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When Should I Give My Baby Tylenol for Fever

When Should I Give My Baby Tylenol for Fever 1

If there’s one more anxious night that parents endure, it’s the time when their kids are running a fever. With infants and very young children, this puts the anxiety at its highest point. That’s why fever medicines like Tylenol are a staple in every family’s medicine cabinet. But to give or not to give it […]

Why Do Babies Get Thrush in Their Mouth? – Facts Every Parent Should Know

Why do babies get thrush in their mouth?

Everything was going amazing with your newborn – he seemed relaxed, happy, and content. Until one day your voracious little one suddenly dislikes his feeding time. Worst of all, he’s got all these white patches on his tongue and he’s beginning to get cranky. Mommies from your support group say it is oral thrush and […]

When Should I Start Brushing My Baby’s Teeth? – A Guide to Healthier Teeth

When should I start brushing my baby's teeth

Every chapter of a child’s life weaves a thread of experience more for the overjoyed parents. You always would want to make it perfect right from the start. When you start splurging on your newborn’s essentials, you’re probably adding that finger brush and a cute themed toothbrush as well. But how soon should you use […]