Little Girl Bedroom Ideas On a Budget (Age 2-5)

Decorating little girls’ rooms can be fun and so satisfying once you see how much your little princess loves it. Decorating can be an easy way to get your toddler to become more motivated to sleep in their own bed in their room.

It’s also an inspiring way to boost your child’s mood and even encourage creativity.

Sadly, doing a full renovation can take a long time and may cost too much. The good news is that you can still decorate and customize your little girl’s room without having to spend a lot.

All you need are a few creative touches that add to the room’s overall appeal. You can even change the entire room’s appearance without drilling a single hole in the wall.

Here are a few creative, easy, and low-cost ideas that you can do to

Cute Wall Decals

Wall decals are probably the cheapest yet most versatile room decor you can avail for your little girl. You can choose from a full range of options when it comes to these creative stickers.

The best-selling designs are unicorns, butterflies, and flowers. But don’t get limited to those varieties as there are so many more you can choose from online. All you have to do is to determine your little girl’s interests and then you can easily look up for a wall decal with that theme.

For example, if your little girl is fond of stars, there are plenty of those available online with many variations such as 3D and glow in the dark.

When designing with wall decals, you can be as minimal or as outrageous as you want to be, depending on how you think your daughter would like it.

Some ideas for decorating with wall decals are as follows:

  • Cover an entire wall for accent. This strategy is ideal if the room has a bare wall that is free of distractions and does not contain any wall hangings like portraits or mirrors. It’s a great way to brighten the entire room without making use of all corners.
  • Dot or cover all four corners. This is the total opposite of the previous strategy. If you want your little girl’s room to transform completely so it feels like their own little world in there, this is how you can achieve that. For example, filling an entire room with glow-in-the-dark star decals can give the room an outer space or night sky feeling.
  • Focus decals on a single subject. For example, you can surround your daughter’s portrait or her bed’s headboard with flowers or butterflies. This method works perfectly if you feel a bit conservative about filling an entire wall with stickers.

Stuffed Animal Toy Storage

Almost every little girl loves a stuffed animal (or ten!) That is why it is sometimes a challenge to keep them all organized all the time. You might have even tried to display them neatly on shelves until you ran out of shelf space.

Your daughter might love keeping them close with her on the bed, but you know that would only make the bed too stuffy, and if your little girl is still too young, they might increase the risk of suffocation.

The most creative solution to this dilemma is a designated stuffed animal storage space. It’ like a giant bean bag that you can fill with stuffed animals. The best thing is that it doubles as a floor plushy or couch for your little girl’s bedroom.

Here are other advantages of keeping your daughter’s stuffed animals in such a way:

  • It protects stuffed animals from dust and mold.
  • It keeps all stuffed toys in one neat and creative space.
  • It protects stuffed animals from tears and damage.
  • You can take out one stuffed animal at a time so your little girl won’t get tired of them, and they don’t get worn down as much
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Soft Pastel Rug

Rugs work best to add a pop of color to your girl’s bedroom if the floor is tiled or wooden. A rug is the perfect addition to give the room a soft touch. It can be as wide as you want to cover almost the entire floor space, or maybe just a small piece to put on the center as an accent and for your child to sit on while she plays.

The great thing about rugs is that there are so many options available. Aside from varying shapes and sizes, materials also come in many forms. You can choose between a plush velvet rug, or a fluffy fur-like texture to add some layer to the floor.

Just make sure to learn how to properly care for your rug depending on its type of material.

Here are a few care tips for rugs:

  • Regularly vacuum the rug on both sides -the exposed side, and the side that comes in contact with the floor. Vacuuming won’t remove all of the deep-seated dirt within the pile of fabric, but it will help minimize the buildup since you are regularly removing and preventing surface dirt from getting further inside. It also gets rid of most of the dust and other allergens that can easily come loose if the rug is patted or touched. Vacuuming will help you keep the rug fairly clean until it it’s time for a deep-clean.
  • Rotate your rug at least once a year. If your little girl’s bedroom is well-lit with lots of sun, the sunlight may cause it to fade over time. Getting some sun is a good way to disinfect any cloth material such as rugs, but the color on the side that is exposed the most will look a lot lighter and make the rug uneven. It is fairly easy to make sure you have an even-looking rug by simply making sure that all sides get an equal amount of sun throughout the years.
  • Use furniture coasters or avoid placing furniture over your rugs. Furniture may crush the fibers of your rug and create depressions that will ruin the rug’s look. As much as you can, avoid placing furniture on your rug. If it cannot be avoided, there are furniture coasters available online and at furniture stores.
  • Invest in a rug pad. Rug pads may seem a bit unnecessary and just add to the cost. However, if you have a rug that your little girl absolutely loves, won’t you want to keep if looking nice and protect it from wear and tear as much as possible? A rug pad is an easy fix to solve this.
  • Have your rug professionally cleaned. There are certain types of dirt that regular house cleaning cannot fix. These include mold spores, dust mites, and bad odors like smoke and urine. Having your rug cleaned deeply by professionals takes care of these types of dirt without having to damage your rug’s fabric. Having it cleaned once a year on average is best, but if your little girl is sensitive to allergens, or if your rug encountered multiple spills or comes in contact with food, you might have to do it a lot sooner or more often.

Girly Night Lights

If your little girls is afraid of the dark, night lights can double up as a source of comfort on top being a cute decorative piece. Night light are wonderful. They are not only pretty to look at in the dark and can distract your little one from night terrors, but they can also be so much fun, entertaining, and even educational.

The most popular night lights feature the night sky such as stars, planets and the moon. Others feature animals.

There are so many designs to choose from, and you can base your choice depending on your daughter’s favorite characters. You can place it at her bedside, or somewhere where the lights can easily project all over the room.

Window Drapes/Curtains

Curtains are one of the easiest ways you can change the look of a room. As for curtains and drapes, your options are almost limitless. You can choose colors that compliment your little girl’s room, or choose a design based on her favorite colors and characters to give the room a pop of inspiration.

Girly window curtains
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One brilliant idea is blackout drapes with star accents. These thick curtains are effective at blocking out the sun, just like any good blackout drapes. The brilliant thing about them is that they have tiny cutouts that let a small amount of sun come in in different areas.

The design has the effect of little stars dotting the drapes. It may even twinkle with the movement of the cloth and the changing of the direction and intensity of the sunlight outside.

It’s perfect for nap-times as it keeps the room cool and dim, but not too dark because of the little “stars” that dot it throughout.

One good reason to choose blackout drapes for your little girl’s room is to improve their sleep during nap times.

Toddlers and little kids usually find it hard to fall asleep in noisy or stimulating areas. Intense light during the day time has the same effect.

With blackout drapes, your little angel will doze right off easily.

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