Why Do Babies Rub Their Nose? My Baby Rubs His Nose A Lot, What Can I Do About It?

If your baby makes funny and strange faces that are very cute, don’t worry; babies do weird things. But most of the time, their odd behavior or act is a sign of how they’re feeling. For instance, if your baby is sleepy, he would rub his eyes or tug his ears. If your baby rubs his nose continuously, what does it mean? Here in this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about why your baby rubs his nose, and what can you do to stop him from doing this act. 

Babies have a habit of rubbing their face, but it can also be a sign that they’re uncomfortable and/or in pain. If your baby is frequently rubbing his nose, then there are specific reasons he might be doing so. There is a high possibility that he is allergic to something, or maybe his first tooth is about to pop out. He might be rubbing his face due to a congested or itchy nose. An uncomfortable room temperature can also cause your baby to rub his nose. Well, you need to identify why he is rubbing his nose and then cure it accordingly. However, after trying everything, if your little one still rubs his nose, then it is time to consult your pediatrician. 

What Does It Mean If My Baby Rubs His Nose A Lot?

What Does It Mean If My Baby Rubs His Nose A Lot?

If your baby rubs his nose and you’re worried about him doing it continuously, just know that it doesn’t indicate any severe problem. Some of the most common yet apparent reasons why your little one might be rubbing his nose can be:  


One of the significant reasons that are overlooked by many parents is allergies. If your baby wipes or rubs his nose to relieve itchiness and congestion, then he might be doing the allergic salute. 

If your baby is above 6 months and eats solids, then various things can cause allergies. In such a situation, you need to eliminate one thing at a time and see if the baby stops rubbing his face or not. Most importantly, look into the products that you have introduced recently.

If your baby is exclusively breastfeeding, then watch out for your diet. You might have started eating a new product, causing intolerance in your baby. 

If your baby is taking formula milk, then it’s possible that some ingredient in the formula is causing an allergic reaction. You should consider changing his formula immediately to see what formula brings him comfort. 

It is not easy to identify what your baby is allergic to, but you will surely identify it with little effort and time. However, if your baby has a food allergy, he will have more noticeable symptoms like fever, runny nose, watery eyes, or a rash across their body. 

Itchy Or Congested Nose

If your baby’s nose is congested or he has a blockage in the nasal passage, then he will rub his nose to clear out the blockage. But you need to be extra careful as if he rubs his congested nose continuously, then there is a high chance that it leads to nose-bleeding.   


Teething is the most common reason why your baby is rubbing his nose. Your baby rubs his nose to soothe the pain and discomfort that he is experiencing due to teething. 

To check that your baby is teething, wash your hand thoroughly and rub his gums with your little finger. You might find small little teeth popping out a bit. 

To reduce the discomfort of your baby, try giving them a teether or apply a soothing cream. 

Temperature Change

Yes, it is true a change in temperature that your little one is not comfortable in will result in him rubbing his nose or face. Try to alter the room temperature that is cozy for your baby. 

Aside from the factors explained above, there is a small chance that your baby rubs his nose without a specific reason. But it is better to check all the possibilities, and if nothing helps, then consult your child specialist; just to be on the safe side. 

How To Prevent My Baby From Rubbing His Face? 

Despite trying everything, if you cannot stop your baby from rubbing his nose or face, then a few techniques might help you out. Well, my cousin Maratha’s daughter Ana was fond of rubbing her nose throughout the day.

Maratha tried everything; even consulted some of the finest pediatricians, but all was in vain.

However, she later tried some tricks:

  • Maratha started swaddling Ana to stop her from rubbing her face. In the beginning, Ana used to struggle and tried to open the swaddle sheet, but after a few weeks, she got habitual to get swaddled. Swaddling helped Ana to sleep for longer hours. So it is a win-win situation for you. 
  • The other trick that Maratha tried was she made Ana wear mittens. Mittens refrain the baby from scratching their face or rubbing their nose. However, if you try this tip, be very careful while choosing the right mitten for your baby. You need to ensure that the mittens are of the right size, as loose mittens would fall out while your baby tries to rub their face. While on the other hand, tight mittens would affect their blood circulation and can even leave back marks on your baby’s wrist. 

How Can I Unblock My Baby’s Nose Naturally?

How Can I Unblock My Baby's Nose Naturally?

If your little one has a congested nose due to which he is rubbing his nose continuously, then consider a few natural remedies to help your baby unblock his nose. I prefer not to use medicine for treating cold or blocked nose because according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the FDA has strongly discouraged the usage of over-the-counter cough and cold products for children under the age of two, as they can have severe and life-threatening side effects. 

Use Saline Drops

Saline Drops significantly helps to thin and clear your baby’s nose mucus by easing his congestion. And guess what? You can make your saline drops at home. All you need to do is warm one cup of water and mix half a teaspoon of salt in it. Cool the mixture before using. 

The right way to use saline drop is to tilt your baby’s head backward and add a few drops of the mixture in his nose. Keep him in this position for a minute or two. Try to add saline drops to his nose before nursing him so he could feed properly without any discomfort. 

Try Giving Steam To Your Baby

Steam can do wonders in unblocking your baby’s nose. Simply turn on the hot shower in your bathroom, and sit with your baby there.

You can also use a nebulizer and add peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils in the water to make breathing easier for your baby.

Place A Humidifier In Your Baby’s Room

A humidifier can help your baby to sleep peacefully at night. Just fill in the humidifier without adding any medication and place it near your baby’s crib. A humidifier also helps to relieve irritated and dry skin.

Use Natural Chest Rubs

The best time to apply Baby’s chest rub to your baby is right before bedtime as chest rubs help in soothing him to sleep and will help in unblocking your little one’s nose.

You can even create a homemade natural chest rub using a thick lotion and essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus.


My son used to rub his nose due to a blocked and congested nose. First, I tried for weeks to identify the main reason for him rubbing his nose. Once I identified that my son used to rub his nose due to congestion, I tried all the natural ways to see which one worked best. After his nose was clear, he stopped rubbing his nose and confirmed that nose congestion made him scratch his nose.  

However, each baby is different; hence your little one may have another reason to rub his nose. You just need to pay a bit more attention to identify the main reason that causes him to rub his nose or face. Once you have determined that if he is allergic, going through his teething phase, or getting uncomfortable due to a temperature change, then try to help him out. Soon you will notice that he will stop rubbing or scratching his face/nose. 

If you want to add something else or share your child’s story, please feel free to tell us about it in the comment section below; we will love to hear about it! 

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