How To Tell Grandparents Not To Kiss The Newborn Baby?

Well, mama, you had to do it someday, and now is your time to tell your baby’s grandparents or your relatives politely to stop kissing the baby.

Of course, the grandparents want to kiss the baby. I mean, who doesn’t want to bite that cute little chubby cheeks? But nevertheless, I think no one should kiss the baby. You need to be firm with your parents and your in-laws about certain limitations they’ll have to follow when it comes to your newborn.

A newborn baby’s immune system is very weak and is still developing and adult humans carry a lot of germs and bacteria and though they don’t affect us much, for a newborn, those germs can make the baby pretty sick.

Parents/grandparents/relatives might not know they are the carrier of germs, and the newborn hasn’t even been vaccinated for so many diseases. So, it’s best to ask anyone who will hold the baby not to kiss the baby’s face.

In the times we are living right now, I’d say, let alone babies but grandparents or parents shouldn’t even kiss toddlers or children. The pandemic is a living example of the precautions and safety we need to follow to ensure that we and our children are not affected by this deadly virus.

There can be times that grandparents might shrug off the current pandemic saying that a mere kiss will not make the baby sick, but no, a mere kiss can transfer so many unknown germs and viruses that we don’t even realize that we’re carrying it.

Sure, it can be touchy and a sensitive topic to tell the baby’s grandparents to avoid kissing the baby, because after all it comes from a place of love and adoration, and experience of raising their own children, but you need to stand firm and tell them that kissing is off-limits while showing them the potential risks.

Ways to tell the grandparents to not kiss the baby

Grandma is interacting with her newborn grandson, and mom has asked that she not kiss the baby.

Ask politely

Have a conversation with them with your partner but without letting them feel that they’re cornered. Don’t let the conversation be very serious and frighten them. Ease into the conversation by showing them facts and the potential risks of the baby being exposed to such germs.

Make them understand that it’s what best for the baby, and it’ll be only a matter of time. Tell them that they can be with the baby as long as they want but kissing the baby on the face is a huge risk for the baby.

Also, because a newborn’s skin is super soft and sensitive, grandpa with a beard or stubbles should understand that it might be painful for the little one.

Grandpa is kissing his grandson, something mom has asked him not to do. The stubble on his beard can hurt the newborn's sensitive skin.

Have this conversation before the baby is born

If you’re pregnant and will soon deliver, then it’s high time that you have this conversation with your parents or in-laws even before the baby is born, but be calm and polite, for they shouldn’t feel as if you’re trying to keep them away from the baby.

And this is the best way because this will give them enough time before the baby is born so that they can themselves read information and facts about the risks on the internet.

Be firm in your decision

For such a sensitive and important issue, it’s necessary that you don’t back down from your argument or let them talk you out of it while telling you their experience and stories from good ol’ days.

Be firm when it comes to your baby but again don’t come off rude. Let them see that it’s a united decision from you and your partner and it’s for the best.

Blame it on the doctor

If you think the conversation is going nowhere or they won’t understand your argument or even the facts, then the best thing to do is to blame the doctor. Tell them that keeping in mind the baby’s immune system, the doctor has asked everyone not to kiss or touch the baby’s face.

So, mamas, take care of yourself and your family. These small steps become really important in taking care of your family during this pandemic.

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