Can My Baby Sleep In Stroller Bassinet At Night? (Safe While On The Go?)

Although bassinet strollers are truly a blessing in disguise for parents who are on the move, they’re not a safe option for babies to sleep overnight. Firstly, because the size of a bassinet stroller is less than an indoor bassinet, the baby has very little space to sleep. Secondly, once the baby starts rolling over, she’s at the risk of falling or entrapment in the bassinet stroller. The baby can sleep safely in a bassinet stroller as long as they’re under the supervision of the parent or a caregiver. Being unaware of the baby’s movement in the bassinet can put the baby at a huge risk.

Once a baby is born, they do these three things mainly- eat, sleep, and poop. If either of these is impacted, the baby’s health is put at risk.

We know, as parents, that newborns are so fragile and so dependent on us or their caregivers. They need us for everything- be it comforting them, feeding them, or making them go to sleep.

Safe sleep is the most crucial thing we need to follow and adhere to. In 2019, almost 1000 deaths were registered due to ignorance of following safe-sleep techniques for newborns.

To know whether sleeping in bassinet strollers is safe or not, first, let’s know what exactly is a bassinet stroller and how it’s different from a regular stroller or a bassinet.

What is a bassinet stroller?

A baby boy is sleeping in a bassinet stroller.

When you first discover that you’re expecting, it can be quite overwhelming, and so is the list of things you’ll need to make your little one comfortable. One of the first things that will pop into your mind is a need for a crib or a bassinet and a stroller.

A bassinet stroller is a stroller that has a bassinet attachment option available for your newborn to nap peacefully.

What makes a bassinet stroller different from regular strollers or prams?

Well, prams are used only for newborns till the age of 5 or 6 months, and strollers are for babies who’re able to sit and for toddlers.

So when you mix these two, you get a bassinet stroller that has a bassinet attachment so that you can move around freely with your newborn sleeping peacefully in the bassinet.

As your baby grows, you can detach the bassinet and convert the bassinet stroller into a regular stroller in which your baby can sit.

Benefits of a bassinet stroller

Bassinet strollers are really great for the first few months when you’re traveling with a newborn.

It’s a safe space for newborns to sleep, rest, and play under supervision.

Some models have separate bassinet attachments or convertibles that can change from looking like an old-fashioned pen to a conventional stroller meant for a toddler.

Some models also come with a canopy that protects your little one from cold, sun exposure, or prying strangers.

It’s really great for parents or caregivers who’re traveling or even have to visit the nearest Walmart for shopping. Your little one can sleep peacefully under your supervision, and you can move on and about hands-free.

Can my baby sleep in a bassinet stroller overnight?

Although your baby looks extremely peaceful while sleeping in the bassinet stroller during the day, I wouldn’t recommend you to let your child sleep in a bassinet stroller overnight.

Even though a bassinet or a crib is considered a safe place for babies till the age of 6 months to sleep, a bassinet stroller, on the other hand, is smaller in size and width and doesn’t let your baby have enough space to sleep.

Once your child starts to move, she can be at risk of falling off from the stroller or entrapment. You shouldn’t let your baby sleep in a bassinet stroller or a pram unsupervised.

Your baby knows to breathe only through her nose till they’re 4 months of age. So, even if the bassinet stroller has a mesh on the sides, the baby’s nose can be pressed against it, making it difficult to breathe.

Once the baby is 3 months old, she’s likely to move around in her sleep, and at this time, she should be placed in a crib or a cot that has higher sides surrounding her.

Two of the leading brands producing baby equipment recalled thousands of their sleeper chairs and swings after multiple deaths were reported in it. Although they claimed to be a “safe option” for babies to sleep in, it led to multiple deaths of unsupervised babies.

Would you be able to sleep easy in the night if you have the slightest doubt that your baby might be unsafe in the current sleeping place? No, right.

So, place your baby either in a crib or an indoor bassinet, and make sure to remove all pillows, blankets, toys, or anything that can be a choking hazard for the baby.

Key points to remember for safe sleep for your baby

  • Place your baby on her back on a flat, firm surface to avoid the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Place your baby in their own crib or bassinet instead of co-sleeping. If you choose to co-sleep, follow safe practices for co-sleeping.
  • Keep crib bumpers, loose beddings, toys, soft pillows out of the crib or bassinet.
  • Make sure your baby’s bassinet, stroller and crib meets the current safety standards.


Can a baby sleep in a rocker overnight?

Rockers or bouncers should never be used for sleeping or as a substitute for a safe sleeping place. Also, never leave your baby unsupervised when they’re in the rocker or bouncer.

Do babies sleep better in a crib than bassinet?

Both cribs and bassinets are safe options for babies as long as they’re made keeping in mind the current safety measures, and newborn babies are likely to wake up every few hours in the night whether they’re in a crib or a bassinet.

Why does sleeping in the same room as parents reduce the risk of SIDS in babies?

Babies should sleep in the same room as parents to reduce the risk of SIDS because having an infant within view and reach makes the caregiver more aware and might notice any potential difficulty. Room sharing also helps in easing breastfeeding at night.

How do you co-sleep with your newborn safely?

Although it’s recommended to share a room and not co-sleep until they’re 1-year-old, you can still co-sleep safely by placing her on a flat and firm surface and removing all extra pillows, blankets, and toys. There should be no other children or pets on the bed. Make sure your baby doesn’t fall off the bed or remove all possible gaps around the bed. Place your baby to one side of the parent and not in the middle of two adults.


Bassinet strollers are really good and can come in quite handy for caregivers who’re always on their toes. Buy a bassinet stroller that meets all safety standards and use it while you’re traveling and not as a substitute for a safe sleeping place.

For newborns and babies, place them in a crib or an indoor bassinet overnight in the same room so that you can attend to them if they need you in the night.

Also, consult your pediatrician on how to make a safe space for your newborn to sleep.

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