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Christmas in 2020 is a bit odd, and quite frankly a little somber than it used to. But, if you have welcomed your little bundle just recently, you know it’s all worth the celebration. For some sense of normalcy amidst the raging pandemic, why not dress the baby up to spark some joy and love? Isn’t this the right time to stage that pre-arranged newborn photoshoot? Here are some dressing up tips (and some shopping tips) for jazzing up your baby for this coming season.

When dressing your newborn, don’t just choose that cute holiday outfit. You should also put practicality and comfort on top. Gorgeous outfits don’t usually last long for infants. Think about spit-up, milk dribbles, diaper leaks, and thus, the need for multiple clothing changes. Your newborn’s Christmas outfit does not need to be festive and extravagant. It can be simple and still exude the holiday feel.

General Guidelines in Dressing Babies

Christmas newborn dressing guidelines

It’s the time of the year again and you can’t wait to show your cute little bundle of joy around! Well, maybe over your social media in the meantime. The cold winter wind is blowing and it’s only apt to bundle him in nice and warm clothing pieces. But wait a sec; before cashing out for that feel-good holiday fashion statement, have a look at these dress-up tips.

Keep it Simple

Christmas newborn reindeer outfit

Save those frills and frocks for other occasions like her christening photoshoot. Babies from zero to two months old will be more comfortable in onesie. You can find most holiday-themed onesies anywhere in your locality. This one-piece clothing will cover your newborn’s tiny feet and arms which will be comfy for the cold weather. The snap-up pajamas will also make it easier for you to change diapers in between.

Consider these Hudson Baby Reindeer or Holly theme union suits from Macy’s. The cotton material of these suits makes a comfortable and breathable outfit for your little one. It’s so cute and simple you can use it all year till he outgrows it. And, it’s unisex too so you can save it for the coming ones in the future.

Layer Up

Layering is a practical technique most mommies use for a purpose. It will help them gauge if the baby is cold, hot, or comfy enough for his bundle. Since your newborn cannot flat-out tell you he’s cold, he can only manifest it through a disgruntled cry. If he feels hot, which is quite a dangerous situation to be in, he will also become fussy and sweaty. If he is dressed in layers, you can just easily add or eliminate one to keep him more at ease.

If you need to bring your little one outside, dress him in a thin sleeper onesie. You can add a sweatshirt or sweatpants or any wind-proofing inner layer and top it with an insulation layer. Then you can add a warm snowsuit or romper.

Make It Safe

Wherever you are on the globe, the Christmas season may mainly bring in a lot of cold. While you worry about infants freezing, according to WebMD, the risk of kids overheating is more pressing. It can happen if you bundle your baby too much in layers where he may overheat.

If you just came home from the outdoors, make sure to undress your baby from winter clothes. Too many of those layers are unnecessary for the indoor environment. And once indoor, get your room temperature to the ideal range of 68 to 72°F.

Christmas Newborn Outfit Suggestions for Newborn

Christmas newborn baby outfits

Babies quickly outgrow their clothes before you even realize it. That’s why we recommend buying only the average baby’s clothes and essentials. But this season is hard to pass; after all, it’s your baby’s first Christmas! Here are some of the finest holiday outfits you may want especially for that trip to the doting grandmama’s:

Holiday Onesie

Newborn baby Christmas onesie

Onesies make good base layer clothing for your newborn. Cotton or wool is an excellent choice of materials. You may want to buy a couple of them to have an extra for a quick outfit change.


Christmas newborn sweater

A sweatshirt and sweatpants can go a long way as an additional layer to ward off the coldness of Christmas night. These will be your next clothing layer if your baby still feels cold in his onesie. Wool or fleece sweaters are nice for mid-layers.


Newborn Christmas snowsuit ideas

This is ideal for the outdoors when you need a quick trip to your regular doctor visits. Puffy jackets or snow pants on your newborn already adds a charming character to his holiday. Snowsuits with hood and hand and feet cover are also favorable.

Socks and Mittens

Newborn Christmas socks and mittens

Keep babies in an ideal warmness with socks or mittens if you think he really needs it. You can put the baby’s sock on top of his onesie when bundling. This way you can easily remove it when he seems to feel warm enough.


Newborn baby Christmas hat ideas

A red hat for your little one is an effortless yet festive way of celebrating the season. And for outdoors, a hat with earflaps is the go-to protection for your baby from the extreme cold. But this is not necessarily important to put on babies indoors. When his room temperature is right, you can ditch using it. Hats may risk overheating your baby, so be careful while using it.

A Swaddle Blanket

Newborn Christmas swaddle blanket idea

A swaddle is every newborn’s sanctuary and he needs it in the first couple of months of his life. There are nifty holiday swaddle blankets and hat sets that you can buy online to make it more festive.

Here’s a tip: Let your baby wear a bib with his outfit. It will save you from untimely changing from those unexpected spit-ups.

Shopping for Baby Outfits

Shopping for newborn Christmas outfit ideas

If there’s one thing that’s coming to term to every parent it’s probably how babies are so expensive. There’s no denying it – from the formula, diapers, clothing, and childcare- it can get overwhelmingly costly.

If you can cut on costs, we know you would. And if there’s one item you can cut out a chunk, it’s definitely on baby’s clothing. You can pretty much compromise on it, but never on other essentials. Here are some tactful ways to save when you’re shopping for newborn outfits.

Take advantage of sales

When Christmas season rolls around the corner, store sales pop up almost everywhere. The end-of-the season’s sales are the best budget savers. So we say, dig up on novelty items your baby can wear not just for the holiday. Coupons can also save you a few bucks if you know where to find them.

Buy online

Buying newborn baby Christmas outfits online

Online stores have a wide variety of product options that are usually cheaper than mall prices. Owe it to the cut in rent and utility that traditional stores are capitalizing at. Their ranges of product selections are great, with the added convenience of sifting through various stores. There are adorable finds at Etsy or Amazon where you can name your price and weigh your options.

Visit your local stores

You can find great kinds of stuff at local chain stores that may also offer huge deals for the holiday. There can be discounted buys that can take off half the price which is a good deal already. However, readymade baby clothes in these stores are common. So you should expect your baby outfit to be matching with the next kid on the block.

Buy baby clothes one size too big

Christmas newborn clothes

If you are on a tight budget, or just want to be practical, get your baby a bigger outfit. Buying something for a newborn will only be useful for quite a time. He will eventually outgrow those things before you know it. But if you could get him something he can wear for about three months more, wouldn’t it be great?

Buy gender neutral clothes

Newborn baby Christmas outfits

If you are planning to have another child – or even if you don’t just yet – get some gender neutral baby stuff. It will save you a lot with the hand-me-downs. Besides, baby clothes are adorable no matter the color. So go on with all the assortments of hue. Your little boy can wear pink, your baby girl can wear blue, and they will not care. The only thing that matters to them is their comfort.

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are also good places to hunt for baby essentials. Sometimes your friends cleaning their closets can also offer a good bargain. But for health reasons, it will be best to be wary of secondhand things. If you do choose to buy pre-loved baby clothes, take extra precautions in cleaning and sanitizing them.


Adorable little babies can already make your Christmas celebratory. There’s no need to spend so much on stuff he will only outgrow. When choosing your newborn’s Christmas attire, keep it simple, practical, and comfortable.

We will also take this time to remind you to keep the baby’s comfort and safety on top priority. Don’t bundle your kid too much unless he needs it.

We hope this season will bring more cheers as you watch your little one’s every milestone. And we have all that you want to ask here at 1Happy Kiddo. Have some questions? Drop it in the comment section below.

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