Postpartum Outfits! Best Thing To Wear In Hospital After Giving Birth

Hi, there soon-to-be-mama,

I’m glad that you asked this question because, frankly, I didn’t (biggest mistake I made!). I packed every baby essential and made sure that I packed everything from the socks to the swaddle blankets, but I didn’t give second thoughts about my clothes.

Well, don’t worry, I’ll take you through everything you need to pack for the hospital stay after you give birth, and make sure that your stay is the most comfortable one!

Being comfortable should be your primary goal when you pack your hospital bag with the clothes you’ll wear after you give birth. So, pack essentials like maternity bras. Don’t bring your regular bras; you want the process of breastfeeding to be quick and accessible. It would be best if you bought some comfortable postpartum underwear. You can also get the disposable ones which are more hassle-free in case your underwear gets stained. Bring your most comfortable pajamas. Another essential clothing item is maternity tops and joggers/leggings. If you’re not comfortable wearing pajamas, then stretchy maternity nighties are also a great option. Pack a robe and a matching swaddle blanket if you want to take some photos at the hospital. You can also bring a maternity dress for your ride from the hospital to your home if you’re going to look your best.

Thinking about what you want to wear for your hospital stay is essential because once we give birth, our bodies go through so many changes, and truthfully, with so much on our plate, we need to be comfortable while dealing with it.

What you need to know while packing your hospital bag

A pregnant woman is sitting on her bed packing her hospital bag for when it's time to deliver her baby soon.

Because your body is going through these tremendous hormonal changes because of the drop in estrogen, chances are you might sweat a lot.

I remember people telling me to pack warm clothes, but what no one told me is that my body is dealing with so much already, and so I can be cold and hot at the same time.

I went to sleep shivering because the room was so cold, but 2 hours later, I woke up drenched entirely in my sweat.

So, it would help if you packed things accordingly, to beat both the hot and cold weather you’ll feel in the same room.

The main checklist you’ll need while packing your hospital bag

1. Comfortable underwear

Yes. You read that right. Underwear is my priority. Gone are the days when you want to wear something petite like a thong or cheeksters.

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What you need now is some very comfortable high-waisted maternity underwear.

The maternity underwear will have more space in the crotch area for the maxi pads you’re going to use and will be high-waisted too. One of my closest friends told me that the high-waisted underwear gave her comfort even over her c-section incision area.

So, be it a vaginal delivery or a c-section, comfortable underwear is a must.

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You can also buy disposable postpartum underwear and use it in the hospital and even after coming home, till the bleeding stops.

2. Nursing bra

I packed my regular bras, a big mistake I made because it was uncomfortable and even tiring as it wasn’t easily accessible.

Once your milk comes in, you’ll probably need bigger bras. So, it’s best if you buy maternity or nursing bras from a good brand.

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If you choose to breastfeed, know that your baby might even cluster feed, so your regular bras will be in the way of often trying to feed your little one.

Many cute nursing bras come with straps and drop down with one hand for easy access.

3. Nursing clothes

Who said stretchy pants look ugly? No way, José. The stretchy pants and the baggy clothes are what you’ll feel the most comfortable in.

You can pack a couple of joggers/leggings/stretchy pants for your stay of 2-3 days in the hospital.

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You can also buy nursing tops. There are so many variants available in the market. You can decide the type of sleeves you need, but make sure that those are nursing tops. So, you can feed on the side without removing the t-shirt.

From my personal experience, leggings were the last thing I wanted to wear. What I felt more comfortable in was a loose maternity nightdress.

They were loose, hanging till the knees, easy access for breastfeeding made it the perfect choice for those couple of days in the hospital.

3. Robe

The robe is totally optional and up to you, but robes are also a great choice.

Between the frequent feedings and often visits from nurses and doctors, it’s great if you can just wrap yourself with a robe. This makes the breastfeeding process more manageable too.

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You can get cute printed robes, not the heavier ones, and you can also get matching swaddle blankets to get photos clicked in the hospital.

4. Headbands

You’re exhausted after giving birth, and headbands come in real handy. Just plop on one, and your hair isn’t your problem anymore.

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You can put on cute head scarfs or printed headbands, and you’ll be perfect for clicking photos with your baby.

5. Warm socks and slippers

I know you must be thinking that didn’t this woman just say that we might feel hot, and now she’s talking about packing warm socks?

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Well, it’s not necessary that you will feel hot, but the majority of postpartum women do. But there will also be a time when you might feel cold. So, instead of the robe, put on the stretchy pants, a warm pair of socks, and slippers to go on and about.  

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What should I wear for the trip from the hospital?

Well, in my sister’s case, she preferred and felt comfortable wearing the same stretchy pants and nursing top back home.

But for me, I wanted to feel good about myself after the painstaking 16 hours of labor and waking up every 2 hours in the night to breastfeed. I chose to wear a nursing dress, put on a lip and cheek tint, and I was good to go.

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I walked down the stairs of the hospital like it was my runway, kidding!


What do newborns wear in the hospital after being born?

If it’s warm, then dress your newborn in a onesie. If it’s cold, put on footie pajamas, a t-shirt or a onesie and a hat.

Can I shower in the hospital after giving birth?

Yes. You can shower, bathe and also wash your hair in the hospital after giving birth. Make sure there’s someone present in the room with you in case you need assistance.

For how many days will I bleed after giving birth?

A woman typically bleeds for around 24 – 36 days after giving birth. Consult your doctor if you’re too much worried about any excessive bleeding.


You can pack all of the above if you’re unsure whether you’ll change your mind about wearing something.

But make sure that the outfits you pick out are incredibly comfortable for you to move around and feel relaxed in.

If you’re just starting to pack, go on and search for various clothing brands that offer a wide variety of options.

Happy packing!

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