Top 10 Toys For Kids Age 7 (Boys & Girls)

Are you confused about what to get 7-year kiddo, boy, or girl? Whether it’s for your child, close family, or for your kiddos friend, we searched Amazon for some of the hottest toys for 7-year-olds.

To get an overall idea, you can also see our post on what kids are into these days, in case you find another present more customized for the kiddo you are gifting.

Here are the top 10 toys out there for 7-year-old kids!

1. Stomp Rockets Stunt Planes

As a mom of boys, I know for a fact this would be a huge hit in our home. This is 100% kid-powered. Meaning they run, jump, and stomp to get these babies up in the air.

NO BATTERIES and tired kids were worn out from all of the energy they are putting into these planes is a double winner in my opinion.

Three stunt planes come in a box and very reasonably priced at $10. Did I mention these planes soar up to 100 feet?!

These stunt planes really sound like the best of both worlds. Your kids get outside and to me, that is a no brainer, and STEM is incorporated as they get to experiment with force and aerodynamics.

While they are reasonably priced there will always be reviews that they are cheaply made.

Most also say they do not fly as well as the high flying rockets. Durability is also an issue with these planes.

2. VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX

Just about every kid wants to be like mom or dad and have the things they have and do that they do. One of the latest trends are Smart Watches. So why not a kid version?

At $50.99, this watch also offers learning experiences. It includes 3 fun activities, 5 games, 3 action challenges, and a motion sensor.

Along with those are also your regular features of a calendar, alarm, timer, and stopwatch. Who knew you could have so much fun with a watch?!

The age range for the Smart Watch is fairly nice (ages 4-9), so this would also be a good gift for a younger sibling.

There is a camera! Now your little photographer can take all the action shots they desire while playing.

Smart Watch is splash and sweat proof, NOT water proof.

Make sure this is removed before swimming or bathing. Some of the watches also tend to experience technical difficulties.

3. K’Nex 35 Model Building Set

This is the perfect gift for anyone who has a child that loves to build! The possibilities are endless.

At $25, K’Nex is a great way to spark your child’s imagination and creativity. And, the parts actually move and work together! This building set includes a book and step by step guidebook.

This set is over 400 pieces, the great news is that it comes with a storage chest!

With there being that many pieces, I am sure some will probably get lost or broken and if that is the case, you can call K’Nex Customer Service and they will send you replacement parts.

4. Store & Score Over The Door Laundry Hamper Basket

Every mom has a dream where their children do their chores without complaining. This is the answer to that dream, and your kid will have fun doing their chores at the same time for $13.

Imagine that?! It sounds weird at first but you can turn laundry into a game. This mesh laundry hamper basket is a 2-in-1 over the door basketball hoop with a detachable laundry bag.

Once your bag is full just unzip the bottom to empty it into a basket.

The biggest pro for this product is that chores will get done! The hoop fits any door, so there should not be any issues with that.

The only complaint I can find on this is that most wish the laundry bag was a little bit bigger.

5. EzyRoller Classic Ride On

The toy that grows with your kids! For $120, EzyRoller combines the control of a bicycle and the fun of a scooter, and moves like a snake.

It is completely hands-free, and no chains or pedals. What a great way to stay active.

There are two size extensions, so if you are 4 years old or 150lbs there is fun for you!

This super fun ride on is best on flat surfaces. So grass is not that place to ride it.

Avoid hills and slopes because using the break on these could damage the wheels.

6. Luna Star Klee Kids Natural Makeup

For those of you raising little princesses, you know eventually, she is going to ask for makeup.

Growing up I loved playing with makeup. This makeup kit has very pretty colors that are not too bold for little girls. Klee Kids offers all-natural makeup kits that are locally made here in the USA. Priced at $20.

Klee Kids Makeup is gluten-free, non-toxic, and has no harsh chemicals! So this would be good for those who have sensitive skin.

A downside is that the powder can be a bit messy if it gets broken.

7. Lego Friends Friendship House

Some little girls like to plan their dream home, while some little girls want to build it themselves!

The Friendship House is a 4- story converted fire station and comes with the dolls. Made with bright colors and based on friendship, this is always a hit! Priced at $70.

You do not have to put it all together in order to start playing.

The one thing that is a bummer is that it does not come with storage.

8. Alex Toy Crafts My First Sewing Kit

Sewing is such a great skill to pick up and learn, especially at a young age. It is a skill that will be with you for life.

This kit is a great place to start, it comes with all of the basics even felt pets! A perfect rainy day activity. Priced at $24.

This will spark creativity and this is a great mommy and me project.

Some do say the instructions are a little complicated for younger kids so you may need to simplify them.

9. L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals Make Over Series

Is your girl always trying to do hair? Pick outfits? This is something she will love.

With these dolls she can give full makeovers, dress them, and do hair! She can collect all 12 dolls. Ten are with real hair and 2 rare Glitterati dolls with glitter hair. Priced at $17.

While some have real hair, some do not so make sure you are aware of this when you order. Some also come with no hair at all.

Most love these though!

10. Ruby’s Hair Chalk Salon

Girls LOVE color. One day they will probably ask to color their hair. Why not let them flaunt their style?

Ruby’s Hair Chalk is a safe and easy way to do that. This kit comes with 12 vibrant colors that are easy to wash out. The price is $16.

The hair chalk pens are non-toxic! When you’re done with the fun, simply wash your hair with shampoo.

It also works great as face paint and comes with bows, clips and a comb.

Toys for kids age 7 who like to read

I’ll give a single example here, for kids around this age who like to read, they might also like to draw and write. As a child, the most fun way to go about this is with a writing tablet like below.

I’ve seen my neices and nephews using this tablet for such a long time, it’s a great alternative to video time. Kids can use the pen to color on the writing tablet, which reveals a rainbow type gradient behind the black screen.

The best part is you can remove the drawing with a simple press of the “delete” button, and you’re on your way to starting drawing again.

Happy Shopping!

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