How To Clean Pacifier Clip The Right Way

Pacifiers are the most elusive product that our babies own because they can vanish into thin air without a trace. The never-ending and exhausting feat of finding them made me look for a pacifier clip, and it made my life much easier. Now I did not have to look for the lost pacifier and wash it a hundred times, whenever my baby dropped it, sigh. But I still had to make sure that the clip was sanitized thoroughly in case my baby tried to put it in his mouth. I have had a variety of clips at home and had to be very careful about cleaning them. Given the knowledge and experience I have gained so far, I have decided to write them all down in one post. So, you won’t have to go through the trouble and hours of research as I did. Happy cleaning mommies!

A pacifier clip doesn’t only save us the trouble of searching for our baby’s pacifier but also keeps it clean for use. Clips are the easiest to use, as they can be attached to any of your baby’s clothes. Pacifier clips ensure that the pacifier stays with your baby and within his reach anytime he needs it. Pacifier clips can be made of wood, silicone, cotton, and leather and may require a different approach to clean them. Different material requires different cleaning techniques, but none of them is harder to wash. With the right technique and materials, you will be able to wash them in no time. The American Academy of Pediatricians suggests that the length of the pacifier clips should be no longer than 7 inches, or it could strangle your baby, moreover, leaving pacifier clip on during the night is also prohibited for the same reason.

How to clean wood, cotton, and silicon pacifier clips

You don’t have to be an expert to wash pacifier clips, follow these simple steps below and you’ll be able to wash them in no time without causing any damage.

  • Silicon, cotton, and wooden pacifier clips can be hand washed or cleaned for spots, with the help of warm and soft soapy water.
  • Make sure to look for any damage to the clip, while washing.
  • Absorb the remaining water using a towel and wipe any excess water off the metal clip to avoid rust.
  • Place the cleaned clip on the towel to air dry completely.
  • Do not leave the clips in water to clean, as it can damage the clips.
  • Never think of washing the clip in the dishwasher, dryer, or microwave for cleaning purposes.

How to clean leather clips

Leather clips, unlike other types of clips, can’t be washed, or they may get damaged. Follow these steps to quickly clean your leather clips:

  • Take a damp cloth or baby wipe, and clean the leather clip thoroughly.
  • If your baby spills or spits up on the clip, then make sure to wash it right away.
  • Leather clips can be run under cold water to wash off spills and spit ups.
  • After cleaning, wipe off with a dry towel and leave the clip open to air dry.

Ways to soften a leather clip

Sometimes leather clips can get hardened with time, but that doesn’t mean you need to replace it, as they can be softened with a little trick.

The trick is to use a little bit of coconut oil to soften your leather Clip if it gets stiff or dry. To do so, just add the coconut oil with your fingertips or cloth onto the strip on both sides, let it air dry, and clean off any excess oil from the leather.

Coconut oil may also be added to wooden clips to prolong the lifespan of the clip. Also, the wooden beads would not retain coloration from dark clothes, if applied upon.

Are pacifier clips safe to sleep with?

Are pacifier clips safe to sleep with?

I know that you would want to leave the pacifier clip on your baby so that they can put the pacifier back into their mouths in the middle of the night, but keep in mind that it is not safe at all.

Pacifier clips are not safe to sleep with, pacifiers, on the other hand, are safe to sleep with so you can leave them be without the clip-on. The pacifier clips can get caught around the neck of your baby and make it harder for them to breathe. This can lead to a bigger mishap than you could imagine.

Why you shouldn’t use anything but a pacifier clip for your little one

No doubt that you and your baby want the pacifier to always be close to them. Some parents instead of using a pacifier clip, use a piece of clothing or tie a long ribbon around their neck, to keep the pacifier clean and close to the baby. This is highly dangerous as it could strangle your baby.

A pacifier clip is the safest option to keep the pacifier within the reach of your baby, but only if the tether is 7 inches long.

Some more tips for your baby’s safety and health

Pacifier clip safety tips

Keep the following in mind while using pacifier clips to prevent any mishaps:

  • Check carefully for any damage before each use. Throw away the clip if the clip could cause harm to your baby.
  • Avoid stretching the holder of the pacifier.
  • Do not tie any strings, bands, or clothing pieces to the clip. It can strangle the baby.
  • A pacifier clip is not recommended while the baby rests, or sleeps in the bed, crib, or cot.
  • Please check that all ends of the clip are attached and secured if you are going to leave your baby unattended for some time.
  • Never use the pacifier clip as a teether or toy for your baby.
  • Make sure that you only attach the pacifier clip to the garment your baby is wearing and not something else.
  • Always store and clean the clip fastener opened, to keep the strength of the spring. Storing in a closed position will make the spring lose its strength.
  • Make sure to wash the pacifier clip on daily basis with warm water and a mild cleaning agent.
  • Always rinse thoroughly with hot water, to clean the pacifier clip. In no case, should you boil, steam or microwave sterilize the pacifier clip.
  • Avoid using solvents or abrasive cleaning agents in the market for they could damage the clip.

Take away

Pacifier clips are a great way to hold onto your baby’s pacifier for you. It also keeps the pacifier clean, germ-free, and close by for your baby.

Cleaning the pacifier clip is also essential for your baby’s health because your baby might try to put it in his mouth. But make sure that you clean it with warm water and mild cleaning agents instead of boiling water and harsh solvents.

I hope this article will be useful in solving your problem. Let me know your opinion on this article below, and feel free to ask any questions.  

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