Best Door Knob Covers For Kids Safety

Having little kids at home means making little tweaks on everyday items to make them safer and more kid-friendly.

One of the primary concerns of parents when it comes to household objects is safety. That is why baby-proofing the house is something that all expecting parents should accomplish before their little one begins to crawl at most.

There are so many things to consider when trying to make a place safer for kids. One of the most essentials when baby-proofing a home is doorknob covers.

What is a doorknob cover?

As the name implies, doorknob covers are made to cover doorknobs. They are usually apparatuses made out of plastic that wrap around doorknobs, making them harder or impossible for children to twist and open doors.

There is a particular mechanism of operating doorknobs so that only adults will turn a knob to open the door.

Why do I need doorknob covers?

Doorknob covers were invented for a reason. It’s because sometimes, doors themselves are not enough to deter curious toddlers from entering potentially unsafe areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and utility closets. At the same time, locking and sealing off rooms all the time is not really practical for anybody.

A doorknob cover lets you have the best of both worlds -doors that are safely sealed from young kids but still fully accessible to grownups. It is the perfect item to bridge the gap between babies’ safety and convenience for mom and dad. The best thing about it is that they don’t cost that much and are easily available online.

Top-rated doorknob covers on Amazon:

Door Knob Covers by Jool Baby Products

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The number one thing that Jool Baby doorknob covers like to pride their product in is that it fits almost all doorknobs, compared to any other competing brand.

At first glance, it is your basic average doorknob cover. But you’ll soon realize that it fits the best standard for almost all spherical doorknobs.

Parents who bought this product said…

Most households with standard-sized round doorknobs can benefit from this brand of knob cover. Many parent reviews share that it fits their doorknobs well and that it does the job of keeping their kids safe from specific areas such as basements, garages, or outside.

Several parents reported that although the Jool Baby doorknob cover looked like it was made out of sturdy plastic, it might still wear out over time, especially if it is exposed to heat or sunlight. Also, if your kid happens to be an escape artist or is a keen observer, he or she might easily learn how to operate it.

A few parents shared that bigger or stronger kids can easily pry the snap open, but some plaster tape easily seals it for good. Overall, the Jool Baby doorknob cover covers all the basic doorknob covering needs of most standard homes. It’s no fuss, easy to install, and does its job well.

Eudemon Baby Safety Door Knob Covers (Best for design)

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What sets the Eudemon baby safety doorknob covers from your standard doorknob cover is that it doesn’t simply have holes for gripping. Instead, it is built with soft TPR material on the grip spots you can pinch on when opening. This saves you from having pinched or trapped fingers that can be common with traditional doorknob covers.

It also is a step up from the traditional plastic doorknob cover because it is made out of eco-friendly TPR and polypropylene plastic. It’s also safer than your usual knob covers since it has passed safety tests.

Parents who bought this product said…

Parents love the extra thought that was made into making the Eudemon baby safety doorknob covers. They certainly love the idea of eliminating the risk of pinched fingers in those traditional holes.

Despite these advantages, it remains straightforward to install -less than ten seconds, according to some reviews! It is priced similarly to traditional doorknob covers but without much of a price difference. It’s like an upgrade, but with no additional cost.

The only catch with this model is its sizing. Those with larger door knobs reported that the rubber grips sit too tightly against the knobs, making it easier instead of harder for little kids to twist the knobs since it takes care of the friction, and all they need to do is to pull it on one direction.

Nevertheless, if your doorknob size is just the right fit for it, it works like a charm. Additionally, your toddler won’t run the risk of getting their fingers stuck in cover holes in an attempt to operate it, and it’s a breeze to use, especially if you’re in a hurry or if your hands are wet.

Little Chicks Door Knob Covers (Best for budget)

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If you want something that’s cheap and does the job, you might want to try the Little Chicks doorknob covers. It may not be as popular as name-brand doorknob covers, but it is built with the same standard design and is made to function the same way.

Parents who bought this product said…

One buyer remarked that it fits and works perfectly for both slim and round doorknobs. It is made to fit standard sized doorknobs and is really a no-fuss product that is priced incredibly well. A three-pack will only set you back by a bot over a dollar each.

One probable downside to the Little Chicks doorknob cover is that it is not made to withstand rough handling. If you happen to have kids who like to tug powerfully or hang onto doorknobs, it might easily break off. Otherwise, if you have gentle angels who only try to twist the knobs, it does the job quite well.

Door Monkey Door Lock & Pinch Guard (Best for handle type door knobs)

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If the idea of obstructing the actual doorknob is too much for you, or if you live with arthritic seniors who might have trouble operating a traditional doorknob case, the Door Monkey is a great alternative. It’s not really a doorknob cover, but it does the same job and more!

The door monkey effectively keeps kids locked out of restricted rooms while not entirely shutting the door. It keeps doors in a slightly “cracked” position to guard you and your kids from painful pinched fingers. It also works from both sides, so there’s no chance of your kid locking you in.

Parents who bought this product said…

At about 13 dollars each, many parents would agree that it’s quite a splurge compared to other door safety apparatuses. However, many reviewers agree that it’s worth every penny because it is so effective and helpful. The versatile design allows it to work not just as a door lock but also as a pinch guard, so you get two functions out of one product.

What parents love about it, aside from the easy installation and effective function, is that it works regardless of your doorknob size or whether you have a doorknob or a door lever. When not in use, you can easily hang it on the knob or lever so that it’s accessible in case you need it.

The only possible challenge with the Door Monkey is that it requires a standard rectangular doorstop molding with a flat edge for it to latch onto. Without this, it is virtually useless. Fortunately, flat-edged doorstop moldings are quite standard for many homes. Make sure to check yours out before making a purchase.

Safety 1st Parent Grip Door Knob Covers (Has white and black color options)

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Safety 1st prides itself as a company that ensures your kids’ safety while allowing them to explore and give in to adventure and curiosity. One of their featured child safety products is their parent grip doorknob covers, which feature new and improved propylene snaps that are stronger and thus make it more secure.

Parents who bought this product said…

The new and improved extra-strong propylene snaps are the game-changers for this brand of doorknob cover. Standard covers can’t withstand the rough handling of very persistent kids. One parent even shared that her son used to take the doorknob covers in both hands and swing from the doorknob, causing the covers to split apart easily.

With the improvement that Safety 1st did with this doorknob cover, that is likely no longer a problem. The only challenge is that the adults themselves are having a hard time opening the covers themselves. It might pose a difficulty when trying to install or remove the Safety 1st doorknob cover.

Our Verdict:

Overall, your choice of doorknob cover will depend solely on your doorknob structure, and your experience as a user.

However, we have to give many props to Eudemon for being so innovative with their design.

The pinch grip buttons are so well-thought-of and consider the comfort and convenience of parents in their day-to-day lives at home.

To top it all off, you can see the brand’s dedication to quality with its choice of material and quality of built.

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