Why Does My Baby Always Stare At Me? – Is It Normal?

It’s completely normal for your baby to stare at you. Babies’ brains are constantly developing and evolving, so if she stares at you, then it’s because she recognizes you and is fascinated by you. Babies often stare at people’s faces if they have spotted bright, shining jewelry, or contrasting colors on your top, or even your beauty and facial expressions.

Don’t you just love those videos where a baby keeps staring at her mother adoringly and will smile every time the mother turns towards the baby? Oh, those moments melt my heart completely.

Before becoming a mother, I used to freak out if I find a baby staring at me for more than 5 minutes. But now, when I found out my own son sometimes staring at me randomly, it called for much-needed research (by research, I mean Google it).

So, here’s what I found out, scientists have done in-depth studies to learn about a baby’s fascination behind staring at a person’s face or into space, and it’s because this tiny little human’s brain is evolving and discovering new things every waking second.

By staring, babies try to take in, learn new things like expressions on your face, bright colors on your t-shirt, shining gold earrings, or staring at an object like a ceiling fan because of its constant movement.

Eye contact is one of the first milestones babies achieve, and it lets you know that now your baby can recognize you. Through facial expressions like eye contact and a simple smile, a deep bond and communication are shared between the parent and the child.

Reasons why babies stare

A 2-month baby is starting at her mom.

You’re attractive

Babies tend to be mesmerized by anything or anyone beautiful and attractive. So chances are why your baby stares at you is that she finds you beautiful and is completely taken by you.

Although they don’t hold the standard that society holds of what beauty means, these innocent babies are more than often enchanted by beautiful people and will stare at them or smile at them constantly.

If you find your baby staring at you, then simply talk to her, keep chatting, or tell her about your day or what you’re doing. Do it with expressions, so she learns more. Play with her, or keep her busy with different toys.

Baby is attracted to bright colors

Be it a toy, a book, or even the t-shirt you’re wearing, and if it has bright, contrasting colors, then your baby is sure to stare at it.

Your baby is still learning and discovering so many things in this world, and any contrasting colors are kept side by side will make your little one fascinated by it.

When a baby stares at you, it’s both intellectual and emotional. For example, when your 5-month-old baby stares at you, she might be able to connect food and the feeder. It’s only through eye contact that babies learn to identify voices.


Once locked in her brain, even if you speak from a place where she can’t see you, she’ll still recognize that it’s you because she learned through eye contact that the voice comes from you.

So, if your baby is staring at you, sing, talk or speak to her. Take this as an opportunity to teach your child about different things. It can also be a great way to stimulate language development in children by teaching them about different objects.

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