Baby Boy Keeps Peeing Out Of Diaper (4 Reasons Why And Solutions)

Pee leaking from a baby’s diaper may occur when a diaper doesn’t fit properly. A diaper that’s too large may prevent the pee from being absorbed before it leaks out, while a diaper that’s too small may not be absorbent enough. Baby boys may experience urine leaks around their belly button because their penis is pointed up instead of towards the diaper, and the urine stream will wet the waistband of their diapers and whatever lies beyond. Your baby boy’s diaper should sit somewhat snuggly over the belly button with no large gaps or openings.

Every boy mom knows that boys are notorious for getting their pee everywhere, and changing their diaper requires a lot more concentration and skills with super speed to avoid getting peed on right on the face!

There’s nothing more frustrating than changing your baby’s diaper, putting them in freshly cleaned outfits, and doing it all over again in just ten minutes’ because their diapers have leaked.

Why do boys’ diapers leak?

It is not just a baby boy thing to have leaky diapers, parents of baby girls can also have pee-soaked baby clothes taking over their laundry, but leaks are more common due to a boy’s anatomy.

Here are the most common reasons why your little man keeps peeing out of his diapers.

1. The diaper is too small

If your baby’s diaper regularly leaks, you might need to size up.

A diaper that’s not big enough for your baby will not be able to provide enough absorbency, causing their pee to leak into the waistband and out of the sides.

As they grow, they produce more urine and have bigger streams, and if their diaper is too small, it won’t be able to contain all the liquid.

2. The diaper is too big

Mom notices that the diaper she's using for her baby boy is too big

A diaper that’s too big for your son will not work effectively.

The pee will leak out the sides of the diaper if they don’t have a snug fit.

The problem with a larger diaper isn’t absorbency. It is that without a close fit, the pee will leak out the sides of the waistband.

3. His penis is pointing up

The reason why baby boys keep peeing out of their diapers more often than girls is down to their anatomy.

If your boy’s penis is pointed upwards in their diapers when they pee, their urine is less likely to go into the most absorbent part of their diaper.

When their penis is pointed upwards, their pee is likely to go up into the diaper’s waistband, where there’s no absorbency causing the liquid to leak up around their belly button and their back.

4. They need to be changed more often

Babies need to be changed regularly to keep their skin clean and dry to avoid incidences of recurring diaper rash.

If you’re not changing your baby regularly, their diaper will leak. 

The longer you leave your little man in a wet diaper, the more likely that pee starts to seep out around the waistband and leak out the sides.

Just like squeezing a sponge, the pee will leak out if you put pressure on a full diaper. If your son sits down on a full-to-burst diaper, his pee will leak out due to the compression.

Also, if they pee again into an already full diaper, the urine will not be absorbed and will leak out onto his skin and clothes.

How do I stop my baby boy from peeing out his diaper?

Mom is putting a diaper on her infant son

Changing diapers isn’t exactly fun, and you don’t want to do it more often than necessary.

Still, if you have fitting issues, you will be changing diapers and even full outfits because leaks are going to happen a lot.

But fear not, boy moms, you don’t have to be at the mercy of diaper changes forever.

Below are simple steps you can take to try and keep your baby’s pee in their diaper and not up to their back and all over their clothes.

1. Use a bigger diaper

A diaper that’s too small will not be able to contain the larger streams of pee your baby is producing now that he is a grown boy.

If their diapers are too small, they will not be absorbent enough, and leaks are bound to happen. 

It’s an easy problem to fix. You just need to start using the next diaper size.

2. Use a smaller diaper

Just as a diaper that’s too small can cause urine leaks, so can a diaper that’s too big. If the baby’s diapers are too big, there won’t be a snug fit, and pee will inevitably leak everywhere. 

Switching to a smaller size will help prevent leaks. Getting a close fit is important for your baby’s comfort, and their diapers won’t leak as easily.

3. Point their penis down 

Your baby boy’s urine stream will travel in the direction his penis is pointing. If it’s pointing up towards his belly button, you’re more likely to change a wet baby the next time he pees.

To prevent this from happening, point their penis down when you change their diaper aiming it down in the absorbent part of the diaper so when they urinate, the liquid gets soaked up and doesn’t leak everywhere.

Signs your baby’s diaper fits properly 

Here’s a checklist of the signs that your baby’s diaper fits correctly:

  1. Your baby is wearing the correct size for their weight.
  2. The diaper’s waistband fits just below your baby’s belly button.
  3. The waistband fits snugly. Not tight and not loose.
  4. There are no gaps between your baby’s belly, thighs, back, and the diaper material.
  5. The diaper covers all of your baby’s bottom.
  6. The diaper does not leave red marks on any part of your baby’s body.


Do diapers expire?

No. The consensus from the two top leading manufacturers is that diapers do not have a limited shelf life, so they do not expire.

How do I stop my baby from leaking at night?

Apart from using a reliable brand, change your baby’s diaper just before bedtime.

You can also change them in the middle of the night and always consider going up a diaper size.

How do you know when a diaper is too small?

Red marks around your baby’s upper leg and tummy are the key things to look out for from the elastic in the diaper.

If the diaper also looks a little on the snug side when you put it on your baby, then that’s another signal.


While the diaper size may appear to fit your baby, the amount of pee may have increased with his growth.

So their diapers may not be able to absorb the larger amounts of urine.

Fortunately, these leaks are a common, preventable problem with some easy fixes that don’t need to worry you and your little boy. 

And to avoid changing his sheets more often and avoid washing loads of pajamas, you can use nighttime-specific diapers that are better designed to prevent leaks, allowing you and your son a better night of rest.

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