Cool Tech Toys For Kids

We live in a time of technology. Toys nowadays mimic our adult products we use. Phones, tablets, computers, etc. Kids also normally tend to lean to want what their parents have (especially phones and remotes, can I get an amen?!) so we normally have to keep our belongings far out of reach from little hands.

Kids are always asking for the cool new tech toys that are out in the market now. And they think they are the coolest thing ever. Whether it be for their birthday, or Christmas, or even other little holidays, it seems us parents are always searching to find the best, coolest, newest toys for our kids. They make tech toys for all ages, from 1 year old and up.

Finding the best can be a little hard and sometimes we just do not know which one to pick from. So, my goal was to compile a list of tech toys for all ages between 1-8. We will look at the pros and cons of each one and the features of them.

So if you are looking, this is a good place to start! Here we go!

Tech Toys for Ages 1-3:

Leapfrog My 1st Learning Tablet

This First Learning Tablet is just the right size for little hands! It will captivate your little ones for a long time with all of the bright colors and sounds. Your toddler can press the App buttons and the bottom icons, or even slide their fingers across the screen for a cool multi-color light show that is sure to get their attention. Leapfrog’s Tablet offers so many learning opportunities. Toddlers will learn their letters, numbers, shapes, times, and weather. They can even sing songs or create their own!


  • The screen is super sensitive and responds to baby’s touch very well.
  • The tablet is compact and durable.
  • Some complaints have been made stating the buttons stop working after a while or are temperamental.

Kidz Delight Tech Too, Trio Set

Babies always tend to want to grab and run off with our phones, remotes and keys, so why not give them their own? These will actually teach them things. The smart phone has 18 touch sensitive icons, lights and has it’s own sound and speech. The remote is multi-lingual! Now your baby can learn to count, even in Frecnch or Spanish. They keys have different sounds, phrases and tech colors.


  • The remote looks pretty realistic.
  • Some say the batteries come out pretty easily.
  • Exposes toddlers to new languages at an early age.

Best Learning Learning Cube – Educational Activity Center Block

This interactive learning cube has won multiple awards! Learning is possible from all 6 side. LED lights light up on the color side. Babies will learn the alphabet, numbers, animal sounds, musical instruments, colors and music! Learning Cube encourages creativity, imagination, motor function, and even logical thinking.


  • All of Best Learning’s products meet global toy safety standards and are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.
  • Toddlers will definitely be entertained for a while.
  • Some parents do wish the cube was a bit more durable.

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

Dimpl is a simple, yet engaging sensory toy. Toddlers can push, poke, pop, and grab these food grade silicone bubbles. Dimpl encourages fine motor skills, cause, and effect learning.


  • Does not take batteries!
  • Simple yet captivating.
  • Some say Dimpl falls apart easily.

Tech Toys for Ages 4-5:

Toysmith Tech Gear Multi-Voice Changer

What a fun toy! Even adults love this one. Kids get to experiment with the science of changing their voice with 10 different voice modifiers. Includes flashing lights and it amplifies your voice. A 9-volt battery is included.


  • Keeps the kids entertained.
  • You will hear a great amount of laughter because your kids will be having fun.
  • If you talk into it for a long time, it will eventually stop changing your voice.

Scoot Hands Free Mini Drone Helicopter

Sometimes younger kids have a hard time figuring out controls of remote control toys. This hands-free drone is such a great option for them! Coming in a ball, it prevents injury from the propellers. This drone uses high tech infrared motion sensors to detect obstacles in the way. You can even fly this one inside.


  • If you are not satisfied the company offers a full refund.
  • Fast charging. It charges in under an hour.
  • Fly times are not very long, we’re talking minutes.

VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

The Rock and Bop Music Player not only plays music, but it also has 10 musical games. Music ranges from Classical, Hip-Hop, to Rock. All of them are kid-friendly. Kids can also put the music player in remix mode and experiment with different sounds. Also includes kid safe headphones.


  • Can also play music without the headphones plugged in.
  • The foam covers on the headphones tend to come off easily.
  • Very nice quality.

CUKU Kids Hover Soccer Ball

This techy game gets your kids moving and active! This fun indoor game includes a light-up LED soccer “ball” and 2 portable goalposts. You can kick it just like a real ball, and it rebounds. This is such a great addition to family game nights. Your child and his/her friends will have so much fun playing this at sleepovers!


  • Made from premium toxic-free materials.
  • Get the whole family involved!
  • Goals are a bit flimsy, so you may want to be careful when kicking the ball hard.

Discovery Kids Teach And Talk Exploration Laptop

My kids are always trying to get on to my laptop and play on it. They have even begged me for their own. But this laptop would be the exception. A fully loaded laptop that comes with over 60 games, will definitely keep your child busy. If they are like mine they will probably pretend to be working!

This laptop includes spelling, math, music, geography, and even word puzzles. The laptop also comes with a functioning mouse. Just like a real computer!


  • This is a great resource for getting kids ready to go to school. They will learn stuff and be prepared for their first day.
  • The screen is pretty small, and it is not in color, which is a bummer.
  • The screen is also pretty pixelated which makes it hard to see some things.
  • It comes with a lot of games to keep them occupied, they can pretend to be like their mommy or daddy with this laptop!

Tech Toys for Ages 6-8:

Best Learning iPoster USA Interactive Map

This cool interactive map is a great way for kids to learn all kinds of facts about our country! Your child will learn over 570 facts about all 50 states. Some facts are even pretty advanced.

They will learn capitals of the state, fun facts, basic knowledge, and even about the state’s climate! This large map is a great resource for brushing up on your geography/ history facts and for homeschooling families.


  • Includes quiz mode so your kids can test themselves to see how much they have learned.
  • The surface is coated, so you could even get a dry erase marker and plan a trip, or write down what you want to remember.
  • The map is a little thin so it may be best to hang it up instead of laying it on the floor.

Really R.A.D. Remote Control Robot

Parents, remember being younger and thinking robots would be in the future? Well, they are! Really R.A.D. Robot has so many playing modes. Kids can do so much with this robot.

Playing modes include moving, programming, song, tongue twisters, and math mode. Hello, homework help! Kids get to get their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts in with this toy!

What’s better than playing AND learning?


  • You can program this robot to do the actions YOU want it to be able to do.
  • It charges pretty fast, within an hour or so.
  • The bad part is that it does not come with batteries for the controller.

Best Learning Connectrix Junior Memory Matching Game

If your family is competitive like mine, your kids will love this game. Play alone or grab some friends or family to challenge them. Whoever answers faster wins!

Children will answer over 570 questions from the alphabet, math, animals, the human body, and more. This memory game is a great way to work their brains and get some fun practice for facts after school.


  • Practices hand-eye coordination, remember you have to be fast!
  • This game does not have to be time. You can change the time limit from 20 seconds, 40 seconds, or just turn the timer off.
  • The bad part is you can not control the volume on this, so make sure you won’t need silence during the duration of the game.

Lego Make Your Own Movie Maker

If you have a future filmmaker on your hands, this is such a cool gift for them! They will gain inspiration and let their hard work entertain others or just themselves. Your kids can make 10 mini-movies with the step by step instructions.

It comes with a toy movie stage and 482 pieces of Legos. All that the need to get started making that brilliant film they have been dreaming of creating. There are so many opportunities to make some cool movies.


  • Lego Make Your Own Movie can be set up on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Let your junior film maker’s creativity shine, and enjoy watching them become so excited to show off their work.
  • This can be a little complicated, so parental assistance may be required.

A tablet

I know this seems a bit vague but, there are so many different tablets out there. And this may not even be considered a “toy” necessarily. But, there are a lot of things to do on them that can entertain your kids for a while.

Whether you get a more kid version of a tablet or just a regular one. You can download cool apps for them to check out. Musical ones, some about art, or just download them some games.

These are super great if you travel a lot and need something to occupy your child. Just make sure you monitor screen time and limit it to about an hour or two.


  • You do not have to put the internet on these, it is optional. My kids do not have internet capabilities unless I turn on Wi-Fi to get them an app.
  • You can turn on Parental Controls and monitor what they are doing without even looking at their tablets, you can see their stuff on your own device.
  • They are easy to break. Believe me when I say that. Kids are rough and tumble kind of people. I suggest investing in a very nice sturdy case and screen protector for them (I know because we are on tablet number 2 for both of my boys).
  • You can give them headphones for them! Which is so great for when you get tired of hearing an annoying game they may be playing.

My final thoughts

There are so many options for the hottest tech toys out there. All kinds of websites carry them.,,, even Khols carries tech toys!

Remember to look at reviews before you buy a product, but keep in mind not everyone is going to like the same things you may like.

A lot of the toy options out there come with warranties, but not all of them, so that would be a good thing to consider. Especially if there are reports of a toy being maybe not as durable as it should be or if it seems it could be flimsy. Consider also leaving reviews on the toys to help others out!

I hope you find the toys that will make your children happy! I encourage all parents to play along with their kids to enjoy quality time with them. Make a family game night and challenge each other. Make it fun and add prizes everyone can win.

Soak in the laughter and smiles. Technology can be such a cool thing and even bring the family together. I hope you enjoy every bit of it.

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