

But, if you have an instinct about something being wrong then don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s pediatrician. There’s nothing stronger than a mother’s instinct and you should always listen to it no matter what others might think or say.

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