10 Baby Socks That Truly Stay On

Baby socks are an enigma. It’s like they never stay on when you need them. You’re always caught out of the house with a baby that has a cold foot (or two!). At a time when we’re trying to figure out how much they should be eating, we’re also worried about their tiny socks staying on.

Babies are notorious for being temperature sensitive. It is very evident when their hands and feet easily flush and turn purple with the slightest chill. That’s because young babies still have developing blood vessels that aren’t as efficient in circulating blood and warmth to all parts, especially the extremities. This is especially more prominent the younger a baby is.

You’ll want to protect those precious little feet from the biting cold. What’s mildly chilling for us is already cold for a baby, and what we feel is too cold is already freezing for them.

Luckily, sock-makers have caught up and made baby socks that are specially designed to stay on and keep staying on until you deliberately take them off for your baby. Here are our top 10 picks.

Best Basics

These socks are no fuss, no bells and whistles, but does the job just fine. If you want straightforward baby socks that stay on, here are our best recommendations.

1. Simple Joys by Carter’s

The ribbed knot cuffs are what keep these socks on little feet. It is made with soft cotton blend (around 75% cotton and some stretchy material) that is gentle and smooth on delicate little feet.

For just $16.50 you get twelve assorted pairs of Carter’s quality socks. The socks are easy to put on with a pull on closure for no fuss in dressing your baby up. It’s the ribbed knit cuffs and the elastic material that help keep these socks up.

2. Gerber Baby

Gerber is yet another baby brand that is well loved and trusted throughout the generations. Although they are most know for their infant and toddler nutrition products, they also make children’s garments. Their socks are a must-have.

The soft jersey-cotton blend material of Gerber baby socks allow it to fit every curve of your baby’s precious little feet. This feature gives the socks an instant custom fit that is perfect for every unique tiny foot shape.

Each set of 8 comes in different colors and design so each pair is easier to tell apart and you can match it with your baby’s outfit if you’re going out.

Best For Newborn

Best socks for newborns

As you expect the arrival of your new bundle of joy, one of the must-haves in a baby bag are a couple of pairs of newborn socks.

Newborn socks are especially made for tiny and delicate newborn feet. They are usually the tiniest ones available, so that they stay on your newborn’s feet and keep them warm effectively since they don’t have gaps or loose large parts where the cold air may get through.

3. Nurses Choice

If you are looking for newborn socks that are recommended by healthcare professionals, you won’t go wrong with Nurses Choice. The name itself is already as trusty as a pair of newborn socks could get.

This brand of socks is especially made only for newborns and do not come in different sizes, unlike other brands of baby socks. They are made of very soft cotton knit material for superior comfort for delicate little feet.

It’s a bit trickier to keep socks on those little tiny feet. That is because, apart from being so small, newborn feet are not yet as prominently shaped as bigger babies. Also, although newborns don’t move around yet, they tend to be little wrigglers.

The Nurses Choice newborn socks achieve this with their bubble ankle cuff. It is a classic and timeless design that comes in a variety of colors and goes well with just about any newborn baby clothes.

4. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Terry Socks

If you live somewhere extra cold and want more insulation from your newborn baby’s socks, the Luvable Friends Terry socks is your best bet. It is made of thick but stretchy terrycloth that is a blend of cotton and a little bit of nylon-spandex.

The fabric is soft and plush, perfect to warm tiny feet. The stretch that the spandex blend provides lets it hug your little one’s foot in all the right places. Finally, the cuffed design on top of the custom stretch fit helps to keep the socks on all the time.

Best For Active Walkers

As your baby starts cruising around, you will find that your sock needs evolve along with your baby’s newfound abilities. Some babies may start pulling themselves up as early as eight months, so you better be ready for socks that can keep up with them and help keep them safe as they explore.

5. VWU Ankle Crew Socks with Grips

Like the Luvable Friends socks, these socks are thick, stretchy, and cuffed with a terry cloth-like material that grips the entire ankle. The plus side with them is that they are fully dotted with rubber at the bottom. And they also come in sizes that up to 6T.

The VWU comes with a good assortment of unisex designs and colors that you can match with baby clothes. If you take a look at the rubber grips at the bottom, it covers the entire sole so that it grips the floor for both the heels and the balls of those adventurous toddler feet.

On top of all that, the folded cuff can be unrolled to reveal longer socks that give more warmth. This makes it the perfect winter socks for toddlers.

6. Zaples Baby Non Slip Grip Ankle Socks

Yet another contender for the anti-slip socks selection is the Zaples Baby non slip grip ankle socks. It provides great traction from heel to toe just like the VWU brand. So what is their difference?

The Zaples baby socks that stay on is made with cotton-rich breathable fabric that is perfect for mild weather. It’s an all-seasons type of socks that is neither too thin nor too thick.

The cotton material also effectively wicks away any sweat and provides some degree of odor and germ protection for active feet. And finally, it’s a lot more stretchable so it grows along with your baby and he could use them for a much longer time.

Another special feature of the Zaples brand is that it comes with pull-tabs at the back of the heel. This makes it easier for mom or for bigger kids to put on and take off the socks by themselves.

7. LA Active Grip Ankle Socks

LA Active is a company known for their specialty socks that are tailor-fit for barefooted sports activities like Yoga and Pilates. They also have a full range of grip socks for babies and kids, and you can be assured that their grip socks really do grip.

Like the Zaples socks, it is also made of stretchy cotton-rich material and comes with a pull-tab at the back of the heel for easy on and easy off wear. Despite this feature, it still is one of those baby socks that truly stay on.

The extra feature that makes LA active grip baby socks superior is their lush terry loops that are extra soft and extra comfortable. You’d be surprised how the socks can keep staying on despite active play and yet leave not a single garter mark on your baby’s feet.

Special Design

Newborn baby socks with special designs
Newborn baby legs in socks on easter eggs background. Close-up details shot.

Parents love to go that extra mile for their kids. The same principle applies even for socks. Sometimes, basic socks may get the job done, but some occasions, you just want something better for your baby.

8. Robeez Baby Socks

From afar, the Robeez Baby Socks look just like any basic baby socks. But if you look more closely, you’ll notice that it has a special something in its design that double s the guarantee that it stays on your little one’s feet when you need it to.

Aside from the top elastic that most common socks have, it has an extra ring of elastic gather located right at the ankles. This holds the sock in two places instead of just at the opening.

If you have an extra squirmy little Houdini that keeps on escaping their socks, the Robees might just have the extra garter that could keep those slippery little feet contained.

9. OLABB Baby Socks

Knee high socks are one of those obvious solutions if you want socks that stay on. That’s why we made sure to include one in this list. The OLABB baby socks are 75% cotton and a blend of stretchy material that help it stick to your little one’s feet and legs while following the curve of each chubby little roll.

They are super soft and breathable so they are comfortable to wear. And since they are high up on the knees and they hug the shape of the legs and feet, they have better chances of staying on.

10. Trumpette Baby Socks

Many parents, myself included, think that baby shoes are practically useless before the age of at least one-year-old. Nevertheless, we still tend to buy them so that our little ones can look stylish when we go out.

However, putting on socks is already a challenge sometimes for busy parents. Much more so if they had to put on (and keep on) shoes too. The Trumpette baby socks are specially designed to look cool and presentable enough to wear on its own.

It comes in a full assortment of fashionable prints like sneakers, boat shoes, stripes, superheroes, skaters, and sporty shoes. Whatever outfit you put your baby in, you’ll find a pair of Trumpette socks for just about any occasion.


Baby garments should not be a stressful ordeal for parents. I personally enjoy dressing up my little ones. Having socks that stay on and continue to stay on for as long as they need to makes sure that our babies’ feet are warm, safe, and comfortable wherever they are.

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