How Many Washcloths Do I Need For My Baby?

What are washcloths used for? How many do I need? Are washcloths necessary for a baby? Let’s find that out and other important details that you need to know in choosing and using washcloths.

For me, I personally love washcloths, they’re just so handy and versatile. You could use them during bath time or as an alternative to baby wipes. When your baby starts teething, the washcloths can also be chilled and used to soothe their gums! If it doesn’t seem like a necessity, I don’t know what is.

If you ask moms out there who used washcloths, you will be getting different responses simply because it will depend on how you will use it for your little one. You can use it for bath time, to wipe their pee/poop during diaper changes, use it in mealtime to wipe food and drinks from their face, or simply use it to wipe dirt in their faces throughout the day. There are other more practical factors like how often are you doing laundry, and how much are you using daily?

Having 10-12 pieces of washcloths is a good recommendation. You can use them all by all means, but you can also keep a few just so if one breaks (due to over washing or overusing over time), you always have some extra pieces handy. And after your babies are all grown up, you can also use these washcloths for cleaning around the house and other purposes.

Choosing the right washcloth fabric

A mom is using a soft baby washcloth to wipe drool from her infant boy's face.

Now here comes the most important part of buying washcloths. Since our baby’s skin is extra sensitive and delicate, you have to make sure that the fabric used for the washcloth is not going to be rough and harmful. You also have to consider how the fabric will catch dirt and how easily it could be washed.

Washcloths that are available in the market can be made up of different fabrics, most of them are great for a baby’s delicate skin, here are the most common that you might want to check.

  • Cotton – We all know that cotton is the go-to fabric for comfort and that this is a favorite not only for babies but for everyone, especially those who prefer to wear breathable clothes. Most of the washcloths are made with cotton, but there are different kinds of cotton out there. Make sure to feel the washcloth and assess for yourself how it feels on your skin.
  • Bamboo – Organic, as some call it, for recent years bamboo has also been a constant choice for its durability, comfort, and for being eco friendly. It also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties which are great for babies with extra sensitive skin.
  • Muslin – This fabric is also made of cotton but some forms can also incorporate silk and viscose. It is different from pure cotton because it has a much looser, more open weave. It is most commonly used for prefolds.
  • Combination – A little bit of both or a little bit of everything depending on your needs. If your priority is comfort you could get a combination of cotton and knit terry cloth, look for bamboo with cotton if your baby has extra sensitive skin. There are so many available options now on the market which will meet your needs depending on what you want to prioritize.

Best Baby Washcloth

Besides the comfort of our babies, there are other factors to consider in buying washcloths, some of which are the price, durability, how it absorbs liquid and/or stains, and many others. We have gathered the top washcloth brands available on Amazon to help you decide what best suits you and your baby.

Bamboo Baby Washcloths - 2 Layer Soft Absorbent Bamboo Towel - Newborn Bath Face Towel - Natural Baby Wipes for Delicate Skin - Baby Registry as Shower(6 Pack)

Kyapoo Baby Washcloths 12 Pack 12x12 Inches Microfiber Coral Fleece Extra Absorbent and Soft for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers

Burt's Bees Baby - Washcloths, Absorbent Knit Terry, Super Soft 100% Organic Cotton (Heather Grey, 6-Pack)

  • Gerber Washcloth – Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it claims to be luxurious and safe on your baby’s delicate skin, it’s also highly absorbent which is great for a multi-purpose washcloth. “Each one features stitched edges to prevent fraying, so whether you use it as a face towel, reusable baby wipe, or in the bath, it’s bound to stand the test of time.”

Gerber Baby 10-Pack Washcloths, Teddy Bear Collection (Oatmeal/Ivory), One Size

MUKIN Baby Muslin Washcloths – Natural Muslin Cotton Baby Wipes – Soft Newborn Baby Face Towel and Muslin Washcloth for Sensitive Skin. Made from 100% muslin cotton, which claims no formaldehyde, no decolorizer, no heavy metal, no cancer-causing aromatic amines forbidden by the government, and no illegal residue. Hypo-allergenic and is great for easy makeup removal too, so when your babies are all grown up you can continue using them.

MUKIN Baby Muslin Washcloths - Natural Muslin Cotton Baby Wipes - Soft Newborn Baby Face Towel and Muslin Washcloth for Sensitive Skin- Baby Registry as Shower Gift, 5 Pack 12x12 inches

What’s the best way to clean washcloths?

Most of the washcloths available in the market are safe for machine wash but make sure to set it on delicate wash just like all of your little ones’ tiny cloths, we just don’t want to shred them to pieces!

Hand washing is also advised for extra care of these cloths. Wash them once or twice a week and make sure to dry them properly because as much as it helps you clean your baby, it is also a breeding ground for germs if not properly washed or dried.


So, if you feel like you will only need a handful (4-6 washcloths), that’s totally fine but be prepared to wash them more often because the chances are, you will use at least 1 washcloth a day since it can be used in many different ways. Stacking up washcloths, on the other hand, might feel like they will go to waste after your baby grows up but if you take good care of these items, you could still use them as reusable makeup wipes, hand towels, or kitchen rags!

I hope this article gave you a new idea for washcloths and helped you decide how much and which one to get for your baby. The key is to know what aspect is your top priority, may it be the size, the fabric, the price, the colors, whichever you choose, make sure that it suits your baby’s needs.

Feel free to let us know your personal washcloth stories in the comment section, how you used them for your little ones, tips, and tricks in washing and drying that might also help other moms out there!

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