Popular Activities Among School-Age Kids In 2020

As a parent, you might find yourself wondering: what are kids into these days? All parents encounter the same question once their kids step out of babyhood and officially enter into the kid stage. The ages between three and eight is often when kids develop their personal interests. It’s a period of discovery, adventure, and tons of questions.

We’ve compiled ten of the most popular activities, games, STEM toys, and programs that are popular among school-aged kids these days. These are products or brands that are used and enjoyed by thousands up to millions of kids worldwide. Some of these items even have their own online community of kids.

If you’re looking to relate better to your child by finding out some of their most popular interests, take a look below:

Homemade Slime

Something about this silly goop of putty seems to appeal strongly to children between the ages of three and nine. Of course, babies and toddlers might find them interesting, but such substances aren’t really safe for kids that young. And while tweens and even fully-sprouted teens might still find them fun at first, they’ll likely easily tire of it after a couple of minutes.

It’s often kids in preschool and elementary school that are so intrigued and entranced by goo that they can play with it for hours on end. It’s like there is something so captivating, addicting, and stimulating about slime that they can’t help but keep on touching it and experimenting with it.

What’s better than playing with slime is actually making it themselves. There are so many recipes found online, and even YouTube tutorials on how to make them, store them, and handle them. There are even different types of slime recipes that you can choose from such as: regular slime, fluffy slime, butter slime, stretchy slime, unicorn slime, crunchy slime, and even edible slime. There are a lot more types found online and you only have to Google it to find the right recipe for each type that you would like to make.

Bath bombs

Anything that explodes (safely) is amazing for a school-aged child. It can be something along the lines of fireworks, but better because they can watch it up close and they can handle it themselves. These days, bath bombs are a common staple in department stores’ bed and bath corners. You might, even find some at the grocery store.

One great thing about bath bombs is that you or your kids can make it yourselves. If you choose to go the DIY route, you’ll be able to hand-pick your chosen color, any color combination you like, any scent you think you’ll love, and you can even put in all the additions you like from flowers to glitter. And then, you can sit back and watch their precious little faces light up as the bath bomb explodes in your tub after you’ve made it.

Paint by Sticker Books

Paint by sticker books are available on Amazon and come in different designs that your kid can choose from: Zoo Animals, Unicorns & Magic, beautiful bugs, and fish. Several brands may offer more variety in design, but the bestselling one is the Zoo Animals and Unicorns & Magic.

It’s easy enough for kids to engage in, and they can watch their animals come alive with every sticker that they put on. It’s so dynamic and the end-product of every project is so satisfying that it’s no wonder that it’s a bestseller. Kid’s just really love it!

Little girl making slime toy

Sidewalk Chalk

Kids are crazy about sidewalk chalk. It’s fun, creative, and it’s easy to clean up so it’s no consequence to your pavement. The best thing about it is that, you can actually do it yourself! Your kids can even do it themselves if they are old enough.

All you need are a few basic household ingredients, some molds, and you’re good to go! The fun thing about making your own sidewalk chalk is that you can choose the colors you want, and mold them into shapes that you like most. They are also usually the perfect size for kids’ hands to handle.

Glow In The Dark Rock Painting Kit

Rock painting is fun for every kid. It’s a soothing activity that promotes creativity and self-expression while keeping them busy and stimulated. To take the fun to the next level, this rock painting kit is for glow in the dark painted rocks. Inside the kit are ten rocks that you can paint and customize however you want it. Kids can design and trade rocks, with glow-in-the dark ones surely fetching a higher value.

The materials are waterproof so that your kids’ final work does not easily wash off. Just make sure to carefully protect the area they are working on. If possible, have them work outdoors. They can place their finished rocks in their rooms to watch them glow after they turn the lights off at night.


Minecraft is the online game that has taken kids of almost any age by storm. Kids like it so much that a lot of them keep on playing and building on it for years. It’s actually a big accomplishment to be able to build a Minecraft world over the years.

While it’s only a digital game, the amount of work that a child puts into it induces a lot of creativity and dedication. Of course, just like any computer game, you may have to control the time your child spends on Minecraft. However, allotting a healthy amount of time for his or her hobby is a great way to keep them occupied and safe.

Lots of Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

Kids like to joke around a lot. If you have a little jester who likes to laugh and share a good joke or two to those around him, he will definitely love a joke compilation book. Knock knock jokes for kids is a bestselling collection of kid-friendly jokes that your kid can share with friends at school or at parties.

Your kid will surely have tons of fun reading through this book. It’s also good brain exercise when they try to memorize as many jokes as they can so that they can tell it to their friends. It can also improve their social life and help them make even more friends at school.


From teaching them how to brush their teeth to taking them on museum trips, Blippi has become an icon among young kids. The friendly guy in the orange and blue ensemble covers a lot of child-friendly topics that are both entertaining and educational.

Kids are easily hooked by how engaging Blippi’s content are. At the same time, parents love Blippi too because of how relevant and helpful the show are to their kids because it teaches them basic skills and life lessons on top of the educational stuff that the show teaches them.

Spirograph Jr.

Kids who love arts and crafts love collecting arts and crafts tools like the Spirograph Jr. This Amazon bestseller comes with all the tools and materials your child needs to create Spirograph designs and turn them into pictures and eye-catching art. It’s so simple to use and makes excellent output all the time that’s why kids are so into it.

The Spirograph Jr. set comes complete with 4 Spirograph gears and gear ring, 5 washable art markers, an 8-page design guide book, 24 sheets of design paper, and a carry case that has a built-in desk, gear storage, and frame. It’s complete and easy to use so that even young kids can easily make amazing designs.

Ryan’s World Toy Reviews

There are hundreds of toy review channels on YouTube, but few are as popular as Ryan’s World. The channel features an actual kid, Ryan, reviewing toys from different name brand manufacturers such as Disney. The channel is a family affair that also features Ryan’s parents and twin sisters.

They release a new video daily so their content is not only limited to toy reviews. They also make educational content and kind-friendly entertainment such as games, challenges, and funny videos together. As of March, the channel has already more than 24 million subscribers.

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

Science experiments are not only awesome and informational, they are also highly fun and entertaining. That is why kids are so into them these days. Awesome Science Experiments for Kids is a compilation of over 100 kid-friendly science experiments that you and your kids can enjoy together.

Kids are naturally curious. They tend to ask so many questions from the moment they learn how to ask. As a parent, you might have tried patiently answering each and every one of those questions. However, sometimes it’s just too difficult to answer them without actually showing them how and why something happens.

Sometimes, all you need is a little science experiment to explain something. The great thing about doing a science experiment to find something out is that it makes things a lot clearer for kids since they can see and experience it for themselves.

Vanessa is a freelance writer and a two-time certified boy mom to a toddler and a preschooler. She believes that raising happy kids is a delicate balance between doing your best as a parent and seeking help when you need it.

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