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Baby Has Black Spot On Tongue – Should I Be Alarmed?

Baby has black spot on tongue

Every mom’s horror story is waking up only to realize something about her baby seems off. With delicate infants, it could put you on heightened anxiety most of the time. Such as when you discover black patches in your newborn’s tongue that is certainly not just milk residue. Aside from being unsightly, does it cause […]

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Allergies in Newborn Babies

Allergies in Newborn Babies

Not knowing what’s bothering your baby is the most confusing and worrisome thought on the planet for a parent. One little sneeze and you start counting the number of things that can go wrong.  I have had the same experience with my baby, and I have had allergies in the beginning so I was dreading […]

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How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need For A Baby? – Cloth Diapering Tips

How many cloth diapers do you need for a baby?

Considering cloth diapers? When my little girl was barely a month old, we attended our first birthday party. My cousin’s boy was turning 1 year old and he received as a present, a kit of reusable cloth diapers. That’s an awkward gift, I thought. But apparently something caught my attention because I started doing some […]

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How To Tell If Baby Is Lethargic – Tips, Reasons & Behavioral Changes

How to tell if baby is lethargic

Is your baby sleeping more than usual? Do you feel they are not being their usual self? Do you think your baby is getting sluggish and inactive? While your little one might not speak or tell you what is troubling them, you as a parent can always tell if something is wrong with your child. […]

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How To Tell When Your Baby Is Done Nursing?

How to tell when baby is done nursing

New moms, while still trying to get accustomed to breastfeeding, may often wonder if the baby is getting enough milk. This is quite normal as every mother wants their baby properly nourished and unlike with bottle feeding, where you can measure the precise quantity of milk to feed the baby, it is difficult to ascertain […]

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Why Does My Baby Arch Her Back When Feeding?

Why does my baby arch her back when feeding?

Last updated on November 27th, 2020Having a newborn brings out all these worries in a mother’s head, specially for first time moms like myself. We closely monitor our babies’ every move, every cry and how different they are when our little one is asking for milk compared to their cry when they need a hug […]

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Christmas Newborn Outfit – Get Awesome Ideas Here

Christmas newborn outfit ideas

Christmas in 2020 is a bit odd, and quite frankly a little somber than it used to. But, if you have welcomed your little bundle just recently, you know it’s all worth the celebration. For some sense of normalcy amidst the raging pandemic, why not dress the baby up to spark some joy and love? […]

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Using White Noise To Get Baby To Sleep – Pros And Cons

White noise to get baby to sleep

After you become parents to a newborn, uninterrupted sleep will seem like a luxury that you can’t afford. When your baby is in the newborn phase and gets up every two hours, sleep for you will become a distant dream. White noise machine works like a miracle during this time, which helps a baby to […]

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Baby Room Temperature – What’s The Ideal Temperature That Babies Need?

Baby room temperature

While you were expecting, you probably already have a score of things to decorate your baby’s room. But more than the aesthetics, we suggest that you should also make sure that it is comfy and safe. Newborns and infants will not appreciate those motifs and decors yet. What they need is the best room temperature […]

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When Should I Burp My Baby – Baby Burping Dos & Don’ts

When should I burp my baby?

Baby burping is a great relief for parents because it means good health for your little one (and much fewer chances of spit ups). My first baby wasn’t easy to burp and had me trying for an hour at least. Taking an hour to burp is certainly not feasible for busy mommies, who have tons […]

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