My Toddler Sleeps With Covers Over Her Head – Should I Be Worried?

Hey there, Mama,

As parents, we can never seem to stop worrying about our kids, and well, it definitely should be this way. Sometimes, it’s our instincts that save the day.

While talking about your toddler covering her head while sleeping, it does seem harmless unless it’s hindering her breathing. Pillows, blankets, and soft toys are a big no-no if your little one is less than 6 months old to avoid the risk of SIDS.

Babies under the age of 6 months should always be laid on their back to sleep, while babies above 7 or 8 months are okay to sleep on their chest if they have mastered the skill of rolling from back to chest and to their back again.

A child who’s 2 years or older can realize if something is a hindrance to her.

So, if she tends to cover her face while sleeping and is uncomfortable, she will tend to push off the blanket off of her face.

Having said that, it might be better if you offer her a ‘blankie’ which is light, has a less thread count, and breathable.

My niece will always sleep with her face covered, and at times, she’ll wake up soaking wet and yet will sleep with her face covered even if the rest of her body is not covered. If we ask her why she does it, she’ll just shrug and walk away.

Today, she’s 8 years old and still covers her face with a blanket or the bedspread, and I think this preference will last till she grows out of the habit.

Reasons why toddler likes to sleep with face covered

A toddler boy is sleeping in his bed, with his face covered.

A child at the age of 2 or more craves control. They want to control things surrounding them. They like everything to go around them as they please.

So, covering her face with a blanket is also her way of controlling the way she sleeps. Trying to remove that blanket off of her face is like trying to poke a sleeping bear (trust me, you don’t want to mess with a sleeping bear!)

As long as she seems comfortable with the blanket on her face, it’s okay to leave it that way.

There are other reasons why toddlers seem to cover their faces. They might do it to maybe block any light entering their room or their fear of monsters under the bed.

So, the thought of “If I cover my face, they won’t be able to see me” runs around their mind, and because of this, they’ll prefer to cover their face and sleep.

If this is the reason, you offering your toddler a see-through blanket, or a knitted blanket with holes/gaps in between won’t work.

So, as I mentioned before, try offering a light blanket, one that doesn’t have holes and yet is a little see-through and easily breathable.

Light sleeping blanket for toddlers who like to cover their face when sleeping

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If she does it just out of comfort, then my advice to you is to just leave her be. As she grows and still follows this preference, then you might be comfortable with offering her options, but for now, as long as enough air is able to pass through the blanket, let your toddler sleep covering her face.

Toddler brother and sister are laying in the bed with their face covered.

So, Mama, stop worrying. It’s alright to let your toddler sleep with her face covered.

If you still worry then check once in a while when she’s sleeping if she’s doing okay just to give you peace of mind, and I’m sure as time goes by, you’ll get comfortable with the idea too.

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