When Do You Take Your Son To Get His First Haircut? (Parent’s Guide)

Whether it’s cultural, religious, or just for the supposed benefits, there’s no right or wrong time to give your son his first haircut. Some children have lots of hair that grows at an alarming rate, and they might be ready for a cut as early as 6 months or even sooner, while others might not be ready until they are well into their toddler years, and that’s fine.

Most of the time, it comes down to parents’ preference, as some parents prefer baby locks while others prefer a more laid-back trimmed look on their upcoming little ninjas.

Just keep in mind that once those cute baby hair curls you just cut off are gone, it most likely won’t grow back the same, and fine hair could grow thicker.

When should your son have his first haircut?

While it would have been nice to have a set magical time to give your son his first haircut, it’s simply all based on your son’s hair type. Those with longer luscious hairs will need a cut sooner than the balder ones.

It’s best to pay attention to your son’s overall hair growth and health to determine when to give him that first cut. Here are some options to help you time your kiddo’s first haircut and choose which root will be best for you and your son.

1. Time it with your son’s birthday 

Most parents choose to give their sons their first haircut to celebrate the one-year-old milestone, but it will depend on the child and his hair type. If your little man’s hair is long and has many curls, then a cut should be fine.

However, if they are balder or just have shorter hair, cutting it too soon might be completely unnecessary. Again, it will depend on the state of your son’s hair for the most part. 

2. Start small

That first haircut can be emotional for parents, and seeing their little warrior all grown up can get the waterworks going for sure as it symbolizes the end of baby years and transition into a big kid for many.

For those parents who are in their feelings about it, don’t make it worse by cutting too much hair all at once since the event will be already too emotional. 

3. There’s no ” right” time for the first haircut

All parents worry about how to do everything right. We worry about “how do I do XYZ best” and “when is the right time for me to do it” anyway. However, with the haircut aspect of parenting, there’s no right or wrong time.

Most parents choose to cut off those baby curls to see if it will fasten up the change from baby hair texture to the real big boy hair texture, and while this is one way to do it, say your goodbyes to those soft baby curls.

If you aren’t quite ready to part with those soft curly wisps, don’t cut. Just do it when you feel your son’s hair and health needs it, and you are ready for his hair to move beyond baby hair into grown boy hair texture.

If you’re ready, then get those shears and be ready for some tears!

Tips for making your sons first haircut fun and easy

An infant boy is sitting on his moms lap and is about to get his first haircut from his dad.

Follow these tips when people start saying that your son is such a cute little girl for his first, second, and third haircut and so on until getting a haircut is simply a breeze for both of you.

1. Preparing for the first haircut

Being a new experience for your son, you should prepare for the fears and the tears. These tips will help you assure your son and dispel his fears.

  • Allow your son to accompany you to your haircut appointment to show him what to expect if he is of age or to the saloon you’ll be taking him to a few days before his first haircut.
  • Bring along an extra shirt just in case he refuses to wear the cape but remind him that superheroes wear capes.
  • Pick an hour that is good for your son. Not nap time, not that cranky hour in between, and not snack time.
  • If you are not taking your son to a kiddies salon, ask which stylist is the best for working with children and book an appointment with them as most shy away from handling children.
  • If you are still not going to a kiddies salon, bring along some of your son’s toys, a book, or even a pacifier as boredom is sure to bring out the worst in both of you.
  • You can also read helpful books l like Henry’s First Hair Cut by Dan Yaccarino 

2. During the first haircut

When the first haircut time comes, even the most prepared children can get jitters. Here’s how to get a fuss-free and positive first haircut experience.

  • Do not use the word “cut” but rather use “style” or “trim”. The word cut may be scary to some children.
  • Use words such as ” Mr. Smarty Tickle” for the buzzer or “Air machine” for the blow drier so they are not scared of the noise.
  • A baby’s first haircut is often more emotional for the parents than it is for the baby. Remember to relax to avoid your son picking up on your emotions.
  • Let your son sit on your lap during the haircut if he’s having a hard time sitting in the styling chair or if he’s fussing.

First haircut ideas for boys

Now that we know when and what we need to prepare our little gentlemen for the first cut, all we need is some inspiration. The hard question is, what style should I choose? Here are some trendy boys first haircuts:

  • Short and Sleek – Something short and sleek is an excellent choice to start for any boy’s hair. You can’t go wrong with this as it doesn’t require much maintenance and your little man is sure to look cool, even preschool ready.
  • Long locks – If your little boy can rock long locks, leave it. It’s not only girls who are meant to rock them but you can trim a little on the side and give it a bang to keep hair out of his eyes.
  • Side Swept SleekShaving off almost all your son’s hair at the bottom, and leaving the top long and swept to one side might be a significant change but can surely transform your little guy. This style might require some help, like a little styling gel on special occasions depending on your son’s hair type.
  • Clean edges – Keep the edges clean and let the top stay as rowdy as your little man is, allowing his personality to shine. 


How often should your little boy get a haircut?

It is a good idea to have your son’s hair trimmed two to three times a year to encourage growth and to generally keep it healthy.

Boys’ hair cuts and even girls’ short styles such as a bob tend to require some maintenance cut every often, where longer hairstyles can go a few weeks to a month without a cut.

Does cutting toddlers’ hair help it to grow?

There’s no scientific evidence that shows that cutting your child’s hair will make it grow faster, but it does seem to make it grow thicker. The theory is that by trimming and cleaning up the split ends and providing a shape and style to the baby’s hair, you cause it to appear thicker and consequently notice the growth more.

Do baby curls grow back after a haircut?

The very first growth of a baby’s hair can have curls in it, but if the never cut baby’s hair is all straight except at the ends, once you cut off those baby curls, they will not grow back. There’s no magical trick to make a baby’s hair grow, let alone make it develop curls, because mostly it’s a matter of genetics.


Your son’s first trip to the barbershop might be the cutest ever to you, but he might not see it that way.

This is a peak time for stranger anxiety, and to him, being wrapped in a plastic cape while being attacked with sharp scissors and squirted with water can be plain scary, toppled with unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells that can upset him. 

But getting those shaggy little bangs trimmed doesn’t always have to be hair raising, as long as it is planned properly. So whether it happens at six months or two years, your son’s first haircut is a milestone in his life and a moment to remember.

So look around and take inspiration without limiting yourself to what everyone else is doing.

Choose a haircut that suits your fun-loving son’s personality, and whatever you decide to go by, don’t forget to keep a lock of your son’s first precious baby hair in a trinket box, a locket, or in a scrapbook as a keepsake that you will always treasure.

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