10 Thank You Gifts For Daycare Teachers

Your baby’s daycare teacher is the one that keeps your child alive, educated, and entertained all day, freeing you up to work, clean, sleep, and even keep your other younger babies alive knowing that your baby is in a nurturing, warm, and safe environment and they deserve gifts. First and foremost, here’s what they do not want; bubbles and knick-knacks, lotions and bathing paraphernalia, and mugs. But according to Research on Gift for Daycare Teachers, personal gifts such as handwritten gift cards, school supplies, ornaments, and caffeine.

It’s a yes if you were wondering whether you have to give your kid’s daycare teacher a gift during the holidays or just randomly to thank them. Showing your appreciation is important.

Not only do they deserve gifts, but they deserve the best ones. And that’s where we come in. We scoured out all the favorite gift guides and online shops and asked some actual daycare teachers what makes a great thank you gift.

With that in mind, here’s our top selection list to help you get an appreciation gift that one of the most important people in your child’s life will certainly like. There’s something for every daycare teacher on this list.

10 awesome thank you gifts for daycare teachers

Here is a list of adorable options for daycare teacher appreciation gifts to show your gratitude and let them know that “We are thinking of you.”

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1. Help them carry it all 

Daycare teachers need to bring curriculum, props, and other essentials with them to their rooms daily, as well as their lunches, extra t-shirts if any mishaps occur, first aid kits, and swimming gear for those summer field trips.

So having this tote bag written, “amazing, awesome, wonderful daycare provider” is an excellent thank you daycare teacher gift. 

CafePress Day Care Provider Tote Bag Natural Canvas Tote Bag, Reusable Shopping Bag

Not only will it hold all their essentials, but it also shows your appreciation for them. They can also use it when they are out shopping.

2. The key to their heart

Showing your appreciation to your child’s daycare teacher sometimes means wearing your heart on your sleeves. In this case, you’ll be gifting them with a heart. This keychain charm truly conveys your appreciation.

In addition to being beautiful, this keyring is made from a rust-proof metal alloy and is also practical and useful, and is sure to be a conversation piece for years. 

Best Teacher Gift "It Takes a Big Heart to Help Shape Little Minds" Charm Love Heart Pendant Keychain (A)

Each time your little one’s daycare teacher uses this gift, they’ll be reminded of how much you appreciate the care they’re showing your child. You can also give them this “You Make a Difference” bracelet.

3. Say your thank you with a coffee on the go

Most daycare teachers like to take their coffee or tea with them on the go. Whether they are going outside with the kids to play or on a field trip, this funny mug helps them do that.

Funny Daycare Teacher Travel Mug Childcare Provider Tea Cup Perfect Appreciation Thank You Ideal For Men Women IM A Daycare Provider

It is funny because it’s written, “I am a toddler chasing, diaper changing, boo-boo kissing, block building, timeout giving, multitasking, tear wiping daycare teacher,” and it shows nothing but pure love and acknowledgment of the work your baby’s daycare teacher puts in.

4. A sweet treat for all to share

Show your appreciation to the entire staff at your child’s daycare with chocolate! Staff members love chocolate bars, and these are wrapped in personalized paper that reads ” Thank you” surrounded by beautiful crayons.

Teacher Appreciation Favors Personalized Wrappers for Hershey's Chocolate Bars (25 Count)

On the back, it reads, “The very best teachers don’t just teach, they inspire. Thanks for all you do”. Then, you can personalize the name of your baby’s daycare. 

They come in four different foil colors and between twelve and thirty-six bars. This sweet treat will not be forgotten by daycare teachers receiving them.

5. A Pedi gift basket

Sometimes you just wanna surprise your baby’s daycare teacher, cheer her up, and say, ” Thank you.” The gift of massage or other spa treatments like facials is sure to be a winner. 

It’s hard to find time for self-care when you are with kids all day. So having the extra push to show them that you acknowledge the hard work that they do is always nice.

6. Wine

Oooh yeah, here we go with the booze! Yes, one of the best gifts you can give to your child’s daycare teacher is a bottle of wine or a gift card for alcohol, and it is completely acceptable. 

If the teacher doesn’t drink alcohol, they can certainly re-gift it or use it to bring a bottle of wine to a dinner party. It helps when the bottle has a funny label because that will make it even more special and funny.

7. Handwritten notes and gift cards

There are many things a parent could give to a teacher, but a thank you note should not be underestimated. Honestly, it is one of the things that makes daycare teachers the happiest, especially when they are handwritten by parents and the children they look after. 

Adding a gift card to your personalized note is something any teacher will appreciate. It may sound boring to some, but most of the teachers we spoke to say they love getting gift cards to Amazon, Movie theatres, or even restaurants because just about everyone eats, shops, and watches movies.

And because teachers spend a lot of their own money on school supplies, a gift card is a gift that gives back because they’ll most likely spend it on their classrooms, whether it’s colored pencils, treats, or antibacterial wipes.

8. Essential oil diffuser 

It’s no secret daycares have their funky share of smells to deal with. So when your child’s teacher heads home, you better believe they want a sweet-smelling room, then why not gift her an essential oil diffuser?

Pure daily care Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser& Essential Oil Set - Ultrasonic Diffuser&Top 10 Essential Oils - 400ml Diffuser with 4 Timer & 7 Ambient Light Settings - Therapeutic Grade - Lavender

This diffuser above makes a great thank you gift choice. It offers three timer options and 15 soothing LED light colors.

9. A portable projector

A portable projector is a funny little gadget that lets you use your smartphone as a movie projector. Your baby’s daycare teacher will love playing movies and YouTube videos with their friends or even outside to watch some movies under the stars.

Mini Projector, PVO Portable Projector for Cartoon, Kids Gift, Outdoor Movie Projector, LED Pico Video Projector for Home Theater Movie Projector with HDMI USB AV Interfaces and Remote Control

They can also use it to play and sing along to baby rhymes with the children in the classroom.

10. A throw blanket

Nothing compares to snuggling up under a deliciously soft blanket after a long day at work after almost screaming your lungs out. The Anthropologie Alpaca Travel Throw Blanket is insanely warm and soft and is a perfect winter companion. And it can be monogrammed with your child’s daycare teacher’s initials.

Tips on how to choose appreciation gifts for daycare teachers 

If you are not sure what type of gift to give, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a few helpful tips that will make it easy for you to pick out the perfect present for your little one’s daycare teacher.

  • Be creative.
  • Consider their hobbies.
  • Find out what they need, or what would make their day easier.
  • Look for something that will be useful to them in the classroom.
  • Think about how much you can spend and find a gift within your budget.
  • Take into consideration any allergies or dietary restrictions when presenting food gifts, e.g cookies with nuts.
  • Also, look for something that will be useful to them away from the classroom.


How much should I spend on a daycare teacher gift?

This person works hard to make your child happy all day and plays a big role in their life. You can budget between $20-$75 each in cash or a gift card. 

Some districts have set regulations for gift acceptance and discourage gifts, but check with the school or the daycare center if you’re unsure. A card or homemade cookies will also always be ok.

How do you write a thank you note to your child’s daycare teacher?

1. Start your letter with “Dear (Daycare Teacher’s name)”
2. Briefly state what you appreciate about them.
3. Mention how their lessons and guidance have made a long-lasting and positive impact on your baby’s life.
4. Thank them again.


It’s certainly appropriate to express appreciation to your child’s daycare teacher in the form of a gift, cash included, and it is ok to spend a little more if you want.

However, the amount you spend should align with what other parents spend so as not to be misconstrued as a bribe or an attempt to encourage the teacher to show favoritism to your child.

We hope that our tips are helpful and wish you many more wonderful days ahead with those who make it possible to work every day knowing that your baby is well looked after.

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