Is It Safe To Cut Your Hair While Pregnant? (Myth Or Fact?)

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Cutting hair while being pregnant has many myths and superstitions associated with it, but the truth is- Yes, you can cut your hair if you want while being pregnant, and there’s absolutely no harm to you or your baby in doing so.

When it comes to pregnancy, there’s a sea of so many old wives’ tales, myths, and superstitions. It’s like every movement you make during your pregnancy will have a superstition attached to it.

Well-educated people will seem to forget about science and logic and believe these age-old myths regarding safeguarding the unborn baby.

Everybody has their own beliefs, and they can rightfully follow them too, but imposing those same beliefs on another individual, especially when they’re pregnant and dealing with drastic hormonal changes, isn’t right.

The number of myths I’ve heard when I was pregnant is endless. Superstitions like pregnant women shouldn’t go for a walk or leave the house after sunset, and if I have a round belly, I might have a girl, and if I have a long belly, then it’s a boy.

A myth that my parents, relatives believed the most was the impact of the moon on my pregnancy.

The chances of giving birth increase on a full moon day, and also babies born on different moon phases decided the baby’s personality and destiny.

Is it safe to cut your hair when you’re pregnant?

A young pregnant woman is at the salon getting her hair cut.

Cutting hair while being pregnant is the most controversial topic among people -whether it’s safe or not, and it isn’t like only your parents or grandparents will disagree with you cutting your hair. Still, even the hairdressers in some salons are very hesitant to cut a pregnant woman’s hair.

My friend, here in Bengaluru, went to a high-end salon for a haircut when she was in her 2nd trimester. While talking to her hairdresser, she mentioned her pregnancy, and the hairdresser completely denied his service to her.

He believed that cutting a pregnant woman’s hair will negatively affect the unborn baby, and he didn’t want any part in it. The salon apologized to her and denied their service to her. Many of you might consider this completely bizarre, but this is what happens around the world.

But scientifically and logically, I can assure you that there’s no connection between getting your haircut and your unborn baby.

Pregnancy comes with its own ups and downs, and sometimes, even if it’s to look good or wanting to get manageable hair, postpartum can make you want to get a haircut and rest assured, there’s no effect at all on the unborn baby.

And not just cutting your hair, studies indicate that getting hair dye is also safe during pregnancy. This is because very few chemicals would actually be absorbed in the bloodstream, which isn’t harmful to you or the baby.

Tips for getting a haircut during pregnancy

A young recently pregnant woman is smiling after getting a fresh haircut.

Select a suitable hairstyle

Pregnancy for many women can make their face look fuller or more round. So, pick a style that accentuates your features and looks good on you.

Also, don’t get a hairstyle that needs too much managing in day to day life, because once that little bundle of joy arrives, trust me, your hands are going to be full (so don’t go for bangs that rest on your eyes- you don’t need your visions obstructed when you have to look after a baby).

Avoid crowded salons

Given this pandemic situation, it’s best to avoid any crowded place now, especially a salon.

So, if your favorite salon is always buzzing in with many people, then make a prior appointment for a time when there are hardly any customers. This can be right when the salon opens or before the closing time.


Is it better to have short hair while pregnant?

Get a haircut that suits your body and face proportion as it’s likely to change during your pregnancy.

How can I hide my grey hair during pregnancy?

You can either dye your hair, or you can go for washable sprays, mascaras, or even dry shampoos that you can apply to the grey hair directly.

Is it safe to retouch your hair during pregnancy?

Getting highlights in your hair strands is not considered unsafe, but if you’re still hesitant, then you can always consult your doctor before dying your hair.


So, in short, keep those myths away from you, and you can happily and worry-free gets your haircut done during your pregnancy.

Also, comment down below the best and worst myths you’ve heard while you were pregnant.

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