I Lost The Scoop For Baby Formula (How To Measure The Correct Weight & Volume)

Every brand of baby formula uses a slightly different measurement. Still, generally, most scoops of the procedure are about 3.5 teaspoons which can also be measured as a rounded tablespoon or 3 grams of formula per serving for a 2-ounce bottle. But, if you have a kitchen scale and the formula can, the safest and most reliable option is to weigh the formula if you don’t have a scoop. The U.S Food and Drug Administration sets the minimum and maximum amounts of many of the ingredients in infant formula, and this is why you must mix formula properly.

Losing the scoop from your formula happens more often than you know, and when you make up bottles every day, it can be frustrating. 

According to Dr. Winkelmann, the biggest risk of feeding your baby incorrectly mixed formula is that they could develop salt and other electrolyte imbalance in their bodies which can be dangerous. 

While a one-time mistake isn’t likely to cause any major problems, feeding incorrectly mixed formula to your growing infant for a few days or weeks can cause them some serious health issues.

So what happens when you make a bottle, and the scoop has decided to go on vacation, and you need to know how much a scoop of the formula is?

Measuring baby formula without a scoop

As a general rule, you will find that most brands have included some of the measurement information either on the can itself or on the manufacturer’s website that can guide you once your scoop has gone missing.

But a weighing scale is the most reliable way to measure your baby formula.

1. Using a kitchen scale

If you have lost your scoop, using a weighing scale is the most reliable way to measure your formula. 

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Most households have a kitchen scale, and the formula manufacturers have provided the correct portion size for your baby down to a tenth of a gram on the formula tin.

Using a kitchen scale to be as precise as possible, you can be sure that your little one is receiving the perfect nutrition to grow and thrive.

Using other methods should be done as a one-off measure. Still, it should not be a long-term solution as the measurement variations can have serious health repercussions, especially if you’re under portioning. 

2. Using a measuring spoon

Once your baby formula scoop has gone missing, in desperation, you may begin to go through your kitchen to find something of a similar size; a measuring spoon.

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It might look like it is a similar size to your lost scoop, but the reality is that it isn’t.

If you use it, you’ll end up with varying portions of bottles, which will not be great for your baby’s health.

Suppose your measuring spoon is bigger than the formula scoop by only a tenth of a gram by the end of the day.

In that case, your baby shall have received extra grams of formula loaded with more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins than recommended.

For these reasons, using a kitchen measuring spoon instead of a lost formula scoop is not recommended.

It is also ill-advised to use another kitchen measurement other than the kitchen weighing scale to replace your baby formula scoop.

Results of using the wrong amount of formula

A newborn baby is drinking formula milk from a bottle

No matter the brand or type, every can of formula will come with its scoop. This scoop will consistently provide the formula’s correct portion size for your baby.

This correct portioning is vitally important for your developing child as each portion contains the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to feed your baby and keep them hydrated when mixed with the correct ounces of water.

Using more or less formula than is required will not adversely affect your baby’s health if it happens once or twice.

But if this wrong positioning happens over an extended period, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies and developmental challenges. In extreme cases, it could lead to stroke, seizures, or death. 

It is similar to you eating an extra 440 calories. There is no real problem as a one-off treat, but if you consistently do it daily, the results will soon be visible on your waistline.


How much water should I add to a scoop of formula?

Most manufacturers follow the same formula; For every two ounces of water, use one level scoop of powder. 

Immediately after adding the powder to the ounces of water, shake vigorously. It is best to make one bottle at a time or make a full day’s worth and store it in the refrigerator.

How will I know when the baby is full?

When your baby is full, she will appear to be at ease, calm, and possibly asleep. She will have open palms and floppy arms as well as a loose body, hiccups, or be attentive and content.

Are all formula scoops of the same size?

No, they can not be interchanged, even within the same brand. The size of two scoops might appear to be the same, but they can defer by as little as one-tenth of a gram.

It may not seem like much, and you might think such a small amount won’t cause any harm. However, the difference becomes significant if you consider how many scoops your little one consumes daily.

Take away

The truth is that losing the scoop from your baby formula happens to the best of us, and there are short-term solutions that can be used as alternatives. But these quick fixes will never be as accurate as the original baby formula scoop.

Using these alternatives for an extended period will require precise measurements of one-tenth of each gram.

This act will ensure that your little one gets the correct amount of formula, which equals the right amount of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals that are recommended.

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