What To Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant?

When you find out you are pregnant, contacting a health care provider is your top priority. Booking an appointment for a prenatal session with your doctor or midwife is necessary to jumpstart a healthy pregnancy. Prenatal care is an essential step that will lead you to a happy pregnancy and a safe delivery. The doctor will be one of the most important persons in your life from this day, especially if you have an underlying health condition.

The first step towards a healthy pregnancy

The pregnancy test kit that turns out positive prompts a myriad of emotions. It is anxiety to some and a wondrous joy for others.

But whatever emotions it may awaken in you, your first step is probably finding out the best you can do for your developing baby. So, congratulations on this amazing journey of motherhood!

Before broadcasting the news to everyone, it is best to ensure you are bearing a healthy baby. You will need your doctor’s important advice more than anybody else’s opinions to promote safe pregnancy and delivery.

If you currently don’t have a physician, you can find the closest and most trusted doctors in your area online. You can scout it through local hospital directories or from recommendations.

It’s best to choose a doctor who will make you feel comfortable, and who will answer and discuss your queries.

Is prenatal care important?

A young pregnant woman is at the doctors, getting her ultrasound done to check on the health of her baby.

Taking good care of yourself and your unborn infant is your greatest responsibility at this time. It means that you need to show up for regular medical check-ups and lab tests the physician deems necessary.

Doctors will also have the best opinion if you have a medical history or family history that may affect the baby. You should have your regular prenatal visit for you to get adequate prenatal care.

Doctors will not only assist you in safely delivering your little one, but they will also give you a referral for private deliveries and the best hospitals.

They may also discuss your health insurance options aside from just your prenatal health management.

What to expect in prenatal care?

You should expect to go home with booklets and pamphlets full of pregnancy information on your first visit.

But here are the things that your doctor will most likely perform:

  • Confirmatory pregnancy test
  • Blood pressure, height, and weight checking
  • A complete physical and pelvic exam
  • An ultrasound
  • Calculating due date
  • Blood, urine, and other laboratory tests like a pap test
  • Discuss your medical condition and complications
  • Prescribe folic acid and other vitamin supplements

Pregnancy care

A pregnant woman is sitting down and looking at her recent ultrasound picture of her baby.

Pregnancy is an entirely new journey as you start living for two or maybe multiple persons. More than your doctor’s advice, you have the power to steer it in the right direction.

You need to adjust your lifestyle to tailor it into a healthy pregnancy. So, what else can you do?

  • Show up for a regular prenatal check-up
  • Change your lifestyle (smoking, alcohol intake, cut down on caffeine)
  • Take your folic acid supplements
  • Schedule necessary immunizations
  • Eat healthily and avoid allergen triggers if you have a food sensitivity
  • Perform a safe exercise


Where can I find my local GP clinic if I don’t have a doctor yet?

Check a local clinic’s website to find a General Practitioner (GP) or Obstetrician (OB) in your area.

How soon should I see a doctor?

As soon as your pregnancy test yields a positive result, you can already book an appointment. But you need to visit your physician within the eight weeks after your last menstrual period (LMP).

Should I get a GP or an OB?

A GP, OB, or midwife can perform prenatal care and guide you throughout your pregnancy. Most women may choose to see a GP or midwife when they think they are pregnant. If you want to have a private birth, a GP may refer you to an Obstetrician, hospital, or a private birthing clinic.


If you find out you are pregnant for the first time, seeking a healthcare provider’s advice should be your priority. They will provide you with all the necessary care and instructions that you need until your baby’s arrival. Early and routine pregnancy care will keep you and your baby healthy up to the time of delivery.

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