How To Get a Toddler To Take Medicine – 5 Tips & 1 You Never Thought About

If you struggle with getting your toddler to take medicine, then take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. There are lots of parents who struggle to get their children to take medicine.

First, there comes to cry. Then, there comes the screaming, finally, there is the issue with kids is spitting it right out of their mouth all over your shirt and pants. This might seem like a hopeless cause.

In reality, there are a number of tips that parents can follow to get their toddlers to take medicine. If you are wondering how to get your toddler to take medicine, then take a look at some of our helpful tips below!

There’s one amazing tip I bet you never knew about, keep reading to find out.

The Delivery Method Matters

Toddler taking medicine happily with a syringe

Sometimes, it isn’t necessarily the medicine that is scaring the toddler. It is a delivery method. If you place the medicine in a giant metal spoon, this is going to scare your toddler. Instead, try a different delivery. For example, many medications come with a delivery dropper.

Many kids have not seen a medicine dropper before. Therefore, they are going to be naturally curious. Think about placing the medicine in a medicine dropper. 

Of note, some medicine droppers look like syringes. You can always ask the pharmacist for a plastic syringe that doesn’t have a needle. That way, you can deliver the medicine to your child without scaring him or her. 

Hide the Medicine

Toddler drinking juice with medicine masked in it

Of course, one of the classic tricks to try to hide the medicine. Importantly, some medicines can be mixed with other liquids, such as juice or milk, while others cannot.

For example, amoxicillin can be mixed with milk or juice, but not other liquids. Furthermore, many antibiotics can be mixed into applesauce.

Before you try to hide the medicine in something else, make sure that the doctor says it is okay. If you get the thumbs-up from the doctor, and you can try mixing medicine into a small amount of fruit juice, ice cream, or applesauce.

Remember that if you mix the medicine into something else, your toddler has to eat or drink the entire thing. There is no stopping early. 

Aim the Medicine Carefully

In many cases, what is going to scare your toddler has the taste of medicine. Therefore, you need to aim the medicine carefully. If you are using the syringe trick from above, and make sure to aim at the back of the tongue.

Most of the tongue taste buds are concentrated at the front and center of a ton. Therefore, dropping it between the rear gum and the inside of your toddler’s cheek will allow it to glide down the throat without making contact with many of the taste buds.

Even though this requires a bit of skill, and possibly an extra set of hands, this will turn you into an expert marksman. 

Ask the Pharmacist for a Flavorful Twist

Many kids like the taste of amoxicillin because it tastes like bubblegum. On the other hand, there are plenty of other medications that simply do not have this taste. The good news is that you can ask your pharmacist for help.

Many parents don’t realize that the pharmacist can actually mix medications with other liquids to make them taste better. 

For example, some of the most popular flavors that pharmacists might be asked to cook up include tangerine and root beer flavor. These are all FDA-approved and have been medically designed to combat the rough taste and smell in certain liquid medications. Adding a new flavor could be the answer to your problems.

When in Doubt, Try Bargaining

Tips to help give medicine to your toddler

Finally, the last resort of most appearances bribery. There is no shame in this as long as you pick the prize carefully. The reality is that, even with toddlers, a little bit of bribery can go a long way.

Try promising your toddler a small but special prize in exchange for taking his or her medicine. Of course, make sure you deliver on this as well. Otherwise, this trick will not work the next time.

Parents should try to avoid using this trick every time. If you do, you are simply teaching your child that he or she can get whatever he or she wants by putting up a fight until you cave. Pick the time and the prize carefully. 

Get Your Toddler To Take Medicine

These are a few of the helpful tips that you can follow to get your toddler to take medicine. If your child is sick, then you know that he or she needs to take his or her medicine to get better.

Therefore, it is important for you to channel creativity and patience, using everything from deception to bargaining and negotiation to get your toddler to take medicine.

If you get frustrated, remember that you are not alone. Where there is a will, there is a way. In this manner, you can rest easy knowing that your kid has been placed in a position to recover successfully. 

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