Prune Juice To Induce Labor (Truths vs Myths)

A pregnancy due date is typically calculated at 40 weeks of pregnancy, and you may be uncomfortable, impatient, and excited to get the birthing process started if you’re beyond the 40 weeks and mythical natural induction ways that don’t precisely ignite the labor contractions such as prune juices that have a lot of benefits to your body during pregnancy but doesn’t positively induce labor, or so you thought, could be part of your line up starter pack in vain.

You’ve been counting down the days for weeks now, and you have your due date circled on the calendar, but it seems so far away when you’re ready to have your baby in your arms like yesterday, and you can’t stand the thought of being pregnant for another few days.

You may have heard of a special drink said to help induce labor; Prune juice, and with the end of your pregnancy in sight, the thought of triggering labor is very appealing, but your little one is your top priority, and it’s natural to want to know if it’s safe.

Can I drink prune juice to induce labor?

No. Consuming prune juice within limits while pregnant is normally safe and healthy, but it will certainly not induce labor. This dried fruit can be accommodated in your pregnancy diet through juice.

But when someone asks you if prune juice is good for pregnancy, the answer is yes. Prune juice has more nutritional benefits for the pregnant mother but can not induce labor.

It is a great source of energy during pregnancy and doesn’t lead your blood levels to rise while benefiting your bladder and bowels at the same time.

Prune juice is also generally helpful in reducing hunger instantly. Hence, it is a perfect snacking drink with a blend of built-in vitamins that build and strengthen the uterus muscles, which greatly helps in a smooth delivery process.

So prune juice has great benefits in pregnancy as it helps clear the way for the baby to make a grand entry, and you don’t need to think twice about it, but it will not help you induce labor.

With all its immense benefits, it’s best not to take chances in this fragile phase of your pregnancy. Since every pregnant woman will have her dietary requirement according to her pregnancy needs, it’s always recommended to consult a doctor before you begin drinking prune juice regularly.

Benefits of prune juice in pregnancy 

A cup of prune juice next to several prunes on a table

The benefits of this superfood in pregnancy are countless. Below are some of the main benefits of drinking prune juice.

1. Iron

In pregnancy, iron intake is essential, and it needs to be constantly increased due to the growing needs of your baby. Because your body produces more blood to provide for this tiny human, your need for iron increases.

Drinking prune juice provided lots of iron and other minerals to combat any chance of developing anemia during pregnancy.

2. Blood Pressure

Prunes contain potassium which helps with the maintenance of healthy blood pressure. Healthy range blood pressure in pregnancy is essential for the mom’s health and the impacts on the baby and the birth trajectory.

This is by far the greatest benefit of prune juice in pregnancy.

3. Digestion

Prune juice prevents constipation in pregnancy and aids in digestion. During pregnancy, you are undoubtedly aware of the slowing digestion happening in your body as the baby grows. All that progesterone running around in your body can relax and slow down digestion.

Drinking prune juice can help in digestion when your body is getting ready for labor and needs to empty itself of anything impeding upon the process. Yes, it will help you clear your bowels before the baby makes its grand entry.

4. Fighting nausea

Morning sickness is common during pregnancy, and prune juice is a huge convenience for women who struggle to keep their intake. Drinking prune juice is a natural and healthy way to prevent nausea.

The essential vitamins and minerals can ward off nausea and keep you feeling healthy and relaxed.

5. Maintain your skin in top shape

Prune juice is ideal for working wonders on your skin throughout your pregnancy, keeping it soft and beautiful.

Plus, they contain chlorogenic and neo-chlorogenic acids that are proven to act as excellent radical scavengers while pregnant, giving your system a good cleanse. It is even good for your baby’s skin too. 

6. Added benefits

Even better, it has been shown that the Vitamin A and beta carotene found in prune juices can help your baby’s eye development.

Beta carotene is a beneficial antioxidant for reducing pain and swelling in a pregnant woman throughout the pregnancy in the joints and reducing edema.

Side effects of prune juice during pregnancy 

Drinking too much prune juice in pregnancy may cause side effects like diarrhea as it clears your bladder and eases your bowel movement, flatulence, and the feeling of bloating.

Those with gas and bloating issues aren’t advised to consume prune juice, while those who are overweight are supposed to watch their consumption quantity.


Can I drink prune juice every day while pregnant?

Yes, you can have at least one glass of prune juice every day while pregnant, which can help you add fiber and nutrients to your diet unless your doctor advises you separately on reducing the quantity. This is the case unless you have some extra pounds on.

Does prune juice help you lose weight while pregnant?

No, this is a misconception. Prune juice doesn’t help with weight loss. Instead, you might be advised not to drink prune juice if you are in the extra pounds category during pregnancy.

The natural sugars present in the prune juice may help you gain weight in turn, but not lose it.


The last days of pregnancy may feel like a whole new 9 months all over again and if you are tempted to get the show on the road, then prune juice might be one trick to kickstart the process simply by clearing the way but not by inducing the labor.

Just make sure your doctor or midwife is onboard with your plans for whatever reason with a prune juice drink before you decide it’s time to meet your baby. 

But most importantly, take heart in knowing that even though these last days may seem longer, your bundle of joy will be here in no time.

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