Breastfeeding Tracking Apps: The Benefits and Our Trusted Recommendations

There’s no denying that your child-centered life begins as soon as you know a baby is growing inside of you. For some expecting moms, a pregnancy tracker is an exciting chapter to start keeping a tab of her little one. But the real challenge of motherhood starts when you deliver that tiny bundle into this world and start actual parent chores like feeding your newborn. So to make mothers feel secure, breastfeeding trackers are also made available to speak up for babies.

Breastfeeding trackers are the answer to the mother’s question if she is feeding her baby enough. If you are directly latching your baby or pumping, it may take much of your worries away. You can use this not only to remind you of feeding but other things that you need to learn as a parent. Think about your very own and personalized mom assistant so you won’t bug your mother on outdated baby advice. There are various breastfeeding apps available over the internet that you can use. We even scoured the best (and free) ones that you can try as a handy little breastfeeding helper.

Benefits of Breastfeeding Tracker

Responsive feeding is an instinctive way of letting your baby decide when to feed. You simply wait for his cues and feed him to his satiety. But for some reason, a mother’s guilt lay somewhere in there when your baby is still unable to communicate his feelings. You may want to take things to yourself and clock in his feeding time instead.

With all the daily chores, even stay-at-home moms can also let slip a simple routine once in a while. A breastfeeding tracker will help you organize things and remind you of what you are missing. This is not just about feeding your little one since some of them include other features that you really need when you call for them.

Monitor baby feeding time and frequency

Accordingly, you need to feed your baby at least 8 to 12 hours every day, but should you wait for his cue? Since newborns spend a lot of time alternating between sleeping and eating, he may miss out on the latter. The most important feature of a breastfeeding tracker is to monitor your feeding time.

Trackers are also essentially beneficial for pre-term babies and those with medical conditions. Their bodies are still too weak to even communicate their hunger. They may typically spend most of their time sleeping. If you can monitor his feeding time, it will not risk overfeeding or underfeeding your delicate little one.

Give breastfeeding tips

You may have countless breastfeeding questions that you want to ask. Words from some of your mom’s group are a nice place to get answers. But if you can have everything at your fingertips, that could be cool. Some trackers have exciting features to give you advice that, maybe, not everyone else knew. So aside from getting the most out of breastfeeding, you can also share this first-hand info with your circle.

Track pumping sessions

Some moms want to take advantage of the shared responsibility they can get from pumping. If you are working or needing some hand from family members, alternating with a bottle is a great idea. A let-down reflex, that heavy breast, and a leak is a telltale sign for your next pumping session. But even without that reflex, a breastfeeding tracker can tell you when it’s time.

Whether you are latching alternately or completely switched to a bottle, you need to condition your breast to produce milk. That’s why it is important to make a religious routine out of pumping to encourage continuous flow.

Some breastfeeding trackers will also help you track the amount of milk expressed. This will enable you to also monitor your lactation so you can support your milk production. And if you are away, it may alert you if your supply in the freezer back home runs low.

Expiry date reminder

Extra milk that your baby can’t consume from your expressed milk ends up in the freezer. But how long do you think you can keep your stash safe for your baby’s consumption? Here is the storage expiration rule for pumped breast milk according to CDC:

  • Store milk at room temperature (at most 77°F) for only four hours
  • Breast milk in the fridge is good for four days.
  • In the freezer, you can keep it for up to a year provided it is kept under desirable condition.

Some tips and information like these are available in some breastfeeding trackers. It will help much in reducing the guesswork of your milk storage. Best of all, it will give you reminders when your stash goes stale and unsafe.

Other Extra and Helpful Baby Features

Aside from feeding, there are also other features incorporated in breastfeeding trackers. Diaper tracker for once will let you record diaper changes. This will help you monitor if your baby is dehydrated, has diarrhea, or suffering from constipation. These mostly are the things that your doctor will ask if you call in with a sick baby.

Your baby’s sleep schedule, temperature check, vaccination, and medications can also be logged into your tracker. And, you can also document his growth and milestone as it unfolds. Some may show graphs and charts that you can share with your pediatrician.

Breastfeeding Trackers That You Can Try

Breastfeeding Trackers That You Can Try

Much has been said about breastfeeding trackers. If you want to try some of the best players in the market, here is our handpicked list. These are free and compatible with most of your devices. You’d better free up some phone space and try these apps!

Nighp Baby Tracker

The NIGHP breastfeeding tracker conveniently allows you to monitor every little detail about your baby. It will keep track of your baby’s breastfeeding habit, his health and growth, and important milestones. There is a start-end timer to track your nursing session for every breast. It is also convenient to use when you are pumping.

Here are its important features:

  • Breastfeeding tracker and logger
  • Diaper tracker
  • Sleep schedule
  • Growth and progress
  • Milestone
  • Health

Whisper Arts Breastfeeding

This simple to use app will also ensure that you are keeping a healthy feeding habit for the baby. It also allows you to chart your baby’s growth and milestones. You can even add your notes and reactions like your very own baby diary. As your baby grows older, you can also log all fluid and solid food that he is taking.

  • Track breastfeeding
  • Record quantity and frequency of pumping
  • Baby sleep tracker
  • Diaper tracker
  • Growth chart
  • Fluid and solid food tracker

Amila Baby Tracker

A thoughtful baby tracker, this app will also explore every little thing that you need to know about your baby. With the touch of a button, you can easily manage your baby as you feed and monitor his progress. The app’s statistics will walk you through your history to keep a tab of your baby’s feeding habits.

  • Feeding tracker
  • Sleep log
  • Diaper tracker
  • Baby care
  • Newborn baby care
  • Calendar and notes

RSKY Baby Feeding Tracker

This baby tracker is also one of the amazing breastfeeding apps that you can have for free. This is specifically designed for a newborn so you can detail his development. It can also log, track, and give stats on your baby’s habit that you can share with your pediatrician. It is easy to use and will help you better understand and care for your newborn infant.

  • Feeding tracker
  • Sleep and nappy
  • Leisure and playtime
  • Growth and health
  • Important notes (Allergy, Preferences, etc.)

GLOW Inc. Baby Tracker and Feeding

They say that it takes a village to raise a kid. If you wonder where that village is, this tracker may take you there literally. Glow Baby’s feature includes connecting to other new parents so you can talk, share, and get some parenting tips. You can even participate in polls about your baby’s development.

If you need some support and valuable insights, this app will bring you to the right community. It will even allow you to connect with your partner so both of you can share the child-rearing responsibility.

  • Breastfeeding and pumping tracker
  • Nursing timer
  • Sleep and nappy log
  • Solid food tracker
  • Teething log
  • New parent community support group


Breastfeeding tracking apps for moms

Taking care of your baby does not need to leave you scratching your head. No matter how busy your life can get, you can always put your baby’s needs on top of your priority. All thanks to technological advancement, we now have handy helpers to help us through our daily struggles.

But remember, do not let these apps steal the moment you can have with your little one. While it is useful for keeping records, this should not rule over your presence with your baby. We wouldn’t want to see you swiping over the screen with your hopeful baby peeking underneath for attention. Take this as just your virtual assistant when you must need it.

Have you used any of these apps, or you have something cool to share? Give us a response below so we can also give your breastfeeding tracker app a try!

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