30 “Double The Fun” Nursery Décor Ideas For Twin Boy & Girl!

First of all, Congratulations on expecting twins!

The anxiety, nervousness, and in-between feelings are sure to double up when you realize you’re expecting twins, but imagine all the fun, laughter, and babbling that will also double up.

Once you overcome the first trimester of morning sickness, exhaustion, and loss of appetite, you’ll enter the babymoon phase, which is the perfect time you can start thinking about what you want your twin’s nursery to be like.

I’m pretty sure this can be confusing and thrilling, but it’s better you get a head start and not wait till the very end because twins are usually very eager to arrive.

For your twin’s nursery décor ideas, you can create a neutral-themed nursery with both your babies’ cribs nearby, or separated by a changing table, or by a seating area. You can also add accent walls or chairs or even cushions to make it chicer. If you’re not into neutral themes, then go for bright colors like orange or red. Either go for bright painted walls or bright colored beddings or décor while keeping the walls a neutral color. You can also make his and her section by dividing them with different colors and separating the room while still looking modern and chic. You can also personalize each of your twin’s sections by putting up their initials or names or even their photos. Don’t hold back on adding personal touches here and there because that will help create an emotional bond with the babies and the room they’ll grow up in.

Things to keep in mind while creating the perfect haven for your twins

1. Start early

Why do you want to wait until the last minute and start nesting and be in a hurry to get everything done before the babies arrive?

Your twin’s nursery isn’t just going to be their room, but it’ll also become your sanctuary because you’re going to spend a lot of time there, especially in the beginning. You want the space exactly how you imagined it.

So, take your time planning things out and do little by little, and the room will be all done way before the babies arrive.

2. Remember less is more

It’s very easy to go overboard when you’re expecting twins. You think you need two of everything.

Yes, you do need two separate feeding bottles, different pacifiers, separate clothes, separate cribs. But, you don’t need two changing tables, two chests of drawers, or two individual rocking chairs. You get the point.

Try not to overcrowd your room. If you have limited space, then try to fit the furniture so that it doesn’t look congested and at the same time has ample space. You don’t want to hurt your foot by tripping over that extra chair in the room.

Get two different cribs, a changing table of a larger size. The wardrobe in the room doesn’t have to be two. Instead, create separate sections in the same cupboard, but install two small adjoining closets if it seems too congested.

Instead of getting two rocking chairs or a single seat that won’t fit another baby, get a loveseat so your partner or another caretaker can sit with the other twin while feeding them.

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A loveseat will also give you enough space to carry the twins together while feeding them.

3. Take all the safety precautions

You want your twin’s nursery to be aesthetically pleasing, but you can’t compromise on any safety measures while decorating the room.

Get firm mattresses for each crib and sheets that are well tucked in under the bed.

You can place toys, blankets, anything you want in the crib, but only for any photoshoots.

Before the babies come home, their crib shouldn’t have any toys or blankets, putting them at risk of SIDS.

4. Get a white noise machine

A white noise machine can be a blessing in disguise when you have two tiny humans who can quickly wake each other up with their crying.

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If the cribs in the room are kept separated at different ends, then a wise choice would be to buy two noise machines, each for each crib; otherwise, a single white noise machine in the middle would suffice the purpose.

5. Get baby monitor cameras

Baby monitor cameras can be beneficial, especially when you’re a new mum, and you get the frequent tendency to check up on how your babies are doing.

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This will also help catch those special moments when they pretend to sleep or try to get out of their crib, as we see in many videos posted on the internet.

6. Personalize the nursery

To give your twins their separate identities, add personalized picture frames or their initials or names on the wall above their cribs.

After the babies are born, you can hang carbon prints of their hands and feet along with their pictures in those collage picture frames.

Add your personal touch by adding what you like, like if you and your partner love traveling, then add a picture of the world map or a travel-inspired accent wall or wallpaper that will look great in your babies’ nursery.

Double the fun décor ideas for your twin’s nursery

Keeping the nursery gender-neutral

I love how aesthetic this nursery by Heather Fern looks. If you don’t want a color theme like the traditional pink and blue, this is an excellent way to decorate the nursery.

You can also separate the babies’ clothes and other accessories like this.

Neutral themed nursery with colored beddings and linens

This is one of my favorite neutral-themed nursery rooms, posted by Pottery Barn Kids. You can keep the room elegant and straightforward while giving each baby their identities, as the different bedding and linen colors.

A great neutral-themed nursery with pink and blue beddings and linens by Tua Casa.

source Houzz

Personalized nursery theme

Source Wattpad

Adding that personal touch with the babies’ initials in a frame makes the room more alive.

Another excellent example for inspiration. It’s a neutral-themed nursery with names above each crib and a love seat adjacent to the cribs by Apartment therapy.

source Style Me Pretty

Accent walls

Even with a neutral-based themed nursery, the accent wall makes the nursery so much more elegant and beautiful.

source Happiest Baby, Inc

source Project Nursery

A colorful nursery

source Emmas Story Minimalist Nursery Decor

I love the colorful rug the most. It brightens up the room so much.

source Salty Canary


The above images are great for you to be inspired and design your twin’s nursery, adding your personal touch and favorites in the room.

Make sure not to crowd the room too much with too many things. At the end of the day, you’ll forget about aesthetics and how great the room looks when you have to pick your twins at 2 in the morning.

So, design the nursery keeping in mind your and your babies’ comfort. For example, put in blackout curtains so your little ones are not woken up by early sunlight or noise from the street.

Remember not to worry too much about how the room looks or whether it’s gram-worthy. All it needs you and your babies to be comfortable and build a beautiful bond in that room.

Happy Designing!

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