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When Do Babies Stop Drinking Formula or Breastmilk: Tips For Weaning

When do babies stop drinking formula or breastmilk

It was only yesterday when you were researching the best feeding bottles for your newborn and time has passed so quickly that your little one has now started crawling, sitting, and cruise walking. And, you wonder now how to wean your baby off of breastmilk or formula? When my bub turned one, I had millions […]

Why Won’t My Baby Take a Bottle?

Why won't my baby take a bottle?

Having a new baby is one of the most exciting times of your life, but it is also one of the most stressful. One common problem that often frustrates parents is when their new baby refuses a bottle. While this feels like the most unnatural thing in the world, it is quite common among newborns […]

Do Formula Fed Babies Need Water – Why and Why Not?

Do formula fed babies need water?

Hydration is important for all of us, and you might have reached this article while researching if your formula-fed baby needs water. Water supports the proper functioning of an infant’s body and plays a significant role in its development and growth. Good water intake is necessary, does your baby need water on the side on […]

How Much Should A 3 Month Old Eat

How Much Should A 3 Month Old Eat

Last updated on September 9th, 2020At 3 months old, your little baby is achieving new milestones and making big strides in personal development. Smiles are more common, and so is the cooing 🙂 Your baby’s body is developing at a rapid pace, and I know you want to make sure they’re well-fed during these times. […]