Why Do Baby Clothes Have Pockets? – My Clothes Don’t Have Pockets But My Little One Have Many Pockets

While I was shopping for my baby, I couldn’t resist buying every cute dress in the shop. Babies’ clothing is so adorable and shopping for your handsome boy or adorable princess is like the cherry on the top. But one strange thing that I noticed and you might have as well noticed that baby clothes have pockets! What is the purpose of the pocket in the baby’s clothing? Do they have to carry around anything or keep something safe? You might question why do baby clothes have pockets? Let’s dig in deeper to find out why designers stitch pockets in the baby’s clothing?  

Pockets are stitched to make the clothing look aesthetic, and fascinating to your eyes. The human brain tends to buy things that seem familiar to them therefore designers sew pockets to make the clothing look realistic and increase the chances of you buying that item of clothing. But never buy just because you think it may look cute on your little one. You should also consider important factors like your child’s safety, comfort, weight, and the geographical season you are living in.  

What’s The Purpose Of The Pocket In My Baby’s Clothes?

What Is The Purpose Of The Pocket In My Baby's Clothes?

As a woman, I want pockets on my clothing because they’re useful for carrying a smartphone, wallet, house keys, and much more. But instead of having one single pocket on my dress, my 8 months old baby would have two on his shirt and two on his pants. I always wondered what a baby pocket can be used for. Then after doing some research and talking to my colleagues and friends I was finally able to identify my answer to the question that why do baby clothes have pockets?

To Attach Pacifier’s Clip:

If your little one is habitual of the pacifier well then you would know how frustrating it gets to find the missing pacifier. Especially if your baby has learned to crawl and occasionally drops the pacifier here and there.

If you are tired of finding every corner of your house to find the pacifier and looking for a way out then you can attach the pacifier to the pacifier clip and later fasten that clip on your baby’s cute little pocket. Now the pacifier will roam around with your baby and won’t fall in some mysterious place!

For Aesthetic Look:

You have to accept the fact that baby clothes with pockets look incredibly adorable and you can not resist purchasing them! Also, when your little man wears such clothes he looks like a complete gentleman. 

Looks Realistic: 

The designers and manufacturers of baby clothes make sure to design clothes that look realistic. By realistic I mean that these clothes resemble the adult’s clothes and look familiar.

As people tend to buy clothes based on their appearance, therefore the pockets do not only make baby clothes look appealing but the pockets also make them look familiar to you and hence causing you to buy them. 

What Factors Should I Consider While Purchasing My Babies Clothes?

What Factors Should I Consider While Purchasing My Babies Clothes?

Before doing shopping for clothes for your baby you must ensure that you buy clothes that are not only comfortable for your baby but they are safe, fashionable, easy to wear, and washable too. Therefore here are some important factors that you must consider before buying any of your baby’s clothes.

Safe To Wear:

It is very important to make sure that whatever you purchase meets the safety standards. Avoid buying clothes that have buttons, bows, hooks, and other decorative items that can cause choking hazards.

Also, you must refrain from buying clothes that have drawstrings and waistbands as they can cause strangulation. Lastly, make sure to buy fire-resistant clothes until he learns to walk.   

Comfortable To Wear:

Babies have very fragile and sensitive skin therefore you must always choose a fabric that is soft and comfortable to wear. Out in the market, there are some clothes that are made using harsh fabric which may result in rashes and other skin irritations.

Nylon and polyester are examples of fabric that you must avoid as they can cause skin sensitivity and discomfort to your baby because your baby is too small to take up moisture and regulate their body temperature.

Shop According To Your Baby’s Age And Size:

Never shop according to the age tag on the clothes as every baby has a different body shape and weight; some babies are broad while others have a narrow body type. The most ideal way to find the perfect fit for your little one is by weight.

Purchasing the appropriate size for your little one will not only make him comfortable but it will also allow him to move easily. Also, you must know that your baby grows at an amazingly fast rate, therefore when making your purchase always keep the growth-rate in your mind.

Easy To Wear And Take Off:

Dressing a newborn is a very difficult task, therefore, you must try to buy clothes that are easy to put on the baby and take off. 

  • You must purchase shirts that have wide necks so your baby’s neck easily passes through them. 
  • Try to find clothes that have zippers on the front instead of the backside, as zippers on the front are easier to open and close. 
  • Avoid buying shirts with tight sleeves.  

Shop According To The Season:

Whenever making your purchase keep the weather in mind. Try to purchase for the particular season that is ongoing and avoid buying clothes for the upcoming season as you do not know the growth rate of your baby and hence their size 3 or 6 months ahead. 


Babies can not keep their outfits neat and clean, you can expect dirty clothes with numerous stains and dirt. Therefore, you must purchase easily washable clothes; just simply look out for the tag of “machine-washable” on the clothes before buying them.

Try to buy clothes that are made up of 100% cotton as they are comfortable, durable, and washable. 


Baby’s clothes look very adorable and I always wished to purchase all the cute rompers, dungarees, t-shirts for my baby boy. And guess what? All kinds of baby clothing have one thing in common, cute little pockets. But like all of you, I always wondered what is the use of pocket for my little man when he has no responsibility to carry anything around.

Well, the pocket is one of the things designers have stitched to make it look like an adult cloth that has just shrunken down.  The pockets may appeal to you but before making your purchase you must ensure that you purchase clothes that are comfortable, safe, washable, durable, and according to your baby’s weight. Shop carefully and wisely! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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