Best Educational Toys For Kids

When you think toys, do you think about education?

Do you think about your child’s brain working and developing as they play?

Many do not think about play like this. But kids actually learn a lot by just playing with their every day toys they have.

They absorb so much, and we do not even realize it half of the time, and then one day they randomly come up to us and tell us that 1+1=2.

We get so amazed and have no idea where they learned it from. Friends, parents, they got it most likely from whatever toy they were playing with.

Kids love their toys. They love all kinds of toys, from simple ones to even more sophisticated toys. As most parents do, we normally try to incorporate learning with play. Children seem to learn a great deal of information from these two combined. It keeps them entertained while they are retaining the knowledge that they may not even realize they are taking in.

In my own personal experiences that I have witnessed, my own three kids learn so much just from their toys that they play with. It is really nice because they are engaging with themselves, family or even friends that they share toys with.

They do this all without even picking up a phone or tablet. It gives them a break from screen time while giving parents peace of mind that something that is as amazing as learning is taking place. We do not have to monitor how much our kids play. Play encourages growth, and best of all it is hands on.

Most kids love hands-on things, as well as seeing a visual right in front of them. Learning varies at different ages and stages. Certain toys may lean towards teaching things a particular way and may be different than another toy.

For example, babies need more hands-on, brighter colored, simple toys, while bigger kids need something more interesting or challenging. So today I am going to share some great toys that I have found that encourages all of these things, for kids of all different age groups, all with great reviews that teach many different things.

Here it is…

Educational Toys for Ages 1-3:

Tetoy Baby Toy Zoo Series 26 pieces Alphabet Cards with Cloth Bag

Bright colors are a sure way to get your baby’s attention. This is such a great toy not only for your baby but for you also to interact and bond with them. All while teaching them the alphabet. These sturdy cloth covered cards come with an adorable storage bag. Baby will learn letters, sounds, and of course the animals on the cards!

Pros/ Cons:

  • Helps bonding occur between parent and child.
  • Durable against chewing, and destructive play (we all know toddlers are capable of this).
  • There may be a misspelling. “Narval” should be “Narwhal”.

Skyfield Wooden Shape Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are always a go-to toy. You can not go wrong with these. This vibrant puzzle is a great way to teach shapes, colors and develop better hand-eye coordination. All of this while simulating your toddler’s senses. Puzzle pieces are thick and big enough to where you do not have to worry about your little one choking on them. They fit great in little hands and cant be swallowed.

Pros/ Cons:

  • The puzzle has been lab tested for safety. It is lead-free, BPA free, and painted with non-toxic paint.
  • Comes with a cute carrying pouch.
  • I have not seen any bad reviews, I told ya you can’t go wrong with these.

Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

This toy of the year finalist offers many benefits. Just by putting Spike the Hedgehog’s quills back in him, toddlers will learn colors, sorting, and even counting. The easy to grab pieces help develop fine motor skills.

Pros/ Cons:

  • Easy storage as the quills go inside the hedgehog.
  • The quills are easy for little hands to grasp.
  • Complaints have been made that Spike the Hedgehog is not challenging enough for kids.

Hape Pound and Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

Toddlers love music. They don’t have a care in the world while they clap their little hands or stomp their feet and wiggle around. Music is a lot of fun! On this Pound and Tap Bench, toddlers can pound the colorful balls until they drop and make tinging sounds on the keyboard. Or, pull out the keyboard and xylophone and make a melody. The Pound and Tap Bench encourages; audio recognition, cause and effect, arm movement, and hand-eye coordination.

Pros/ Cons:

  • This toy has won Favorite First Musical Toy for ages 1-3.
  • Contains water-based paint with nontoxic finishes.
  • Some of the xylophones arrive out of tune.

Interactive Books for kiddos 1-3

Books play a huge role in our children’s development. Reading to them every day helps them develop words and sounds. It enhances their imagination.

Not only just regular books and picture books, but I encourage interactive books. There are so many of them out there. Kids love them, especially this young. They can have finger puppets in them, pop-ups, or even buttons to push for sound.

My boys loved these growing up and they were always a huge hit in our house.

See a list of latest interactive books for toddlers 1-3 on Amazon.

Pros/ Cons:

  • There is endless supply of these.
  • Your local library probably even carries these.
  • Most are pretty durable and last a long time unless it’s a book with sounds. In that case, you will probably have to change out the batteries.

Educational Toys for Ages 4-5:

ETI Toys STEM Learning Original 101 Piece Educational Engineering Construction Building Blocks

Kids love to build stuff. At this age, they are learning more and more about how things work together, and you may not feel like stepping on tiny legos. These engineering blocks help your child develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills! They will learn to build trucks, helicopters, robots, transformers and way more!

Pros/ Cons:

  • Lab tested, lead-free, BPA safe, and more.
  • Engineering blocks are washable to keep funky germs away.
  • The downside is that apparently, you have to download an E-book for this toy.

CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game

This is such a fun way to teach kids the concept of numbers! You will be able to help them understand what is equal, less than, or greater than, addition or even just counting. It has super easy assembly so you can start playing immediately. You could even make it into a competition with the whole family by keeping score on who gets what right. The monkey actually balances what is on both sides to see how equal they are.

Pros/ Cons:

  • Comes with easy instructions.
  • A scale that actually balances whatever is on it.
  • The company does not sell extra parts, so make sure you keep up with all of the pieces that come with it.

Outdoor Toys for Kids Adventure Kids Outside Exploration Kit

This kit is sure to get your little ones outside exploring. The Adventure kit comes with everything they will need to learn about nature that is all around them. It includes; Binoculars, bug collector and bug kit with a magnifier, a toy spider, safety whistle, tweezers for picking stuff up, magnifying glass, compass, and a no battery needed flashlight, and carry bag. This kit encourages your kids to get out and enjoy nature. Whether at the beach, the mountains, a park or even your own back yard there is always an adventure to be had!

Pros/ Cons:

  • You can get your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with this.
  • You will be supporting a smaller family business instead of a large corporation.
  • Some say the quality could be a little bit better.

Water Doodle Mat

Say hello to no more markers on the table or paint on the walls. Your little artist will have tons of fun, MESS FREE. This is such a neat gift and whoever made this is a miracle worker to all parents out there. All you need for this is just water! Fill the marker with water, and doodle until your heart is content. This Doodle Map also comes with a roller, stamps, and molds for more creative fun. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, and 1-year money back guarantee.

Pros/ Cons:

  • No more messes or stains.
  • It is made of non-toxic, non-pollutant materials.
  • Allows kids to be able to express themselves freely.

Educational Toys for Ages 6-8

Crayola Ultimate Light Board

Speaking of creativity, this awesome Light Board is great for the bigger kids in your life. It is portable, so now whenever you go on vacation or just a long road trip the kids will have something to do. Kids can create their own masterpiece, or trace and display. The board lights up and really makes their artwork pop at night time. The gel FX markers are washable from skin and most clothing.

Pros/ Cons:

  • The Light Board is reusable. All you have to do is just wipe away the previous drawing.
  • You do have to print your own printables in order to trace.
  • Also has a built-in storage for the markers.

I am Confident, Brave, & Beautiful A Coloring Book for Girls

While this is not a “toy” I feel that it is something worth putting on this list, because in my opinion it is educational for girls. This coloring book teaches them to love themselves and embrace who they are as a person. All of this while being creative. Build your little girls confidence with this positive coloring book!

Pros/ Cons:

  • Encourages and inspires girls to love themselves.
  • Reinforces healthy body image.
  • You may want to pick up a couple of these because there are not many pages to color.

Mini Explorer Light-Up Terrarium Kit for Kids

For your little earth lover, this thing grows by day, and glows by night! This mini garden in a jar simulates a natural environment in a little space. The LED light transforms this jar into a magical little world. Kids will incorporate science while learning about rocks, soil, seeds, and life cycles of plants. They will love seeing what they planted grow!

Pros/ Cons:

  • The LED light recharges within 2-3 hours.
  • This is a great hands-on project.
  • Teaches children responsibility for a living thing.

Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Exploration Kit

If your child loves to learn about how things work and love to build things, this would be a really neat project for them to do. They will be able to make real working circuits and devices. There are over 175 projects for them to complete, with 55 color-coded parts. When you are done creating their circuits, hook up your smartphone or even an mp3 player and watch your creation really work and react with this award-winning toy.

Pros/ Cons:

  • No tools are involved. No screws, no wrenches. Just snap the circuits into place.
  • You can combine other Snap Circuit Kits together to create a more sophisticated reaction.
  • This may seem a little complicated for some kids, so parents should be on stand by just in case they are needed.

There are so many options out there that your kids will love. All of these are even available on Amazon.

I urge you all to get involved with your child’s play. Get down on the floor, go outside and explore with them, or just be present. I hope that all of your faces will light up watching your kids. I hope you get just as excited as they do when they learn something new from these toys. I hope you celebrate when they accomplish those hard to put together toys.

Even to just be present while your kids and their friends play. I even imagine you will learn something new about your kids in the process of watching them learn.

You will probably discover what method of learning works best for them individually. And of course which methods they do not like.

Add some of the toys and games to make a family game night. Get the whole family involved in your children’s playing.

You yourself should play.

Most of all parent’s embrace them while they are this young.

Do not miss a moment.

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