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Am I Overfeeding My Breastfed Newborn?

Am I overfeeding my breastfed newborn?

As a new mom, you may have asked yourself “am I overfeeding my breastfed newborn?” We have some good news for you as you read on in this article.

Am I Feeding my Newborn Too Much Formula?

Am I feeding my newborn too much formula?

The first few weeks at home with a newborn mainly revolve around his feeding. Parents most often find themselves in a whirlwind of pumping, breastfeeding or formula-making and measuring, wondering whether their newborn is hungry or has had enough milk to last him till his next feed. Breastfeeding was beautiful but not at all a […]

How Do You Know If You Are Overfeeding Your Baby?

How do you know if you are overfeeding your baby

Feeding is one of the mainstays of a parent’s routine when it comes to caring for babies. However, there are instances that parents tend to overdo it. How do you know if you are overfeeding your baby? What happens to an overfed infant and how can you prevent it? Signs of overfeeding Here’s how you […]