Peach Syrup – Does It Help With Nausea And Stomach Flu?

You’re 5 months pregnant, but your nausea and morning sickness are getting worse by the day. You’re probably frustrated and thinking about ways to make it vanish. And suddenly, one fine day, you come across a post saying, “Canned peach syrup – a way to treat stomach flu.”

But now you’re wondering if this technique will help you with your nausea too? Should I try this out? Is it safe for me during pregnancy? Don’t worry! This article will help you out. Here we will discuss whether the canned peach syrup is effective for mommies and makes them feel better in their pregnancy. 

A viral home remedy claims that canned peaches or any other fruit that contains heavy syrup are a way to combat nausea. And not just nausea, it can also soothe down a virus most commonly known as “stomach flu.”

So to help out every parent, we’ll clarify whether this claim has any medical merit and if it’s safe for you and your toddler to try.

Peach syrup viral post vs. professionals 

Peach syrup viral post

It’s easy to spread any news on social media, whether it’s true or false. And similarly, on Facebook, a user shared a home remedy to cure nausea and stomach flu. This post got so much attention that within just 5 days, it got reposted more than 696,000 times.

The post says, “With all the vomiting going around, you could try this if your kiddos, spouse, relative, or you are throwing up. Get a can of fruit in heavy syrup (I suggest peaches, it’s what I’ve always used). Take a tablespoon of just the syrup every 15 minutes for an hour. If you get sick in between that hour, restart. This is a tip a nurse gave me while I was pregnant the first time. It was a lifesaver for all 3 pregnancies, and any time my husband or I have been sick throwing up.”

However, this post doesn’t include any medical evidence, and hence we tried finding out if it’s actually true or not. Here is what we came across:

  • “If you have watery diarrhea, it’s probably not a good idea for you to drink straight fruit juice. It’s better to do 50/50 water to juice,” – According to Dr. Nikki Stuckwisch, medical director of IU Health Urgent Care. She further added, “The other thing I tell people is that if you’re actively vomiting, it doesn’t matter if it’s fruit juice or flat Coca-Cola or ginger ale; if you’re drinking fluids on a stomach that’s upset, it’s not a good idea.” 
  • An assistant professor of clinical pediatrics, Richard Fleece, also thinks of this tactic as an “old-school” method. Instead, he says that people should drink Pedialyte to replenish the body’s electrolyte supply. He also says, “if you don’t have Pedialyte, dilute Gatorade or flat ginger ale 50-50 will work.” 
  • Another professor of Oregano Health and Science University, John Townes, also felt skeptical that peach syrup could help with the vomiting.

Peach syrup vs. people 

A pregnant woman is feeling nauseous and is considering using peach syrup to help remedy it.

After the post went viral, many people gave peach syrup a try. Here is what people had to say about it:

  • Canned peaches in heavy syrup. Our Omi from Germany swears by it. I thought it was crazy, but we have settled our stomachs so many times from it. There must be some enzymes in peaches that kill off viruses or nasty bugs in general or something. Stomach flu, food poisoning, or allergy; sip little spoonfuls of the peach syrup. Take it easy at first, and try one spoonful at a time to see how your stomach handles it. – posted on by Magmoo. 
  • I was doing a Google search and came across this ingenious post! I was amazed, but hey, I thought – I got nothing to lose here, except some of my guts! So, I have tried it, and so far, so good. – posted on by Jen.  
  • I get migraines that cause vomiting. I tried it during one of those episodes, and it did nothing to stop the vomiting but was more pleasant to throw up than the pure acid that was coming up. – posted on by Cardie82.

Ways to cope with nausea 

Morning sickness in pregnancy is no joke. Since there is no solid evidence regarding heavy peach syrup soothing pregnancy nausea, here are some of the things recommended by NC Birth Centre, you can try to feel better.

  • Get as much fresh air as possible. 
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Drink lots of fluids between your meals. 
  • Religiously take your prenatal vitamins. 
  • Eat small meals after every 2 hours.
  • Try some of the following things to feel better.
    • Acupressure bands (available at pharmacies)
    • Ginger root tea, ginger ale, or ginger snaps
    • Peppermint tea
    • Papaya enzymes
A young pregnant woman is sitting down and drinking water to help ease her nausea.

In case of persistent vomiting, please contact your midwife because sometimes, due to excessive vomiting, women become extremely dehydrated. Under such a situation, they must get hospitalized to replenish fluid and electrolytes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are peaches good for you when sick?

Yes, peaches l are packed with minerals, vitamins, and fiber which makes them completely safe and healthy at the same time. Also, they are low in calories and fat, so it is entirely safe to eat. However, there are certain precautions that you should keep in mind; therefore, it is better if you consult your doctor first.

Which juice is good to reduce the feeling of nausea?

The rule of thumb is to stick with juices you can see through since they are easier to digest—Apple juice, cranberry juice, heavy syrup, etc. However, with heavy syrups, the doctors recommend a 50-50 ratio with water. 

Is peach syrup good for nausea?

There is no proper evidence, but some doctors do recommend it. So you can always try it as it doesn’t have side effects. 


Peaches are undoubtedly filled with nutrients such as vitamin c, iron, potassium, etc. However, consuming peach syrup to stop vomiting or nausea has little to no evidence.

In fact, doctors have mixed opinions about this remedy. But many people have tried it, and it has worked wonders for them.

But for some, this remedy failed terribly. One of my friends also tried this for her 3 years old daughter when she had a bad stomach ache. She gave her a spoon full of peach syrup after every 2 hours.

But unfortunately, her condition even got worse. But one of sister’s friend said that it helped her greatly during her pregnancy. So, if you want to give it a try, feel free because mostly, it comes with no harm. 

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