How To Teach Girls To Wipe From Front To Back? (Important Wiping Tips To Teach)

Potty training is essential for children to learn in their toddlerhood. Before you teach them the proper technique, explain why wiping from front to back is necessary. Little kids learn things faster when they know the cause and effect, which could be a bad urinary tract infection. Do enough practice sessions with them and use diagrams, charts, videos, and books to teach them. Get them their favorite toilet paper, or use a reward system, so it’s fun to learn. Remember to also teach other essential bathroom etiquettes, like proper hand washing.

As your little girl grows up, they’ll need to be potty trained and taught how to use the washroom correctly. Teaching the right way to wipe their bum is good for them from a hygiene point of view and makes them feel independent.

As brutal as it is raising children, making them habitual of these new routines and habits can be fun. It will make your little girl get eager to learn these new habits.

And while you’re wondering why it is essential to teach them to wipe from front to back, there’s a logical reason behind it. Let’s take a look.

Why is it important to teach my girl child to wipe from front to back?

Before you teach your little girl how to wipe right, it’s vital to know why.

As adults, we might need to remember over time why wiping from front to back is essential.

Those who have a vagina have a vulva, urethra, and anus located not far apart from each other. The chances of bacteria spreading are pretty high if proper care isn’t taken to clean the area.

When you wipe from back to front, the feces can get near the urethra and cause various infections, such as urinary tract infections or bladder infections. 

Therefore, you must teach them to wipe from front to back, preventing feces from causing infections in the urethra. Unless your child has a physical limitation, please teach them to wipe from front to back.

When do you know your toddler daughter is ready to be potty trained?

A toddler girl is getting comfortable with potty training by practicing the concept with her toy doll

When you wish to teach your little girl how to start wiping her bum correctly, notice if they’re ready for it.

They will either start going to the washroom whenever they want to pee or poop. Their diapers might become drier by the day as they don’t wish to use them anymore.

Also, see if they’re already learning to pull their pants down and are willing to use the toilet seat. They should be able to reach their hands back to their bum.

But if they’re not showing any signs of wanting to learn how to poop by themselves and are reluctant every time you try, you might want to give them a little more time to come to that point.

How to teach your girl child to wipe from front to back?

Teaching potty training to your child can seem like a chore if you think it is. Starting from a mindset of making learning fun while teaching the correct technique can make things fun for you and your child.

This way, they would also be interested in learning the process. So let’s see how you should go about it.

1. Teaching the importance of cleanliness

Mom is practicing potty training with her toddler daughter by spending time sitting on the toilet to get comfortable with it.

Before you teach them how to wipe their bum from front to back, the parent must teach the importance of wiping cleanly.

Kids learn faster when you tell them the reason behind it. If you ask them to do a thing without adequately explaining the reason behind it, be it anything, they will become stubborn and might not be interested in the activity.

They will be eager to learn when you tell them how wiping their bum clean can help prevent any itching or feeling dirty. Along the lines, you could also explain how important it is to wipe from front to back.

Kids might not have a vast vocabulary at this age, but they understand when you try to explain something.

2. Teaching them the technique

It’s easier to insert your hand between your legs when sitting on the toilet seat, but it’s challenging to do the front-to-back swipe this way.

Therefore, teach them how to make their way to their bum by going around from the back.

Teach them to take enough toilet paper and fold it wisely before wiping it. If they aren’t using enough toilet paper or not folding it, they will end up smearing poo on their hands.

Another thing is to ensure their feet are leveled and not dangling from the floor. Make sure you place a stool beneath their feet, which will help in pooping.

Make sure they aren’t resting their back on the toilet seat and are leaning forward, so there is space in the back when they want to clean their bum.

3. Make it interesting

You can make pooping a bit more interesting for your little girl by investing in toiletries which they like.

For example, you can let them choose toilet paper in a specific color or print. You can choose a stool to put beneath their feet of their preference. You can also let them select the kind of panties they will start wearing.

First, make them practice before letting them do everything on their own.

Of course, you’ll have to present when they start popping on the toilet seat until they learn how to do it correctly. Holding their hands is an excellent way to teach them how to wipe correctly.

It does take 21 days to learn a new habit or activity so remember patience and practice are essential.

4. Use videos and charts to teach

Visual aids are the best way for children to learn something. You can choose some videos online or get charts showing how to wipe correctly from front to back.

Some books also show how important it is to poop and wipe it clean.

Let's Go to the Potty!: A Potty Training Book for Toddlers

There must also be gender-specific books that can help teach your little girl.

5. Reward them from time to time

While they’re still learning to wipe correctly, you can use the reward system and give them a prize whenever they follow the steps of wiping their bum correctly.

Rewards can be given in different ways, such as taking them to their favorite ice cream place or making their favorite dish. Try to keep it fun.

Important wiping tips to teach your little girl

  • Make sure the toilet paper you’re buying is of a soft quality. Since your little one has more tender skin, opt for ultra-soft toilet paper.
  • Teach them about how hard they need to wipe. If they keep wiping harder, the dry toilet paper will peel their skin or develop a rash.
  • If their skin is sensitive, you can help them learn how to use wet toilet paper. 
  • When they start wiping on their own, make sure you check their bum thoroughly, as they won’t master it soon, so it’s essential to keep an eye on them.
  • Don’t buy scented toilet paper for them, and don’t use wet wipes, either.
  • Teach her to wash her hands with water and soap thoroughly. Please don’t rely on hand sanitizers as they aren’t the best to kill germs from poppy hands.

Overcleaning is a big issue even amongst adult women. Remember, a vagina cleanses itself and doesn’t need extra special soap or perfume.

Ensure your little girl’s private area is appropriately cleaned once a day when they’re taking a bath.


Do girls sit or stand to wipe?

There’s no right way to wipe other than ensuring it’s done from front to back for girls to avoid infection.

You can either stand and wipe or sit and wipe; however, wiping while sitting is common but wiping while some people also prefer standing.

Should little girls wipe after peeing?

While it’s essential to wipe after pooping, children should also be taught to wipe after peeing. It’s to avoid infections and also to prevent the panties from smelling from the residue of pee.

What happens if you accidentally wipe back to the front?

Wiping from back to front, even once, is enough for the bacteria from the rectum to come to the urethra and increase the chances of getting a urinary tract infection.

Signs of infection include:

– Frequent need to urinate
– Pain or burning during urination
– Cloudy, bloody, or foul-smelling urine
– Fever
– Poor appetite
– Pressure in the lower abdomen

If your little girl has accidentally wiped from back to front, make sure to wash their private area properly with water and keep an eye on any symptoms.

If they show signs of early infection, take them to a doctor and get treatment started.

To summarise

Teaching anything to your child can be difficult but not impossible. Make sure they’re eager to learn or at least showing signs of learning how to poop in the washroom.

Potty training can be challenging, but you have to keep trying your best with patience. It’s better to teach your child to wipe their bum before sending them to kindergarten, and you wouldn’t want them to still be dependent on you at age 5.

Make sure to keep things fun and light-hearted, and you can use videos or charts to make things more visualized and easier for them to grasp.

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