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My Baby Cries While Eating – 3 Major Reasons And Their Solutions

Baby cries while eating

You’ve been told that newborn babies need to be fed every 2 hours and then by the age of 1-2 months you can start feeding on demand. But, what happens when you start feeding your baby, thinking that she’s hungry, but the baby keeps crying at the breast or the bottle and refuses to feed. […]

When Should I Give My Baby Tylenol for Fever

When Should I Give My Baby Tylenol for Fever 1

If there’s one more anxious night that parents endure, it’s the time when their kids are running a fever. With infants and very young children, this puts the anxiety at its highest point. That’s why fever medicines like Tylenol are a staple in every family’s medicine cabinet. But to give or not to give it […]

How Do You Know When Your Baby Is Teething? Signs, Tips, And Things You Should NOT Do.

How do you know when your baby is teething

Your baby’s first milestones are always precious, their first smile, making a fist with their hands, the first giggle, first roll on to their tummy and their first little precious tooth. What’s not so adorable is the extreme fussiness and crankiness that comes along with her pearly whites. Your baby’s first tooth makes a grand […]