Why Does My Baby Love Ceiling Fans? (Sign of Autism?)

Why Does My Baby Love Ceiling Fans?

For infants under 4 months old, their sense of vision is still developing. Except for items close to their eyes, much of the surroundings would appear blurry to them. They couldn’t pick out details with their underdeveloped sense of vision. Only light, moving objects … Read more

Wearable Blankets after Swaddling

Wearable Blankets after Swaddling

My friend called me with a question he had about sleep safety for his baby. During our chat, he told me a scary story that happened not long after his baby learned to roll over. In the middle of the night, he was suddenly … Read more

When Should I Sleep Train My Baby

When should I sleep train my baby?

We greeted the birth of our second born with joy and perhaps a little trepidation, for this time, we know what we were in for. We knew what it feels like to be sleep deprived with no end in sight. A loud cry will … Read more