Gripe Water And Zantac: Can They Treat Tummy Problems?

It happens now and then: your sweet and charming baby suddenly becomes fussy and colicky. You think that it is gas and begin to get anxious. Then early the next day, you are already in your pediatrician’s clinic.

Indeed, those tiny tummies give parents the biggest worries most of the time. But through it all, you will find the miraculous benefit of gripe water and Zantac. Is it safe and doctor recommended?

Gripe water is a liquid relief formula for treating flatulence, indigestion, and colic. It does not have a standardized content, but it mostly contains herbs and sodium bicarbonate. The herb content varies depending on the formulation. It may include ginger, fennel, or chamomile, among others. The Zantac Oral (generic name Ranitidine), on the other hand, is both an over-the-counter and prescription medicine. It is used for treating stomach acid, heartburn, and other stomach discomforts.

According to pharmacist Dr. Brian Staiger, gripe water and Zantac are safe. It does not have any known drug interactions. However, you still need to consult your doctor for the correct dosage.

Tummy problem in babies

A mom is massaging her crying baby, who is having stomach pain.

One thing that you should prepare about parenting is nursing through flu and tummy problems. They are all part of the baby’s growing up years. Everything about them is still immature and developing. That’s why they are prone to some inconveniences before they can fully establish their bodily functions.

Newborn infants have an immature digestive tract that makes them prone to episodes of gas and flatulence. Swallowing air, indigestion, and even excessive crying are the common culprits. When your little one starts on solid foods, stomach problems are also prevalent.

The common gastrointestinal problems that your newborn may experience include:

Burping and proper latching of the baby during feeding can ward off gas problems. Giving him tummy time will also help relieve your baby’s distress. Pediatricians even recommend at least 30 minutes of tummy time every day for this benefit and more.

Some moms may also trust natural treatments like cumin tea. The combination of gripe water and Zantac is also a go-to tummy pain relief for most moms.

What is gripe water?

Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water Night Time Double Pack, Relieves Occasional Stomach Discomfort From Gas, Colic &re Hiccups, Gentle and Safe, Made for Infants Age 1 Month+, 2 pack (Total 8 Fl Oz)

Gripe water is an OTC medicine that contains sodium bicarbonate in combination with other stomachic herbs. Stomachic herbs are those that tones, strengthen, and promote proper stomach functioning.

It may include ginger, lemon balm, peppermint, fennel, chamomile, or dill. Gripe water is most effective in treating colic, but some parents also swear in its efficacy for teething pain.

Gripe water goes with different brands and different formulations. One of the most popular is the Mommy Bliss Gripe Water. Before using any, you should check the label and make sure that it does not contain alcohol or artificial sweeteners.

One of gripe water’s potential side effects is allergy. So, you still need to get your doctor’s approval before use.

However, since gripe water is not standardized, you may expect your doctor to prescribe simethicone or gas drop instead. Yet you can still discuss with him if you want to use gripe water for your little one.

What is Zantac?

Zantac or Ranitidine is a drug for the treatment of stomach acid and heartburn in babies. You can purchase it over-the-counter or as prescribed by your doctor. The OTC Zantac is applicable only for children 12 years old and above.

For your newborn infant and toddlers, you will need your doctor’s prescription. The Zantac dosage also depends on your baby’s body weight.

Ranitidine works by decreasing the amount of acid in the baby’s stomach. Aside from treating stomach pain and heartburn, it can also relieve cough and difficulty in swallowing. It is considered a safe treatment for GERD.

When using Zantac, you should also expect some side effects like changes in your baby’s sleeping and eating habits.


Gripe water and Zantac do not pose any drug interactions at all. Thus, it is safe when administered simultaneously. However, to be always sure of your baby’s safety, your doctor should have the final say.

It’s not wrong to ask for advice as some doctors may even recommend these products. But you still need the correct dosage for it to be safe and effective for treating your baby’s tummy problems.

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