Can Babies Sense When A Woman Is Pregnant?

To be honest, nobody knows for sure. Yes, certain situations take place, which makes people think that babies do come to know when a woman is pregnant even before she knows it herself.

Although, scientifically, it’s not proven at all whether babies know or that they have no clue. But there are many situations where parents think that their elder child knows when they’re pregnant.

A mother in an online forum shares her story that her 2-year-old kept lifting her mother’s t-shirt and kept saying ‘baby’ over and over again, and the next week she couldn’t believe when the home test showed the two lines indicating that the mother is pregnant.

There are many similar stories mothers share, where their firstborn knew that mommy is pregnant even before the mother. At the same time, some mothers said that their 2 or 3-year-old child kept asking her mother whether she had too much to eat while pointing towards the mother’s 29 weeks pregnant belly.

A pregnant mom is sitting on the bed and playing with her infant girl.

There are even stories you can hear where mothers state that their toddlers started getting clingy to the mother even before the mother told her toddler about the pregnancy. They get attached or get upset quite often when their mother is pregnant.

But I’ve heard a lot of people saying that pets come to know when a woman is pregnant and I think that’s true. Lily, my sister’s dog, started behaving strangely around me when I was pregnant. She would sit beside me, sniff me, and acted in a protective manner around me.

A pregnant woman is laying down on her bed, with her dog laying down next to her.

I think because of the changes in hormones, your pet can recognize when you start smelling different. Dogs and cats sometimes start acting more loving or protective when they realize you’re pregnant.

Now, coming back to, can babies know when a woman is pregnant? Well, I think it depends on what you choose to believe.

If your child is acting in a certain way when you’re pregnant, you can either believe that they can sense you being pregnant because after all they’ve spent 9 months of their life in your body, or you can think that your child’s behavior is a phase which will be over in a few days.

But, all in all, it’s a debatable topic where you’ll find mothers agreeing with you that a baby or toddler can sense when a woman is pregnant and you’ll find mothers who’ll disagree with you and call the whole thing hogwash.

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