Calcium Magnesium Supplement For Low Milk Supply: Is It Needed?

A calcium-magnesium supplement is one of the recommended post-natal vitamins for lactating mothers. These elements are important, especially for moms with problems with their milk supply. Calcium intake is necessary for replenishing the mother’s calcium level that she supplies to her baby. Magnesium is also vital in reducing the stress level of lactating moms to spurt their milk production. These nutrients are found in leafy greens, meat, grains, and dairy products. But when it seems difficult to meet the dietary requirements, adding a calcium-magnesium supplement into the diet is beneficial.

Nutritional needs while breastfeeding

Starting from your pregnancy, you already get the notion of eating for two.

That’s because you need to supplement both you and your growing fetus. But the drill doesn’t stop after you deliver your little one, especially if you take on full breastfeeding.

During breastfeeding, moms exhaust their nutrients for the sake of the baby. The mother’s body will mobilize all the nutrients in her body to provide the optimum nutrition to her child.

That’s why the nutritional needs of a lactating woman are higher than a pregnant woman. A woman who got pregnant while breastfeeding should get as much to fend for herself, her toddler, and her unborn baby.

According to research, a lactating mother needs an adequate intake of calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6, and folate.

These are the critical elements you should include in your daily diet. These are also available in supplements to ensure your proper nutrient intake.

Causes of low milk supply

There are many reasons why a mom seems to have a low breastmilk supply.

Supplementing with baby formula and inefficient and infrequent nursing are just a few. Even ovulation can also mess up a mother’s breastmilk supply.

From her mid-cycle until the first day of her menstruation, moms may experience a temporary decrease in breastmilk production due to hormonal changes.

The milk supply will gradually increase again once the hormones return to their normal levels.

Moreover, stress and anxiety can also affect how your body produces breastmilk. The stress hormones are culprits that interfere with breastmilk production.

Calcium-magnesium supplement

Magnesium is essential for reducing stress and anxiety in lactating moms.

It’s often combined with calcium for allowing proper assimilation of nutrients that will help boost milk production. There are also calcium-magnesium food supplements that contain other essential nutrients like zinc and Vitamin B6 that enhance their health benefits.

Here are some of the supplements that you can try:

Peapod Cal-Mag Dietary Supplement. It contains calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D for maintaining a healthy store of nutrients while breastfeeding. It is suitable for vegetarians and recommended by the American Pregnancy Association.

Fairhaven Health Peapod Cal-Mag Pregnancy & Lactation Supplement, Contains Calcium, Magnesium, & Vitamin D3 for Pregnancy, Baby and Female Health, Vegetarian and All-Natural for Women (1 Month Supply)

Mommy’s Bliss Calm. It has a balanced combination of calcium and magnesium with organic extracts for supporting strong bones and relaxation. Mommy’s Bliss is a prenatal vitamin that also promotes relaxation for the benefit of lactating mothers.

Mommy's Bliss Calm + Magnesium Supplement, Made for Women, Support Magnesium & Calcium Levels, Supporting Relaxation with Lemon Balm Extracts, Non GMO, Vegan & Gluten Free, 90 Capsules (45 Day Supply)


Is it okay to take my prenatal vitamins after birth?

Yes, you can. However, prenatal vitamins have a lower dose of vitamins than postnatal ones. But if you don’t want to waste your prenatal leftover, it is still okay to take it postpartum.

Can I use natural home remedies to increase my milk supply?

Natural food supplements are as potent as pharmaceutical medicines. However, they may also have side effects that may put breastfeeding at risk. Therefore, a consultation with a medical professional is still necessary before taking any medications.

What is the dosage of calcium magnesium that I should take while breastfeeding?

A breastfeeding mom needs the ideal calcium magnesium supplement at a 2:1 ratio. So, the dosage should be between 500/250 mg to 1500/750 mg calcium to magnesium ratio.

Do not take calcium supplements in high dosage alone. It should always be supplemented with magnesium, or magnesium and zinc, or other essential vitamins.  


Moms may deplete their milk supply every once in a while for different reasons. Having a diet with all the needed nutrients is one way of preventing and modifying its effect.

Calcium magnesium supplements are a beneficial combination of nutrients that you can take for boosting breastmilk production.

It works by lowering a mom’s stress level and ensuring proper integration of nutrients in the body. Thus, it can ward off problems of low milk supply for your benefit, as well as for your baby.

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