How To Keep Diaper On Your Toddler?

This topic tops “the most annoying things done by your toddler” list. The after-effects of leaving your toddler diaper-less can be disastrous, as I have witnessed several times. No doubt they are little geniuses that keep finding clever little ways to keep you at your wit’s end. But the conundrum remains, how you and I can avoid this disaster from happening in the first place. Do not stress my love, I have finally found, and wrote all the tips and tricks down, which can help us both get rid of this headache once and for all.

Your toddler learning to explore his surroundings, clothes and potty training is also learning a new technique to annoy you, and that is: taking their diaper off. Toddlers do not take their diaper off just for fun, they might but not necessarily. So, a sincere and genuine recommendation would be to find the root cause of the behavior itself. There are several reasons for your toddler to take his diaper off and subsequently many ways to stop that as well. Your toddler might be uncomfortable in his diaper, or the brand you are using is not easy to keep on for your toddler. So try to find what the real reason is instead of fretting and frowning. The best ways to control this overly whelming behavior is, to use duct tape and make it harder for your toddler to take it off, use cloth diapers that are hard to remove, change the sides of the diaper as the diaper tapes will be out of reach of your toddler, and by using clothes that are harder to remove overall. Some toddlers are just more curious and love to explore by taking their diapers and socks off. This behavior is normal and needs your attention and patience to deal with, just like potty training. Scolding your toddler or punishing them for their creative exploring minds, will not help the situation. So, be enduring and try dealing with this annoying habit of your little one more calmly. Do not worry, this situation is not helpless and there are several ways to address this situation, which do not involve any scolding and shouting.

Ways to make your toddler embrace the diaper

Ways to make your toddler embrace the diaper

Use barriers along with the diaper

Most of the diapers available in the market tend to get off easily. The tabs on them are easy to pull off for both you and your toddler, which is why you are dealing with this difficult situation. To avoid your little explorer from taking off the diaper is to use duct tape, for it is harder to remove and needs quite effort to remove. But keep a few things in mind like:

  • Do not let the duct tape touch your toddler’s skin, because it can be quite painful for them
  • Cover the diaper tabs completely with the tape

Use cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are much safer if you are having this issue, as they are not as easy to remove as diaper tabs. They come with snaps and clips instead of tabs and also have a separate cover. If your toddler is used to taking the tabs off then this could be a life-changing replacement for you, as your little toddler won’t be familiar with using snaps and clips.

You might feel reluctant about using a cloth diaper on a disposable diaper because they are relatively expensive. But they will prove to be more valuable and less expensive in the long run, for they do not need to be replaced like disposable ones.

Change the side of the diaper

One simple trick to stop this hassle is to change the side of the diaper. The tabs on every diaper are usually in front, which means that they are pretty approachable to your toddler.

By changing the side of the diaper you are making it hard for him to reach the tabs and pull them off. This trick is super simple and very helpful in this situation.

Hard to remove clothes

Another way to keep your toddler’s hands off the diaper is by dressing them in clothes that are hard to take off. You can either use clothes that are hard to take off or modify the clothes you have by changing the side of the cloth just like the diaper.

This way the zipper will be at back and inaccessible to them. But make sure that you cut the feet off of the pajamas with feet.

Dress your toddler in overalls

Overalls are the best solution to your toddler’s annoying habit. Overalls have buttons and buckles that are not easy to be removed by your Houdini.

But you have to make sure that you do not tighten the straps over the shoulder, to restrict the motion but are snug enough to make them harder to open.

Use an extra diaper for distraction

Use an extra diaper for distraction

Your child might be taking his diaper off as a fun hobby, especially at night. If you doubt that this is the case then you can avoid mishaps by using another diaper on top of the original one. Just put the extra diaper on like you normally do.

You can also control this habit by putting a diaper on your child’s favorite toy cartoon character. This will make him fulfill the urge of taking the diaper off on the toy, instead of fiddling with his own.

Teach them to dress themselves back up

Another best way to keep your toddler from stripping himself is to teach him how to dress back up. Most of the toddlers around 2-3 years like to undress because it’s relatively easy and a new fun hobby for them. You can teach them how to dress themselves back up, to make them able to dress up at night as well when you are not around.

Addressing the behavior of your toddler

Addressing toddler diaper behavior

Do not react every time your toddler takes his diaper off

I know it’s easier said than done, but trust me scolding them or showing them how embarrassed you are by their action, is going to make them repeat this. They crave your reaction and attention and would do anything to get it. So, keep your face plain and do not react at all, they will stop doing it themselves after repeated failures.

Sometimes your toddler might take his clothes off in public, it’s all right. Just stay calm and take them to the restroom to dress them up again. Also, explain to them, to only do it at home and not out in front of others.

Teach them a phrase to say when they need changing

Some toddlers have no idea of how to tell you when they need their wet diapers to be replaced. If you teach them a phrase to say in such cases, it will help you both out in those times. For instance, teach them to say “wet” before they take their clothes or bottoms off. This will teach them to seek your help or attention before taking an action on their own.

Pay attention to the signs of potty training

Sometimes taking diapers off can mean that your child is ready for potty training. They will start to dislike wet and dirty diapers, which is why they are taking them off. When your toddler is ready for potty training you will also notice some other signs, like crouching in the corner, hiding behind the curtain, or taking interest in the potty instead of diapers.

Teach your toddler public manners

Your toddler might try to touch his private parts after taking off the diaper, which is fine. In this case, you will need to teach him to touch or play with his private parts when he is alone. Make them learn public manners, to avoid embarrassment.

Some other helpful tips on minimizing discomfort of your toddler

  • Your toddler might need a bigger diaper than the present one, which is fine as long as it’s catching the urine and feces. They also have a more absorbing capacity so, feel free to switch to a bigger one.
  • Choose a diaper that is more absorbent as compared to normal ones. This will lessen the wet sensation for your kid and keep him from taking it off.
  • Keep changing the diaper often as your child might be taking his diaper off due to wetness. Changing diapers before bed will also keep him from taking his diaper off at night.
  • The diaper might be itchy or too loose for your kid. Try changing the brand and size of the diaper if your toddler keeps showing discomfort or shows unhappiness during changing. They might also change the way they walk if they are uncomfortable with the diaper.

Take away

Your toddler is craving to explore his clothes, surroundings, and bodies, so he might be taking his diaper off for fun. But it can be something else like the diaper could be itchy, loose, or wet. Either way, you have to make sure to respond calmly, and smartly.

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