My Toddler Has A Fever But No Other Symptoms – Should I Be Worried?

A fever can be very scary for parents, especially if you are a first-time mom. It’s something your child will occasionally experience, so instead of getting scared or calling the doctor, you’ll need to learn why it is happening, how to treat your child, and when is the right time to consult a doctor. Moreover, with the widespread Covid-19, it is okay for you to worry more about your child’s well-being, as Covid and fever symptoms are quite similar. But there is a possibility that your child has a fever due to some infection or other reason. 

Fever is a prevalent condition that your child will experience. The most common fever symptoms are an increase in body temperature; your baby will get fussy and sleepy. If your toddler gets fever-like previous times, then it is nothing to worry about; treat like you used to. However, if you think something is fishy, then do not wait and consult your doctor as no one knows a baby better than his mother. 

How to identify fever in my child?

Whenever your toddler experiences a fever, it is an indication that he has a healthy immune system, and his body is fighting against some infection in his body.

Some of the signs and symptoms that indicate that your toddler has a fever:

How to check my child’s temperature?

A toddler boy is getting checked by his parents for a fever. He has a thermometer placed in his armpit to test his current temperature.

There are various thermometers for children; each one measures it differently and has distinct accuracy. Some are suitable for a particular age group; hence you must always read the user’s manual before using it to measure the temperature.

The fastest and most accurate thermometer is a digital thermometer. Place the thermometer under his armpit to get a general idea about the temperature.

If your child is above 4 years, you can place a digital thermometer under his tongue to get an accurate reading of his body’s temperature. You can also use thermometers that are inserted in the ear or pressed against the forehead for older kids. 

Usage of fever strips, pacifier thermometer, and glass thermometers are highly discouraged. 

What causes a fever to happen?

A fever is not something you should worry about, but the reason why it is happening is something you need to look into. Most of the time, fever occurs due to infection in the body. Fever stimulates the natural defense mechanisms of the immune system to fight against the infection.

Some of the common reasons why fever occurs are:

Is it a Fever or Covid-19?

Signs for Fever and Covid-19 are similar, making it very difficult for parents to identify. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cough or a fever, or both, are the most common signs of Covid-19. But many doctors reported that children who tested positive for Covid experienced fever, diarrhea, congestion, or shortness of breath. 

Some of the more prominent signs of Covid are loss of taste, smell, abdominal pain, headache, and sore throat. But again, some of these symptoms are signs of other illnesses. But as a parent, you know your child best. Monitor his pattern of getting a fever; if it happens every year at this time, then you can relax as it is nothing but a fever due to change in weather. 

Parents are also concerned about the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in their children (MIS-C), but this illness is not very common. MIS-C symptoms include persistent, prolonged fever, skin rash, red eyes, lips and tongue, and swollen hands and feet.

There is still research going on about Covid and its impact on children. It’s said that children are less likely to get COVID-19 than adults, and if they do contract COVID-19, they generally have less serious illness than adults.

How to care for my toddler with a fever?

A toddler girl with a fever is getting her much needed rest to recover.

Here are a few ways to treat your little darling, who has a fever. 


You can give ibuprofen or acetaminophen as per the package recommendation according to your little one’s age. If you do not know the proper dosage, then consult your doctor.

You must understand that fever medicine will only lower the body temperature and reduce body pain; it won’t treat the main reason why the fever happened. Never give medication to infants younger than two months without consulting your doctor. 

Proper Comfort:

Do not overdress your child when he has a fever. Please dress your child lightly and cover his body with a cozy blanket. Make sure that the temperature of your child’s room is of the right temperature. 

Healthy Diet:

You need to ensure that your little one is having a sufficient amount of liquid to prevent dehydration. You can consider giving water, soup, and fresh juices. Let them eat what they want to eat in a limited amount, and do not force them to eat. 


If your child is school-going, make him stay at home and take proper rest. 

When to consult a doctor?

You must immediately consult a child specialist if your child…

  • Has a stiff neck or light is hurting their eyes
  • Is vomiting and refusing to drink much
  • Has a rash
  • Is sleeping more than usual
  • Has problems with breathing
  • Has pain that doesn’t get better with pain relief medication
  • Has a fever for more than two days and without any apparent reason
  • Condition is worsening day by day
  • Has the weak immune system 
  • Has a Seizure


Fever is a common condition which you can not save your child from. So instead of worrying, identify its primary cause and treat it appropriately. If the situation deteriorates with time, seek help from a reputable child specialist. 

I have two sons, and both of them get a fever occasionally. Now I know what to do and when it’s the right time to give them medicine. If their temperature doesn’t drop after 72 hours, then I consult my doctor. My second son was born when Covid was at its peak, but it never happened to my son until now. 

I hope this article helps you out. If you have any further questions, you can ask them in the comment section below. Also, you can share your experience or add some useful information regarding this topic.  

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