Can You Go Tanning While Breastfeeding? Is It Safe For The Baby?

Tanning is entirely safe for a breastfeeding mother and will not alter the milk in any way possible. There is no danger to the breastfed baby in relation to tanning. While tanning, you should always make sure your nipples are covered and remember not to apply sunscreen on them as the baby can ingest them.

A lot of women prefer a nice good tan over summers. Laying under the sun, who doesn’t love a nice tan going on while sipping on cocktails and enjoying a nice alone time.

But obviously, things change when you become a mom, and now you are responsible for your little one and all their needs, such as breastfeeding.

For a good tan, you have to spend a nice amount of time under the sun, but if your baby needs to breastfeed simultaneously, you start to wonder how to take care of both at the same time.

So how do you take care of it? Is there a way to do both? Is it safe to breastfeed your baby and go tanning? Let’s find out different ways you can get that nice glowing tan and still breastfeed your little one.

Sun tanning while breastfeeding

A young mom who is still breastfeeding her baby is at the beach lying down on the sand and getting a sun tan.

Since your little one’s skin is way more tender and sensitive than yours, it is definitely not a good idea to breastfeed your baby under direct sunlight.

Not only will this cause your little one’s skin to tan at a faster pace than yours, but they might also get sunburnt or other skin-related issues for being under direct sunlight.


  • You should look for the right kind of sunscreen for your baby, as they are available in the market and will definitely protect your baby’s tender and soft skin.
  • Also, don’t solely depend on the sunscreen but ask for an overhead umbrella, so there is shade when you’re feeding.

Don’t apply any sunscreen on your breasts or nipples, as it can obviously get ingested by your baby and harm them.

So, keep your breasts covered as much as possible. You can cover them with a towel too for maximum protection.

What about tanning beds?

A young mom is getting a tan on a tanning bed.

Tanning beds are not the most fantastic way to get the tan you need, but they aren’t harmful either. Tanning beds won’t affect your breastfeeding abilities if you take care of important stuff, such as covering your nipples before going for a tan.

Because if you don’t, the UV rays might result to cause dryness of the nipples.

Often, tanning beds are not a good idea at all, and you should limit using tanning beds.

Using them for a prolonged time might affect your health, such as skin cancer because of the UV rays, and it can also affect your breastmilk if there’s consistent usage. So, keep in mind about using them carefully and responsibly.

Spray tanning while breastfeeding

A young mom is getting a spray tan done at a tanning spa.

Spray tanning is clearly the easiest and quickest way to get that perfect summer tan you are longing for, only if you know how to do it properly. Unfortunately, using this method only works and affects your outer layer of skin, turning it to the perfect shade of brown you want.

Your body is exposed to any of those UV rays for you to be worried about in any way. However, keeping your nipples covered is essential when spray tanning to get the even tan all over your body.

Ensuring that nipples are covered will keep the baby from ingesting any of the chemicals.

Ensure your baby is nowhere around when you are getting spray tanned, as the fumes are obviously harmful to them. Also, only take your baby in your arms when the spray has completely dried and absorbed in your skin to avoid getting your baby tanned.

Useful tips for breastfeeding mothers for tanning

  • Always discuss your breastfeeding status when using a tanning bed with the person in charge.
  • It is easier to go for tanning if you store away your milk by pumping before, so regardless, your baby can get your milk.
  • Always make sure your nipples are covered before going with any of the tanning methods.
  • Make sure to get your skin assessed if you are a tan lover and get it often and from time to time. Learning about your skin status is vital to make further decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are sunbeds safe when breastfeeding?

Tanning beds are not harmful to a breastfeeding mother, as long as you cover your nipples before getting tanned and follow all the necessary instructions. Make sure your nipples are covered as they can get dry is not and have other issues with them.

Can you go on sunbeds when pregnant?

The NHS advises pregnant women not to use sunbeds during their pregnancy because their skin is more sensitive during this time.

Can a tanning bed cause miscarriage?

Lying in a tanning bed can raise your body temperature to an unsafe level for your baby. It is especially risky during the first trimester. During these first three months, when it is a sensitive time for your pregnancy, it can lead to miscarriage or birth defect if you insist on using tanning beds.

Is it bad to tan with new stretch marks?

It’s common for new mothers to have prominent stretch marks after childbirth. So, if you go for tanning and prefer a deeper shade of that golden brown, you should definitely be aware that those stretch marks won’t tan, and the surrounding areas will darken.

To summarize

Obviously, getting a beautiful tan like before will be challenging once you have your baby because of the added responsibility and making sure that your breastfeeding abilities are harmed by getting any type of tan.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t get that perfect shade of golden brown that you crave for. Whether choosing to go with tanning beds, spray tan, or get the regular old suntan, the only thing you need to take care of is that your breastmilk doesn’t get affected in any way.

So, make sure you cover your breasts and use nipple covers so that they don’t get affected in any way possible.

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