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An infant baby is fidgeting in his sleep, and is now crying because he's woken up

Say Goodbye to Fidgety Babies: How to Ensure a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Sleep comes naturally to babies, but behavioral sleep problems, such as difficulty falling asleep independently, account for … Read more

A pregnant woman is using castor oil to help induce labor

Castor Oil 2 Days In A Row: Can You Use It Safely To Induce Labor

It is not uncommon for pregnant moms to try different natural ways to induce labor, from walking … Read more

Mom is helping her infant son learn to roll over from his tummy to his back

4 Tips To Help Your Baby Learn To Roll From Tummy To Back (And The Benefits Of Tummy Time)

Rolling over is one of the most anticipated and exciting milestones for babies, indicating that their development … Read more

An infant baby is falling asleep on his bed with a pacifier in his mouth and his stuffed toy animal with him.

Calm and Relaxed: Natural Sleep Aids for Babies

Essential oils that induce sleep are proven safe and natural sleep aids for babies. When babies have … Read more

A breastfeeding mom is eating a bowl of cooked sweet potatoes

Breastfeeding And Sweet Potatoes: A Recipe For Success

According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, sweet potato is a fall superfood rich in Vitamin A, … Read more

A young mom is at the store shopping for vegetables to maintain a healthy and clean diet while she's breastfeeding her baby

Vegetables To Avoid While Breastfeeding – How To Tell If Your Diet Is Affecting Your Baby?

During breastfeeding, a mother should consume a healthy diet with a little bit of everything from fruits … Read more

An infant boy is shown with a red measles rash on his face

Measles vs Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: How To Distinguish The Symptoms?

Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) and measles are two viral infections often mistaken as the other. … Read more

An infant boy is laying on his back playing with his socks and putting his feet in his mouth

Infant Shudder Syndrome and Autism, Do They Relate?

Infant shudder syndrome is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are vague and may mean different things … Read more

A mother is holding her crying baby unable to figure out if they're hungry or just gassy.

Is My Baby Hungry Or Just Gassy? (Signs To Look Out For & Soothing Techniques)

Babies are born with basic communication skills that help them let mom, dad, or a caregiver know … Read more

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