Are Ritz Crackers Good For Upset Stomach During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy can bring a lot of joy in a person’s life, but it also brings along huge changes in hormones, acnes, morning sickness, nausea, upset stomach, and cramps.

People say that the first trimester in pregnancy is the crucial stage for the survival of the baby, and before the babymoon starts in the second trimester, the majority of the women suffer from morning sickness, nausea, and upset stomach.

Some women are super fortunate and bypass the whole morning sickness phase while many (like me) stay confined to bed or the toilet in the worst case.

Upset stomach and morning sickness can make us lose our appetite or it can even make us crave very unhealthy foods which can then cause an upset stomach.

An upset stomach is usually caused due to drastic changes in hormones in the first trimester.

Our digestive systems take around 6-24 hours to digest food, but this is even slower during pregnancy.

So, if you eat a heavy meal, it can probably cause an upset stomach. Women who go through morning sickness rely on eating saltines or Ritz crackers early in the morning for nausea to subside.

Many pregnant women have confessed that munching or nibbling on crackers have helped with nausea and upset stomach.

How do ritz crackers help with an upset stomach?

A young pregnant woman is feeling nausea and upset stomach during her first trimester.

It’s not just ritz crackers, but foods that high in starch such as toast, bread, saltines, or even good old graham crackers help absorb gastric acid inside the stomach and help calm an uneasy stomach.

The bland nature of ritz crackers can help satisfy hunger in pregnant women and because it doesn’t have a strong smell that can make pregnant women nauseous, they love them.

It’s important to remember that because your digestive power is slow, you should always eat smaller meals and frequently (an empty stomach can also cause nausea- pregnant or not). It’s a good idea to chew your food slowly, not to upset an already upset stomach.

A good tip for pregnant women is that you should keep your favorite crackers, be it ritz crackers or saltines, whichever you prefer, by your nightstand and help yourselves to a few so that you don’t get up in the morning feeling nauseous.

Also mama, always remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. Believe it or not, staying hydrated can actually help with nausea and an upset stomach.

Drink at least 3 liters a day; it can help with nausea, your headaches. Take small sips of water throughout the day because drinking too much at a time can also cause nausea. If drinking water also makes you nauseous, then try different flavors like adding cucumbers in the water, or even lemon, anything that doesn’t seem too bland for your taste buds.

A young pregnant woman is drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

I couldn’t, for the life in me, have a glass of water without wanting to throw up. So, what my mum used to do is, add lemon, cucumber, strawberries or raspberries, mint, chunks of fruits, and make a concoction. Every day she would make different concoctions that would taste really good.

So, if you’re like me, then you can try adding fruits in your water, or even make popsicles out of it, and have it when you feel queasy.

Along with ritz crackers, chicken soup or chicken broth is also a good option to help with an upset stomach, and it can actually make you feel better while not being heavy on the stomach.

But, before trying anything new, do consult with your doctor and then make an informed decision.

Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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