Where Should Your Newborn Sleep During The Day – Where To Sleep & Things To Remember

There might be many questions in your head as a parent to a newborn. You must be puzzled by a lot of things. While putting them to sleep in their crib or beside you is something you do at night. What about naps during the day?

As a newborn, your little one will tend to do these things pretty often and with no routine: sleep, feed, and poop. Over time, you must form all these habits as it helps both you and your baby. Your little one likely won’t start establishing a regular sleep routine until around 8 to 12 weeks of age. Even then, their sleep schedule will keep changing, thanks to developmental milestones, travel, and other common sleep routine disruptions.

So let’s solve some of your puzzles and find out where is it that your baby will feel comfortable while sleeping? What you should and shouldn’t do, and tips and tricks to make your baby sleep faster if you want to create a routine.

How often do newborns sleep during the day?

How often do newborns sleep during the day?

As we all know that newborns tend to sleep more, eat more, and also poop more. They also tend to do these activities frequently and without any time schedule. This is why the first 6 months are very crucial and a difficult time period for new parents. No parent can get enough sleep because they must make sure their little one is comfortable and healthy.

Your little one needs all the rest and sleep they can get, so even after sleeping during the nights, they also need sleep during the day. As a newborn, they still aren’t over the feeling of being out of their mother’s womb and need that security and rest to develop and grow. Generally speaking, your newborns need around 8-9 hours of sleep during the day.

They don’t tend to sleep for a whole stretch of 8-9 hours at a time. As newborns have small stomachs, they wake up infrequently to feed and then go back to sleep. After 3 months, you can see a change in their increased sleeping schedule and less frequent feeds, and this goes on until they form a schedule.

Where will my newborn sleep during the day?

Where will my newborn sleep during the day?

As a newborn, your baby needs a safe place to fall asleep. Somewhere where there is not too hot or too cold, they are not disturbed by external disturbances.

  • As soon as you realize your baby is falling asleep, you should put them in their crib if you prefer it that way. While some parents prefer a separate room for their little one since the beginning, some parents choose to put the crib next to their bed in the same room they sleep.
  • It’s ideal that when newborn sleeps, moms should get some sleep too. So when your newborn takes their naps, you should sleep with them. You can also put them to sleep on the same bed. Just remember to place pillows on their open side so they are safe and don’t smother them too much.
  • What matters most is that there should be consistency in the place where you put your baby to sleep. If there is consistency, it will automatically condition their mind that this is the place where they sleep. It would help avoid any irritability or fussiness in the future.

Your baby is delicate when they are a newborn, so you must keep in mind where you put them to sleep. You can’t just place them anywhere when they want to sleep. You need to see if the area is well protected and comfortable for them to sleep in.

Tips to help your newborn sleep better

While putting them to sleep in a comfortable and safe place is essential, there are other things that you must keep in mind when putting them to sleep.

Noise and Light

Keep the surroundings quiet and shaded from sunlight. This is a vital thing to remember when you are putting your baby to sleep. When your little one was in your womb, he/she was habitual of a closed and dark place.

So now that they are new to this world, they are sensitive to everything around them. Create a peaceful environment for them and draw blinds or curtains to have a dark room.

Sleeping Position

Always put your baby to sleep on their back, this is important as they are a newborn and don’t want them to suffocate themselves.

They haven’t learned how to turn yet and will be safe sleeping on their back as it’s easier to breathe.

Spacious Crib

If you are putting them to sleep in their crib, then make sure you keep the crib free of other things. Don’t crowd the crib with things like toys or pillows until they are 3 months or older. As a newborn, they are very sensitive so keep it free of other stuff.


Overheating is another problem you should keep in check. You don’t want to dress your baby up in layers or keep the room temperature high.

This would be a mistake since overheating is a primary issue of infant deaths. So keep this issue in mind while dressing up your baby for the night.


Pacifiers are an excellent way to make your baby feel comfortable and put them to sleep if they feel irritated. But don’t force one on them if they reject it, and don’t put it back if it has fallen while they are sleeping.

Outside Naps

If you are somewhere outside and as a newborn does, they will doze off then wake them up in less than 90 minutes if they don’t wake up automatically. Feeding frequently is a necessity for newborns. Sometimes they might not wake up naturally.

If you are outside and your baby falls asleep, they also keep a check on their outfits. It is vital to keep them layer free as to not overheat. Most places are temperature maintained, so if you feel hot, so does your newborn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a newborn sleep too much during the day?

If your child isn’t a newborn, they might be sleeping a little too much because they might have exhausted themselves due to physical activities.

As a newborn, your baby needs 8-9 hours of sleep, which is also not all simultaneously, but if they are sleeping for a longer time, it’s best to consult your doctor.

Is it bad to hold baby during naps?

It’s nothing bad to hold your baby while they nap. As long as you are okay, if they sleep on your lap and don’t disturb them, it’s okay.

You can also swaddle them to sleep. But if you think they can get disturbed while being with you, then place them on the bed or crib on their back.

Why does my newborn stay awake for hours?

Overstimulation can be a major factor leading to long waking hours for your little one.

Babies can’t express themselves clearly before 2-3 months, especially when they’re a newborn. It’s best to calculate and form a habit of naps for them and feeding them too.

How do you get an overtired newborn to sleep?

As you know, an active baby doesn’t get into the mood to sleep that easily. It would help if you created a sleepy environment for them. By this I mean you need to take them to a room where it’s quiet.

Draw the curtains or blinds and make sure there is no sound in the room. Swaddle them gently in your arms, and soon they will start feeling sleepy.

What should I do when my newborn is awake?

Newborn babies have a limited understanding of things at this point in their age. They get distracted easily and are sensitive to their surroundings. So if you show them rattle toys, they will be laughing in no matter of time.

I give my little one simple toys appropriate for his age range. If you want to engage with them, try making noises or faces in front of them to get attention.


Newborn babies sleep a lot, and they do so frequently. This not only helps them grow and develop but also helps them adjust to the outside world. This only happens when they are a newborn. Over time, it becomes better as they start adjusting according to your schedule.

Sometimes it won’t be that natural. You will have to form a habit for them to follow, condition them into falling asleep at a certain time and adjust it according to your schedule. By the time they’re 5 months old, about half of babies will be more or less sleeping on their parents’ plan.

Keep in mind some things while making sure they get a sound sleep during the day. While comfort is an essential factor, if you fix a place for them to sleep, they will feel more comfortable each time they sleep in that place.

As a parent to a newborn, you need strength and determination to pull through the infant stage. But trust me when I say it becomes better when to start forming a routine for them to follow. Now get some sleep!

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