How To Keep Your Kids Active During COVID-19

The situation of Covid-19 has made our lives work differently, the way we used to have fun, communicate, and even greet each other has had a big change for security measures.

In the case of adults, it’s a little easier for us to adapt because we fully understand the situation but with children, it is a little more difficult.

Therefore, it is important that we devise a kid’s activities plan during COVID-19 where they can have fun, learn, and use time in a positive way.

The most important thing is that you talk to your child about the situation so he’ll understand that he can have fun but in a slightly different way, of course, always remind him that this is temporary.

Here are some ideas to make them implement and this time fun for them.

Outdoor activities for kids during COVID-19

Outdoor activities for kids during COVID-19

Although the pandemic has led us to stay in our homes, there are times when we can leave home as long as we take each of the preventive measures that have been implemented.

This way, kids may be away from home at certain times of the day, we leave you some ideas so they can have fun and get some air.

  1. Create a treasure hunt that includes activities such as painting, counting, dancing so they can get the clues, and uses to your advantage everything that surrounds them with nature. If you have time, create a map and motivate them.
  2. If you have a bike, skates, or any toy of this type it’s time to use them, it’s important to keep your body moving and this is a fun way. It is important that you always maintain the right distance to protect yourself.
  3. Carry with you leaves, cray pencils, paints and motivate them to paint what they see, this will allow them to develop their skills and observe the beauty of everything around them. You can save drawings and
    create a portfolio so they can always see and remember.
  4. Playing games with a ball is an option that you can’t rule out, it’s also ideal because in these games there is always a distance.
  5. Encourage them to appreciate nature, you can achieve this through the creation of a garden in your home, start by planting small plants like flowers or even some that bear fruit for the home like tomatoes so that they can water and see their growth over time. In this way, you will develop sensitivity to the environment.

New educational toys to get on Amazon during COVID-19

Educational toys to get on Amazon during COVID-19

During this time of the pandemic, we must plan many kids’ activities during COVID-19, so we will manage to prevent them from using only electronic devices trying games that will not bring any teaching.

Ideally, you’ll encourage him to try toys that will help his development and
increase his knowledge, here’s a list of educational toys ideal for all ages that you can get on Amazon.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell:

In this game the child must assemble with each of the letters the word
shown on the card, to make it more fun you can involve a timer so that it does it quickly.

Help your child develop observation, memory skills, and spell words.

Spanish (Flash Kids Flash Cards):

It’s an amazing time for them to start developing a new language like
Spanish, with this toy the child will learn to use words from an everyday conversation, colors, numbers, shapes and household objects.

It has 88 cards for complete learning.

Skillmatics Educational Game: Preschool Champion (3-6 Years) | Erasable and Reusable:

It includes six erasable mats where you can perform attractive activities where you will develop your skills, improve your reading, focus, observation and attention.

It features the alphabet, numbers, animals, colors, figures, and more.

First Builders Big Building Bag:

The child will develop their patience and creativity with this amazing
toy, you can create tall buildings or any shape you want.

It includes 80 blocks so you can create amazing things, this one is ideal for younger kids.

Banana Panda – Suuuper Size Memory Game:

It is a game for the little ones, it has easy illustrations so you can identify them without great difficulty.

They will be able to improve their memory, concentration, and learn more about animals.

Online resources to help teach your kids while you’re working at home

Online resources to help teach your kids while you're working at home

If you’re one of those who had to work from home, you’re sure to want to choose kids’ activities during covid19 so the child can have fun and stay busy during this time.

It’s important to make it clear that we’re not on vacation so we have to keep learning things, so you can try using resources that not only have fun but leave you with any kind of learning.

Here are a series of online resources that will help them develop in important areas of their education.


It is a great source of tablet applications, it is associated with the free courses of Khan Academy.

It features maps, puzzles and music-inspired lessons, so it’s aimed at younger preschoolers, it’s a great way to keep them entertained.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool:

It’s an ideal platform for older kids to develop a new language, it’s available
in more than 25 languages so you can learn the one that catches your eye the most.

You can start at the level you want, this will improve your fluency using spoken and written photos and words.

The Audubon Society:

It is a non-profit organization that presents material related to birds, includes observation guides, projects to learn how to draw birds, also guides to make crafts.

Club SciKidz:

They usually do science camps, but due to the situation, their blog was prepared for children to learn from home.

They offer daily activities related to science, focus on experiments related to
chemistry, physics, astronomy, and other sciences. It is ideal for all ages as it has different levels.

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