Can Body Armor Help Increase Breast Milk Production? (Benefits For Breastfeeding Mothers)

Body Armor drinks do contain a lot of vital vitamins, including potassium which is quite good for breastfeeding mothers. It has coconut water and no added artificial flavors, sweeteners, or color. It’s caffeine and gluten-free, making it good for small children to drink too. As a breastfeeding mother, you need to be hydrated, which the electrolytes in Body Armor drinks help you with. Although there’s no scientific research to back up this claim, being a very natural drink, it’s said to help out breastmilk production. Talk to your doctor if you have any medical condition before making Body Armor part of your routine.

Breastfeeding isn’t an easy journey for all mothers out there, and one difficult part of breastfeeding their child most women suffer from is not having enough breastmilk for their little ones.

Mothers facing a low feed issue are now seeking a new drink in the market known as Body Armor, which has recently been known to help a lot of mothers out there.

This hydrating sports drink is helping mothers produce enough milk supply for their children with a significant overall improvement in their feedings.

But how much good can a sports drink be at increasing milk supply production? Is it healthy for mothers to include this drink as part of their lifestyle? Can Bodyarmor affect breastfeeding babies in any way?

What is Body Armor drink?

To start with what is a Body Armor drink and how it’s so popular amongst mothers, let’s break down the ingredients it’s famous for.

You would think it’s like any other sports drink, but Body Armor is packed with Magnesium Oxide (electrolyte), coconut water, Vitamin A Palmitate, vitamin B6, citric acid, dipotassium phosphate (electrolyte), Zinc Oxide (electrolyte), and other vitamins.

The good thing about this drink is that it’s low in sodium and high in potassium. Body Armor claims that its drinks contain natural flavors, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources.

They also have Body Armor Lyte, which has the same nutrients as Body Armor but has fewer calories, only about 20 and 2 grams of sugar per bottle, which helps you keep your weight in check. They also have premium sport water with a performance pH9+ and electrolytes.

The Body Armor sports drink and Lyte flavors don’t have caffeine, but the edge flavors have 100 mg of caffeine per 20.2 oz bottle.

Their normal Body Armor drink doesn’t contain any caffeine if you’re worried that you might be feeding your caffeine too via this drink. 

How Body Armor helps breastfeeding mothers

One prominent problem breastfeeding mothers face is not producing enough milk supply for their babies.

It could be a significant issue if your baby is still under 6 months since they need your milk for that long. Sometimes, babies with animal milk allergies or other problems also depend on their mother’s milk supply even after turning 6 months old.

Mothers feel guilty because they have a low milk supply, which can be quite frustrating.

There could be several issues causing this problem, such as:

  • Insufficient glandular tissue
  • Hormonal or endocrine problems
  • Breast injury
  • Hormonal birth control
  • Certain medications
  • Sucking difficulties

While these issues need medical attention, there’re simpler issues under your control that could be impacting your feed, such as dehydration.

Staying hydrated is essential to having a healthy and long-lasting feed. If you’re not hydrated enough, you won’t be able to produce enough milk supply.

Your breastmilk is 90% water, and you need to be hydrated to produce sufficient breastmilk.

Different ways Body Armor is helping breastfeeding mothers:

  • What Body Armor does is simple for breastfeeding mothers, and it simply rehydrates them and helps them out in producing sufficient breast milk supply for their baby.
  • As I said before, Body Armor contains electrolytes which are important for rehydration. Electrolytes help maintain fluid balance and help in nerve signaling and maintaining bone health.
  • Coconut water which is also found in this drink, is known to help to breastfeeding mothers the same as coconut milk. Coconut milk or water is low in calories, natural, low sugar, and a highly nutritious substance that is high in natural electrolytes.
  • Potassium is also a critical nutrient required by breastfeeding mothers, among others. Body Armor drinks also contain potassium which helps out breastfeeding mothers.

But you shouldn’t include anything as part of your lifestyle without consulting with your doctor first.

Every person has a different medical history depending on which they are allowed or aren’t allowed to make something part of their routine. Talk to your lactation consultant before making a decision.

How many Body Armor drinks are enough for breastfeeding mothers?

A young mom is breastfeeding her newborn baby while drinking her Body Armor drink in a mug.

If you’re considering including Body Armor in your diet, you must be thinking about how many bottles of it you are allowed to include in your diet.

While their site claims you can drink it at any time of the day, you should try seeing which time suits you best, according to your feeds.

Many suggest taking 2-3 bottles daily of this electrolyte drink. You should keep in mind that a normal Body Armor bottle has enough calories, and at this rate, you might gain a lot of weight. But with their  Body Armor Lyte product, which has fewer calories, you might benefit from it.

Body Armor vs. Gatorade

If you’re thinking, why does it only have to be Body Armor, and maybe I can replace it with any other sports drink like Gatorade, then you need to think twice.

Gatorade has been the go-to drink for people worldwide when they want to replenish themselves. It’s because it comes in various colors, and everyone has a favorite flavor of theirs which they usually down before or after a workout, on road trips, and so on.

What people don’t realize is that Gatorade is full of sugar. And as we workout, burning up our energy to lose those calories, our body craves more calories. Thus, giving in to the sweet Gatorade.

When Body Armor is compared to Gatorade as a replenishing drink, it is better because of the lesser calories, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and coconut water in their drinks.

So, as a breastfeeding mother, you can’t choose just any drink and expect it to help with your breastmilk production.

While there have been reports of Body Armor helping in breastmilk production, there hasn’t been any report of any other drink doing the same.


Can I drink electrolytes while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can have electrolytes while breastfeeding, and it’s entirely healthy for you to rehydrate yourself. Body Armor does contain electrolytes that can be beneficial to breastfeeding mothers, and it’ll replenish them and help them increase their breastmilk production.

Is Body Armor better than Gatorade?

Body Armor isn’t a sports drink, and it’s rich in electrolytes and other minerals such as potassium. Compared to Gatorade, it’s a natural drink, and it doesn’t have any added flavors or artificial sweetener mixed in it. It’s even safe for small children to drink, and some versions of Body Armor are even less in calories.

Is Body Armor safe for kids?

Body Armor is safe for kids to consume, and it doesn’t contain any added flavors, artificial sweeteners, or dyes. It’s also gluten and caffeine-free. Although, going through the ingredients is still a must if someone has some medical condition.

Does Body Armor contain sweetener?

It doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. To make it sweet, they use pure sugar cane as a sweetener. So, you don’t have to worry about taking a lot of calories. If you’re still worried, you can try their body armor Lyte product with fewer calories than other products.

To summarize

When it comes to suggesting Body Armor drinks to moms to increase their breastmilk production, I would say there’s no scientific research backing it up. But at the same time, many moms benefit from this drink because it rehydrates them and fulfills their mineral needs.

It’s worth trying to see if this drink can help produce your breastmilk. It doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or caffeine (except edge). It’s gluten-free and is vegan, and it won’t have any effect on your baby. It’s mentioned on their site that it’s safe for the children to drink too.

I would still say one thing you should often practice is power pumping as often as possible. Sometimes, your body can’t adapt to your baby’s feeding schedule, disturbing your flow.

So, pump your milk in advance as often as possible to maintain a steady flow. You can try this drink and if you still have doubts, consult with your doctor for a better decision.

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